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How to Use Transition Sentences and Logical Connectors in Your Essay

How to Use Transition Sentences and Logical Connectors in Your Essay

What is a Transition Sentence

You know, how do you do certain things automatically and unconsciously without giving them much thought? But if you start analyzing the mixture of activities of your daily life, you realize they are quite essential to living a comfortable and happy life. The way you smile, open doors for others, the way you answer your phone, or say hello to your coworkers, makes interactions with you either a pleasure or trouble.

Now, think about the essays you write. Something makes them either a pleasure to read or a horror that readers want to avoid. Even people who have written a lot of papers and essays have a hard time telling what the magical potion that turns a great, comprehensive report into a boring reading or a not-so-interesting topic into a fascinating reading experience is. 

Our experienced essay writer team knows that transition sentences are the most valuable players in the behind-the-scenes game. What is a transition sentence? Think of it as a glue that connects and holds all the ideas and paragraphs together. When a writer makes a point in their paper, it can't be left alone on its own. The reader must be guided to the next segment and shown how previous ideas connect with the following, and that's exactly what transitional sentences do. Some of the transition sentences examples include 'As a result,' 'In contrast,' and so on.

Now that we know the transitional sentences definition, let's move on to learning how to write them. Our essay writing service team has prepared a list of transition sentence examples to upscale your essay and get you an A+. 

How to Write a Transition Sentence

When writing a transition sentence, there are three very important aspects to consider: The logical relationship between the ideas, Wording, and Placement. Use this as a rule of thumb; you will always write good transition sentences.

Start with identifying the relationship between the key point and the ideas. Ask yourself whether to contrast them, make a smooth connection, summarize the point, or bring in a new idea. Once you know why you need an effective transition, consider half of the job done.

The wording of transitions is equally important. You must choose words that express the relationship between the previous paragraph and a new one. Every language has common transitional words that smoothly make logical connections between the ideas. There are so many that you can easily avoid overusing the same transition words and phrases. The following examples of transition sentences will give you a clearer understanding of the concept: 'In conclusion…', 'On the other hand…' 'Previously mentioned…' and so on.

The right placement helps you outline the logical connections more effortlessly. You should put the transition words where they fit naturally. Usually, it's either at the beginning of a new paragraph or at the end to let the reader know you are about to draw conclusions. 

All the above is an ABC of how to write a transition sentence. Follow our guide; you will master the art of transitional devices in no time. 

Examples of Transition Sentences

Below you will find a list of transition sentences examples, and you will learn how to make a transition sentence fit in the large scheme naturally. Developing this writing technique into a skill may, of course, take some time, but it will inevitably become a natural component of your writing process.

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Here is a list of popular transitional sentences from our term paper writing service:

  1. To show the cause-and-effect relationship

'As a result, a major scientific breakthrough happened, and modern physicians had to shift their focus.'

'Things considered, illegal logging became Brazil's biggest challenge.'

  1. To compare or contrast the ideas

'While tourism brings an unmatched financial profit, the increased carbon footprint raises serious environmental concerns.'

'Contrary to the general belief, controversial politicians have a surprisingly large number of followers.'

  1. To provide an example or the most compelling evidence

'For instance, Facebook has started filtering the advertisements more cautiously.'

'A good example of this technique is Gustav Klimt's paintings.'

  1. To demonstrate the conclusion

'To conclude, Alfred Einstein revolutionized modern physics.'

'Hence, the opposing parties have to unite against the problem that endangers the entire structure of society.'

  1. To introduce a new idea

'In addition, Hemingway introduces the importance of emotions as an inevitable part of decision-making.'

'Moreover, new data shows beyond doubt that car autopilots are becoming more and more trustworthy.'

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What are the Logical Connectors

Logical connectors are words and phrases that act as a bridge between two ideas. Every experienced writer knows that logical connectors in a paragraph guarantee a smooth reading experience, and transitional sentences with them are more purposeful.

You can look at them as an alert that signals how different paragraphs of the paper relate to one another and how they combined tell a larger story.

Just like transitional sentences, logical connectors are used to put an emphasis on contrast, cause-and-effect relationships, new ideas, conclusions, and examples in a text. When a writer uses such techniques, readers get to enjoy more cohesive and logical texts, where even the most complex ideas are told without causing confusion.

Now that the question 'What are the logical connectors?' is answered, you can explore our comprehensive list of such logical connection words and phrases. Soon you will be able to step into the shoes of a professional writer.

Logical Connectors Examples

When it comes to logical connectors English grammar offers a wide range of words and phrases you can use to enrich your text. Below you will find a logical connectors table full of logical connectors examples from our dissertation writing services

Logical Connectors List
Logical Connectors List

FAQs on How to Use Transition Sentences and Logical Connectors

It's perfectly fine to have lingering questions about transitional words and phrases. Our expert team has compiled a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions in one space. The following part includes all the important questions along with all the pertinent details on logical connectors and transition sentences.

Why are Transition Sentences and Logical Connectors Important?

Before learning the general idea of how to write transition sentences, you need to understand why they are so important in the long run.

Undoubtedly, transition sentences and logical connectors play a pivotal role in crafting an outstanding piece of writing that is both cohesive and organized. These linguistic tools serve as a passage between different thoughts and ideas, enabling readers to understand the intended message easily. If writers refused to use such tools, the readers would have a hard time grasping the flow of the text, leading to confusion and misinterpretation. Integrating these elements into your writing can elevate its quality immensely while ensuring effective communication with your audience.

If you are a visual learner, check out the English logical connectors list our team crafted for you. The list will help you learn how these grammatical tools can be used in a sentence.

How Do I Know Which Logical Connector to Use?

Even though it takes some time to master which logical connector goes where, don't be too afraid; it's not rocket science. They are already part of our everyday language; we just don't pay much attention to them.

which connector use

First, you need to identify what type of relationship the notions you are trying to link have. When starting a new paragraph, ask yourself how that one relates to the preceding thoughts. Once you know how different concepts communicate with one another in your essay, logical connectors will come naturally.

The next step is to consider the context. You could be writing a college assignment or a blog post, maybe an article for a paper or a technical report. There are a variety of logical connectors you can choose from. Just make sure they match the flow and context of the writing. 

It is always helpful to have a list of examples of logical connectors when you write. It will help you avoid overusing the same ones and elevate your text to the next level.

How Many Transition Sentences Should I Use in My Writing?

Once a person learns what's a transition sentence, usually, the follow-up question is how frequently they can be used in a text. There is no definitive answer to this. The number of transition statements for essays depends on the size and complexity of the text.

Keep in mind that what matters is not the number of times you use effective transitions but how naturally they fall into the text sequence, whether they make the reading experience more comfortable, and whether they enhance the feeling that the concepts in the text are in spatial order.

Usually, you should use transitional sentences whenever you need to emphasize the connection of one paragraph to another. If you want to link the first sentence with the second sentence, you can use logical connectors.

Make sure to keep the transitional sentence count to what feels natural. If you overuse them, readers will feel that it's forced, and it can take focus from the content of your paper.

Can I Use Transition Sentences in Speech?

Of course, you can! And you do! Now that you are familiar with what transitional sentences are, you can listen to everyday dialogues more cautiously and see for yourself that humans use them surprisingly often.

The more complex the ideas you are trying to communicate, the more you will need to transition in a sentence. You can use transitional sentences in conversations, public speeches, and presentations. It will only improve the quality of your speech.

Such sentences in speech serve the same goal as in written communication. They give the reader a heads up that a speaker is defining time, strengthening their point with the following example, or is about to make a comparison, or maybe do a final analysis. They make speeches pleasantly organized, engaging, and easy to follow. But be careful and don't overdo it.

To Sum Up

It's clear that logical relationships between the concepts define whether your text makes sense or not. Without them, writing is just made up of paragraphs that are floating around on their own, having no connection to each other. In the same way, you should not leave incomplete sentences in your paper; you should not leave gaps between the notions you worked hard to craft.

The list of examples of logical connectors and transitional sentences our team of experienced writers have provided for you will help you steadily sharpen your pen and start crafting top-notch essays, even your Leviathan Thomas Hobbes summary assignment!

And if you'd rather have a PRO craft your custom essays that are unique and original, you can always use our expert help!

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