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Internship Opportunity at EssayPro

Internship Opportunity at EssayPro

Hello students of all Colleges and Universities. From September 1st to December 15th, 2018 EssayPro is presenting the opportunity to work in an internship program for 3 different professional fields. Our hands on training will provide you with priceless work experience and help you develop skills in programming and web design, social media marketing or public relations management. You can learn more about our service before applying.

What is EssayPro?

Essentially, we are an academic essay writing service that transforms inexperienced students into professional writers. After using our service, most students claim that they went from being C-level writers to joining the elite of their class. Our service has sharpened skills for over 100,000 students since our launch in 1997!

Our Internship Positions

For a set number of college students, our service is glad to offer several internship positions in three different spheres. Each sphere has its position, salary, occupation hours, and objectives. The 3 spheres are:

Web Developer

We are currently looking for computer programmers to fill certain positions and work on website development. Specifically speaking, we are looking for entry level web developers to fill these roles:

  • 1 Front-End Developer (HTML + CSS, JavaScript)
  • 1 Back-End Developer (Python)
  • 1 Web Designer (HTML + CSS, JavaScript)

Social Media Marketing Specialist

EssayPro is currently looking for marketing specialists that are eager to expand their skills in the social media sphere. They must possess a basic of knowledge of:

  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Analytics
  • SMM Metrics (Reach, Engagement, Bounce Rate,etc.)

Public Relations Manager

As having a good public appearance is one of the most important traits to any business, one lucky student will have the ability to learn and develop their public relations skill set. They must possess a basic knowledge of:

  • Media Value
  • Public Image
  • Campaign Relevance
  • Social Media Connection

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please make sure to send all required documents to internship[at]

Create a document that includes:

  • Position of Interest (Web Developer, Marketologist, PR Manager)
  • Current University of Attendance
  • Year Of Attendance (1st year, 2nd year, etc.)
  • Major or Speciality

Also, make sure to provide:

  • Proof of education (official transcripts or diploma)
  • Form of ID (Scan of Passport, Drivers License)
  • Proof of Residency (Bank Statements, Bills, etc.)
  • Cover Letter + Resume

If we find you to be an attractive candidate, we will send you a letter to the provided address. It will include your start/end date, internship salary, work hours and specific position.

Lastly, as we are looking for young and upcoming talent, interns that perform consistently and have good execution their objectives will be offered a full-time position at our company. So, what are you waiting for?

Internships are priceless in our corporate world. Apply today!

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