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How to Write an Exemplification Essay with a Quick Guide

exemplification essay

How to Write An Exemplification Essay: 10 Steps

Even though exemplification essays are not the most common assignments in high school or college, knowing how to write an exemplification essay will ease your task when faced with it for the first time. And since you're reading this article right now, we guess the time has come for you to ace your paper! Not only will you find the tips and tricks for the writing process, but you may also enjoy the specific examples of exemplification essay and browse through a myriad of topic ideas. So, without further ado, let's delve right into the article prepared by our essay writer service!

Come Up with an Exemplification Essay Topic

Finding a worthwhile topic is already half the battle. Ideally, your exemplification essay topic should be fresh, precise, useful, and different. Readers are drawn to these subjects because they believe your writing will include clean, uncommon, or present-day knowledge.

Additionally, your topic shouldn't be too specific or general. Narrow topics for exemplification essay won't make it easy to identify useful instances, while broad topics are too generic to be fascinating.

Research Your Exemplification Essay Topic Thoroughly

The key here is research! You should obtain pertinent examples regarding your topic from reliable sources. Visit libraries, study papers, and talk with your lecturer about some good exemplification essay topics. Ensure that a wide range of pertinent sources is included in your study. If it isn't, reconsider your choice; examine if there are adequate resources available to assist you in producing your essay. A great place to start is Google Scholar, which helps locate previously published articles by professors and graduate students.

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Create an Exemplification Essay Outline 

The quality of your article writing will ultimately be determined by the brainstorming and plan you produce before you begin writing your paragraphs. The information you need to support the main point you want to make in your essay must be included in your exemplification essay outline. Additionally, with the help of an outline, all the raw information is organized into a structured form giving your exemplification essay ideas direction, shape, and meaning.

Write an Exemplification Essay Introduction

The first paragraph of most exemplification essays introduces the idea or proposition that examples will support. Your introduction will usually give the reader the information they need to understand the body paragraphs. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Which specific problem or issue have you observed?
  • Why is this something that people should care about?
  • Why does this problem or issue exist?
  • How would readers be able to spot it at first glance?

The conclusion of the introduction usually includes a thesis statement that clarifies the key point you will be proving and how you will do it. The primary point is typically a conviction or an assertion that you can back up with relevant examples from your own experiences.

Write the Exemplification Essay Body Paragraphs

The paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion are known as the body paragraphs. Depending on the length of the essay and the guidelines your instructor has given you, your exemplification essay will either include one or several paragraphs. Regardless of how much you want to write more to finish your essay, it adheres to the guidelines. The facts or concepts you offered in the opening section should be further developed throughout the body paragraphs.

Support your argument with examples in the body. There are several methods for doing this.

  • Each paragraph might include an argument or a point that is illustrated briefly.
  • Every paragraph could have a well-developed example that supports the premise.
  • Each paragraph can represent a different section of a longer sample.

Employ Various Examples in Your Exemplification Essay

There is no overarching guideline that can be used to choose whether to illustrate the thesis with a single lengthy example or multiple shorter ones. For instance, brief examples are useful because, when combined, they provide enough support for the thesis by addressing various potential outcomes. On the other hand, extended examples, which include more information, may bring distinctiveness and attraction that brief ones do not.

However, mixing small and extended examples is the most typical way to create an exemplification essay. It is preferable to have a few strong examples rather than many poor ones. Be careful you pick the best illustrations and properly connect them.

Use Supporting Evidence in Your Exemplification Essay

A solid exemplification essay example usually includes supporting facts. You'll frequently be required to write about things you have seen or observed. You might have to utilize personal pronouns when the assignment requires you to use personal experiences. Don’t forget that your descriptions should be vivid enough for readers to have a clear mental picture of what transpired.

Use a lot of adjectives, action verbs, and exact nouns to describe an event. By doing so you help readers to correctly interpret how each scenario happened. After describing what occurred in each body paragraph, explain why the event exemplifies the core concept or opinion.

Address Counter-arguments in Your Exemplification Essay

In almost every case, there are competing positions to each argument or opinion. Remember that you must do more than merely identify an alternative viewpoint. You should also respond to opposing views when drafting your counter-argument piece.

So, determine the counter argument in your paragraph and address it by outlining how it is insufficient, fragile invalid, or irrational. Offer instances or facts to demonstrate why the opposing argument is flawed or explain why it is irrational; Finally, state your own argument and why it is stronger than the examined counter-argument.

Write an Exemplification Essay Conclusion

Most exemplification essays close with a concluding paragraph summarizing all the examples and expanding on the main theme. You might also outline the instances that demonstrate your primary point is correct. Addressing these sorts of questions is another method to conclude an exemplification.

  • What problem or issue have you noticed?
  • How should readers respond to the problem or issue?
  • What might individuals expect from considering these circumstances?

These are only a few possibilities. Typically, an exemplification essay starts with broad information, examines particular circumstances in depth, and then returns to the fundamental idea or conviction.

Proofread and Edit Your Exemplification Essay

Make sure your writing is error-free by proofreading it. To ensure that what you write makes sense to you and your audience, you must take the time to examine, edit, and revise your essay. Your score will likely suffer if your essay contains grammatical issues.

If you are not satisfied with your work after proofreading or editing your essay and still need to understand how to use punctuation marks, consider hiring our professional editor to ensure your paper is free from mistakes.

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FAQs on an Exemplification Essay

We have yet to calm your curiosity by addressing the most frequently asked questions in an exemplification essay. Gain more insight by reading through the information below:

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

If you're still unsure and still asking, 'What is an exemplification essay?' imagine the following scenario. Let's say you need to call the police to report that someone is speeding down your street. Then you must be prepared to provide a few instances to be persuasive. The art of illustrating or exemplifying facts is known as exemplification.

Exemplification essay definition highlights a central idea or concept through particular, real-world instances. An illustration describes a scenario or event the author witnessed or experienced. Exemplification essays often offer a few instances that demonstrate an accurate key point.

What are Good Exemplification Essay Topics?

Here are exemplification essay topics for college students prepared by our custom dissertation writing service that will help you to get started:

  • Children's social skills must be developed in preschool.
  • Foreign language studies should be encouraged to help kids get a global perspective.
  • For a child's brain development, early schooling is crucial.
  • Social media improves kids' literacy, writing, and reading abilities.
  • Does art therapy work well for people with depression?
  • The promotion of the arts can assist the growth of a multi-ethnic society.
  • The positive benefits of art may be utilized as a tool to support diverse communities.
  • The arts' promotion opens up more employment possibilities.
  • Weak rules governing the media are the cause of unethical politicians and their actions.
  • The rise of democracy has negatively impacted political regimes.
  • Can socialist concepts still be effective in the twenty-first century?
  • People who use smartphones and the internet too often develop social anxiety.
  • In all of its manifestations, the primary driver of human revolutions is inequality.
  • Physical punishment of children is never acceptable.
  • To stop bullying and victimization, tougher laws must be imposed on the media.
  • Security cameras infringe upon people's privacy.
  • The expansion of dishonesty in academics is a direct outcome of the development of technology.
  • The reasons why automation harms labor.

What is an Exemplification Essay Grading Criteria?

The student's willingness to study the subject and create strong supporting arguments with illustrations and properly blend everything smoothly in the essay are essential criteria frequently used to evaluate writing. These criteria must be understood by students for them to know how each work is assessed. The following points serve as a basis for what one should remember to receive a high grade.

Thesis - Is it accurate and lucid? Does it tie together all the issues covered in the essay's body paragraphs? Is there an introduction, and is it written in the context of the subject?

Quality of Examples - Are all of the examples in the paper reliable? Does the author clearly and successfully explain the principles they give the reader through examples?

Quantity of Examples - Are all employed examples enough and adequate in the context of the claim?

Logical Organization - Are examples, viewpoints, paragraphs, and ideas organized logically?

Transitions - Is each transition between the enclosed sections used effectively to guide readers between themes, examples, and ideas?

Attention to Detail - Does the essay provide enough specifics? Are the examples sufficient enough to be helpful? Does the writer's argument fairly represent their position in the debate?

Mechanics - Are there any grammatical or spelling mistakes? Is the essay organized properly?

Usage of Words - Does the author utilize language effectively to convince readers? Does the writer's language usage reflect their sophistication?

Exemplification Essay Examples

It is a good idea to go over a few samples to acquire a sense of how to write before starting the writing process. Feel free to use the following exemplification essay examples, written by one of our skilled writers, to help you streamline the writing process. And if you'd rather have your own unique paper, order essay on our platform and get a customized piece!

Exemplification Essay
Exemplification Essay
The great Mahatma Gandhi once stated that a man becomes what he believes himself to be. By continually declaring that a particular task is hard to undertake, the possibility of that becoming a reality is very high. Contrarily, if the same individual believes that the task is easy and within their scope, then they will acquire the capability of undertaking it even though they may be pessimistic about it in the beginning. What Mahatma Gandhi was emphasizing on is that thinking more positively or being optimistic leads to a healthier and happy life. Optimism is derived from the Latin word ‘optimus’ meaning best.
Online Education Vs. Traditional Educational
Online Education Vs. Traditional Educational
The benefits of online education cannot be underestimated. Defined as the type of education delivered to students through the internet to their home computers (Means et al. 6), online education is currently widely used in the United States’ higher learning institutions. However, it seems that some academics and learning institutions are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this form of education on the various indicators of education such as academic performance, student participation, and post-graduation success. Numerous studies examining the impact of online education on the above aspects have been conducted but for various disciplines and subjects.

Final Thoughts

Most people would agree that an argumentative essay is the simplest and best way to support a point of view. However, examples—as demonstrated in exemplification essays—are the most understandable and effective means to convey ideas.

Furthermore, writing an essay using a poem analysis example or any other allows students to develop their skills of using logical cases in academics. And if you decide to pay for essays, just leave your request, and our writers will do the essay in the shortest possible time!

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