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How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Guide, Tips and Examples

exemplification essay

Nothing is truly difficult when trying to write an exemplification essay. Argumentative essays, like those that deal with exemplification, are an easier and more appropriate way to prove a particular point of view. Get help with our essay writer service.

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that requires the use of specific examples to illustrate a point. Unlike other types of essays, an exemplification essay does not merely rely on generalisations – it uses concrete, real-world examples to demonstrate a particular point or argument.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when writing an exemplification essay:

Your examples should be relevant and persuasive. They should be carefully chosen to support your main argument or thesis statement.

Your examples should be detailed and specific. Vague or general examples will not be convincing to your readers.

Your examples should be well-explained. Make sure that your readers understand how each example illustrates your point.

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Exemplification Essay Outline Structure

There are several steps that writers can take to create an exemplification essay outline. First, identify the main points that the writer wants to make. Second, determine what concrete examples will best illustrate those points. Third, organize the essay in a way that makes sense and is easy for readers to follow.

essay outline

1. Introduction

  • ~ Hook
  • ~ Thesis Statement

2. Body

  • ~ Point 1
  • ~~ First example
  • ~~ Second example
  • ~ Point 2
  • ~~ First example
  • ~ Point 3
  • ~~ First example
  • ~~ Second example
  • ~~ Third example

3. Conclusion

  • ~ Summarize each point's findings
  • ~ Concluding Statement

Referencing For Your Exemplification Essay

Every point must be supported with a clear exemplification essay example, as anything of importance that's stated without reference will not be considered trustworthy by the reader.

Be sure to cite all references that are included in the exemplification essay. If in-text citations are provided, it's critical that they too are referenced properly. This is the best way to avoid plagiarism.

Use sentences and words designed to transition. The paper must not only be an interesting read but also flow properly. Consider the user of the terms like "furthermore" and "for instance" between sections to make logical and smooth transitions.

Check the facts and figures presented. When referencing different sources, ensure that not every fact is taken for granted. Ensure that you exclusively rely on credible sources and still take additional steps to double-check the data every time.

Writing A Thesis For Your Exemplification Essay

Due to the fact that the entire paper relies on a strong thesis statement, it must be verified to ensure that it proves well. The thesis statement can be adapted to the findings if an unpredictable trend is observed within the body of the research, especially when composing the exemplification essay outline.

Body of an Exemplification Essay

Begin by planning out the specific points that will serve to support the thesis statement and organize them by a degree of importance. When constructing the body of the text, it is a recommended practice to place the weakest statements or points first, then conclude with the stronger ones. Keep in mind that no matter how strong, every single claim must be backed by strong evidence with the aid of an example. 

Many different classifications of examples can be used in a given exemplification essay.

These include:

  1. Brief
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Personal
  4. Hypothetical

Combining any of these should be utilized to support points, and yet the writer can also include brief examples to supplement a particular idea. Attempt to find as many examples as can be by later deciding which should remain as the key evidence.

Include relevant yet interesting examples. A writer should never include findings that are boring, for if the research is predictable, the reader will be deterred from finishing the work. Finally, maintain the article body in a cohesive order, either logically or chronologically.

Conclusion of an Exemplification Essay

Examples in the exemplification essay must be interesting as they are relevant. To make the work feel complete, ensure that a conclusion satisfies the reader. The essay will not receive a good grade if its ending content is unfulfilling.

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Exemplification Essay Topics

Consider the following examples of fresh essay topic ideas to include in what is an exemplification essay. A powerful paper can be written using any of the below general topics:

Educational Topics

  • Pre-school is critical for children to develop social skills.
  • Studies of foreign languages should be embraced to allow children to develop global perspectives.
  • Early education is paramount to a child's brain development.
  • Social media boosts children's reading skills, literacy, and ability to write.
  • Texting and its popularity have a horrific impact on the average person's vocabulary.
  • E-learning fails to provide students the opportunity to achieve the core goals of educational curriculums.
  • Since the start of the 21st century, the emphasis on higher education has been extremely exaggerated.
  • Certification courses prove more effective than college degrees.
  • Standardized testing should be banned across the nation by educational facilities.
  • Personalization can enhance the performance of students.

Culture Topics

  • Does art therapy prove effective for those suffering from depression?
  • Promotion of the arts can help develop multiethnic societies.
  • The effects of art can be used as a tool to foster communities and cultural diversity.
  • Promotion of the arts allows for greater job opportunities.
  • In modern pop culture, are there truly cases of gender discrimination?
  • Traveling aids in cultural education.
  • Does the mass media promote nihilism amongst the youth?
  • Should morality in artistic works be restricted by federal law?
  • Do colleges and schools succeed in the promotion of sports culture amongst students?
  • Painting is incredibly effective in the encouragement of creativity and innovativeness.

Political Topics

  • The issue regarding police brutality and its widespread influence.
  • The federal government should keep all forms of art free of any censorship.
  • Examples of post-election violence when faced with poor leadership decisions.
  • The fake news media and its effects.
  • Unethical politicians and their behaviors result from of weak laws on the media.
  • The negative impact of democracy's emergence on the political administrations.
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing and its effects on the prevention and reduction of crime.
  • The government should change its policies related to immigration to allow more people into the country.
  • There should be a federal, mandatory limit on the number of corporations and people who lobby for political campaigns.
  • Why drugs should be decriminalized.

Social Topics

  • What is the role of corporations and their responsibility for communities?
  • What are the negative impacts of technology on modern social skills?
  • Those who suffer from major social issues like hoarding should be required to receive professional treatment.
  • Can the principles of socialism work sufficiently in the 21st century?
  • Social anxiety is a byproduct of excessive internet and smartphone usage amongst people.
  • Inequity in all its various forms represents the core cause of human revolutions.
  • Children should never face exposure to physical punishment.
  • The importance of staying true to yourself to reach the highest reaches of success.
  • Do the ambitions of parents help improve the performance of their children?
  • Should modern toys be gender-neutral for kids?

Technology Topics

  • Facilities for education should ban the use of technology as they negatively impact the ability of students to think in a critical way.
  • The consequences of smartphone addiction.
  • The dangers presented by self-driving vehicles.
  • The reduction of moral values amongst teenagers is the byproduct of Internet usage.
  • How AI can result in human extinction and result in global unemployment.
  • Online dating sites and applications boost rates of crimes such as kidnapping.
  • Stronger laws must be placed on the media in order to reduce victimization and bullying.
  • People's privacy is violated by security cameras.
  • Widespread dishonesty in academia is the direct result of technology's growth.
  • Why the workforce is at harm from automation.

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Grading Criteria for an Exemplification Essay

To truly answer the question of how to write an exemplification essay, it's critical to understand the manner in which it is typically graded. The writing is commonly assessed with key criteria that define the ability of the student to not only research the material but to develop valid evidence with examples and successfully integrate everything together harmoniously in the essay.

exemplification essay

Students must comprehend these criteria in order to know how each work is evaluated. The below examples serve as a foundation that one needs to keep in mind for a high grade.


Is it relevant and clear? Does it unify all the essay's subtopics that are presented? Is it written within the subject matter's context along with an introductory paragraph?

Quality of Examples  

Are the paper's provided examples all valid? Does the author effectively use examples to explain and clarify concepts that they present to the reader?

Quantity of Examples   

Are all examples sufficient within the claim's context?

Logical Organization

Are examples, opinions, paragraphs, and ideas arranged in a coherent manner?


Is each of the transitions between the included paragraphs used in an effective manner to drive readers between topics, examples, and ideas?

Attention to Detail

Are there enough details included in the essay? Do the examples have enough sufficiency to provide usefully? Does the argument of the writer accurately portray their side of the discussion?


Are there any grammar or spelling errors? Is the essay appropriately structured?

Usage of Words

Does the writer make effective use of language to persuade readers? Does the vocabulary range of the writer convey their sophistication?

How to Write An Exemplification Essay: 10 Steps

The writing process is far easier when one has a proper plan. There are several steps that need to be followed when writing an exemplification essay.

Choose Your Exemplification Essay Topic

Selecting the right theme for the work is half the battle. A topic should satisfy at least a single quality, including but not limited to current, specific, useful, or unique. 

These topics entice readers due to the fact that it provides an opportunity for them to get up-to-date, new, or unusual information from the text. Topics should not be limited to narrow or broad, as broad is too generalized to be of interest, and narrow fails to allow for the inclusion of good examples.

Do Your Research

If there is no research performed on behalf of the writer, there can be no material. Keep in mind that the more information is acquired, the better examples will be available for use in the exemplification essay. Not only is it important to source, but it's also just as essential to ensure that the source is of quality. 

This means never relying on easily accessible and editable websites like Wikipedia, as they are completely unreliable. The same can be said for personal blogs. Therefore, the right options to use include reputable journals, scientific newspapers, and online encyclopedias written by the most authoritative authors in respective industries

Use Examples as Appropriate

In addition to being interesting, exemplification essay examples should also have some sort of application. For instance, when writing an exemplification essay about leaders and their personal qualities, observe the example of Bill Gates. 

As the founder of Microsoft, he worked so much that he only allowed himself 2 weeks off during the years of 1978 to 1984. This hard-working lifestyle is one that is most applicable to a leader.

Compose Your Outline

To develop the main idea and subtopics that will represent the body paragraphs encompassing your work, it's important to organize your examples designed to strengthen the thesis statement in a local order with proper transitions for your exemplification essay outline. Although there is no holy grail for the creation of an outline for your exemplification essay, it's recommended to follow the 5 paragraph structure. This includes a single paragraph for the introduction, a single paragraph for the conclusion, and three paragraphs for the body.

Write Your Main Body Of The Exemplification Essay

Despite coming after the introduction, the body should be the first part a writer should compose for their exemplification essay. Every paragraph composing the main body should include an example, a topic sentence, and a proper transition. This makes for a strong exemplification essay outline.

Write The Introduction

A writer's introduction to their exemplification essay should serve three purposes, including interest, attraction, and preparation. The first sentence must immediately hook the reader. Draw the attention of readers with a rhetorical question, bold statement, or incredible statistics. The next step is to disclose background information surrounding the topic. In doing so, readers will feel confident when observing the following examples. 

Create the Thesis Statement

Lastly, construct a sufficient thesis statement. This is designed to reflect the whole exemplification essay's structure and should directly relate to each of the examples included within. It must include either a factual statement, observation, personal opinion, or a question with which the exemplification essay intends to answer.

When formulating the thesis, the writer must distinguish which type of paper they wish to write. Longer papers such as IB extended essays require more in-depth thesis statements designed to cover a greater range of facts or arguments. Shorter essays are able to fit in one or more sentences.

It is very easy to dissect an essay just through the formulation of a thesis, as it is designed to provide direction when attempting to compose the outline. Always keep track of sources and extract only the examples that are most relevant to your work. It is far better to use more elaborate examples instead of ones that are less efficient. They must all work in the writer's favor.

Develop a Conclusion

Good conclusions tend to cover only 10% of the essay. Paraphrase the thesis statement to remind readers of what the entire story was about. Afterward, briefly restate the sections as a final showcase of the examples. Then, compose the sentence that ties everything together. Construct it in such a way that there will not be a single question sitting in the minds of readers.

Proofreading and Editing Your Exemplification Essay

Find every weak section in the rough draft of the exemplification essay and read the whole text. Replace these, then edit out all the mechanical errors such as grammar and spelling. If still not perfect, repeat the process until satisfied.

Acquire Feedback

Others' opinions are not always important. However, when writing, it is useful to receive feedback to better organize the arguments presented.

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Exemplification Essay Examples

Are you still stuck? Have a look at our exemplification essay examples for more ideas.

Exemplification Essay
Exemplification Essay
The great Mahatma Gandhi once stated that a man becomes what he believes himself to be. By continually declaring that a particular task is hard to undertake, the possibility of that becoming a reality is very high. Contrarily, if the same individual believes that the task is easy and within their scope, then they will acquire the capability of undertaking it even though they may be pessimistic about it in the beginning. What Mahatma Gandhi was emphasizing on is that thinking more positively or being optimistic leads to a healthier and happy life. Optimism is derived from the Latin word ‘optimus’ meaning best.
Online Education Vs. Traditional Educational
Online Education Vs. Traditional Educational
The benefits of online education cannot be underestimated. Defined as the type of education delivered to students through the internet to their home computers (Means et al. 6), online education is currently widely used in the United States’ higher learning institutions. However, it seems that some academics and learning institutions are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this form of education on the various indicators of education such as academic performance, student participation, and post-graduation success. Numerous studies examining the impact of online education on the above aspects have been conducted but for various disciplines and subjects.

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Most would claim that an argumentative essay represents the easiest and most appropriate manner to prove a point of view. Yet, examples are, in fact, the most understandable and best way to illustrate ideas as seen in exemplification essays. Furthermore, writing essay using poem analysis example or any other allows a student to develop their skills of using examples in academics. If you decide to pay for essays, just leave your request and our writer will do the essay in the shortest possible time.

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