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How to Choose the Best Musical Theater College

Are you someone who enjoys performing arts? What if we revealed the best places and tips for picking the top musical theater colleges that will lead you to Broadway? So, if you need assistance choosing a major that will enable you to pursue your life's ambition, keep reading! We're about to go through all the helpful details of studying musical theater and provide you with a list of top musical theater schools where you may further your studies.

You must arm yourself with as much information as possible before choosing the ideal school. In this section, we've listed several criteria to consider while choosing a musical theater degree.

  • Primary Focus - the degree to which an institution prioritizes musical theater majors above other majors.
  • High Demand - how many more people are interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree in musical theater at this institution?
  • Accreditation - whether a university has received regional accreditation or approval from an organization with expertise in musical theater.
  • Options for Student Participation - students could participate in plays, work behind the scenes, and even enroll in classes not part of the regular curriculum at a respected musical theatre institution. This enables students to learn musical theatre in an all-encompassing approach.

When striving to discover the top universities for musical theatre, it is essential to consider each of these criteria. To understand each institution, it's also important to conduct your study and visit many college campuses. With so many excellent selections available, you are certain to find the ideal match for you.

Colleges With the Best Musical Theatre Program

There are various lists available for the best musical theatre programs, depending on where you search. The truth is that Broadway and the world of musical theatre are open to artists from any institution, degree field, or even those without special schooling. However, leading bachelor and postgraduate programs have produced some of the finest careers in the industry. These programs have a strong reputation in the field and frequently rank among the top colleges for musical theatre. Let's look at the list prepared by our essay writer service:​

  1. Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (BFA Drama: MT or Acting)
  2. Emerson College Boston, Massachusetts (BFA MT or Acting) 
  3. Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York (BFA Musical Theatre; BFA Theatre)
  4. Juilliard, NYC (BFA Acting)
  5. New York University, New Studio on Broadway, NYC (BFA Theatre)
  6. Pace University, NYC (BFA MT)
  7. Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (BFA MT)
  8. The University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio (BFA MT)
  9. Nebraska Wesleyan, Nebraska (BFA, audition for scholarships)
  10. The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (BFA in Musical Theatre, BA in Theatre Arts)

These are the highly selective programs with the finest musical theatre schools ranking. However, later on, we'll be discussing the top performing arts colleges favored by us while providing detailed information on the best musical theater programs, so stay tuned!

How Long is a Musical Theatre Degree?

Intended to equip students for further study in a bachelor's degree program, the associate degree of Arts in Musical Theatre is a two-year course. Most colleges will accept credits from general education requirements, which vary from college algebra to English and history. Also, if you need help, you can always ask us to write my essay and rely completely on EssayPro.

In most musical theater schools, the typical undergraduate duration for a bachelor's degree is four years. Throughout their academic careers, students can improve their acting talents in the semi-professional theatres found at many institutions.

A master with a musical theatre emphasis is often a three-semester or two-year curriculum that offers professional schooling in musical theatre. In addition to vocal and dramatic performance, candidates for acceptance must exhibit practical mastery of music theory.

Can You Have a Career in Musical Theatre?

A recognized theater education may be your key to success if you want to launch a career in the performing arts. It helps students become ready for lucrative opportunities in musical theatre playhouses. A musical theater career can take many forms, including that of an actor, musician, singer, dancer, choreographer, director, or self-improvement coach. Students that attend the finest musical theater schools are ready to take part in performances. Students who study the performing arts also develop life skills that they may apply right away in the profession. Students who major in theater develop self-confidence, practice public speaking, learn how to get along with people, enhance their study skills, and broaden their ability for critical thought. The need for art instructors is also substantial, and acting possibilities, particularly those in digital media, are rising faster than in most other areas.

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What to Consider When Choosing a School to Study Musical Theater

It takes some significant effort to discover the perfect musical theatre college. You cannot rush this process if you are serious about performing. However, you may narrow your search by considering musical theater schools that follow guidelines. Start by gettinWhat to Consider When Choosing a School to Study Musical Theater

It takes some significant effort to discover the perfect musical theatre college. You cannot rush this process if you are serious about performing. However, you may narrow your search by considering musical theater schools that follow guidelines. Start by getting to know the instructors, seeing a lesson, or going to a performance. Here are the five most crucial factors for musical theatre students to consider that make the research journey as smooth as possible:


Look for programs in close proximity to a bustling theatrical scene or a big city when evaluating a location for your music theatre college. This step may help open up networking possibilities and make it easier to find internships or employment.


Select a program that provides classes in your area of interest, such as cinema, television, voice training, etc. For example, if you're keen on costumes and staging, you might want to pick a school that offers classes for practical theatrical production experience.


Look for musical theater schools that offer a variety of venues and performance locations, including concert halls and black box theaters. This will allow students to perform and familiarize themselves with the many production styles that are accessible.


A program should include a diverse group of knowledgeable tutors who are enthusiastic about their work and can lead you through diverse areas of interest. Choose a program with various professors with varied teaching philosophies that will help you acquire new talents while highlighting your existing ones.


Look for a structured program designed for high-performing individuals who desire to enter the industry professionally and enhance their careers. You want a school that educates aspiring actors on how to land a job, act professionally, and train for professional auditions. It should not tolerate missing rehearsals and should demand that you know your lines, dancing steps, positioning, and where you will stand in front of the camera in advance. Consider the programs that support working after practice hours. This will help you advance your career goals.

14 Best Musical Theatre Colleges in America

The goal of this article is to provide you with a comprehensive review of the best musical theatre colleges in America that will be a good fit for you. Our essay writer team created a ranking of the best undergraduate musical theatre programs before becoming an industry pro.

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Emerson Musical Theatre College

Being one of the most renowned musical theater colleges, Emerson's Musical Theatre BFA is located right in the center of Boston's Theater District. A prominent staff with experience in Broadway, national theater, opera, tv, cinema, and music will educate and mentor you starting on the first day. As a result, you will not only strive to master your craft and talents in the classrooms, studios, and on stage but also build and nurture the unique qualities that will contribute to your artistic output. What's more, you will have the chance to audition for summer jobs in New York, New England, and other prestigious theaters around the country while enrolled in the BFA program.

Steinhardt Musical Theatre College

If you're interested in intense performance training within the exciting academic atmosphere of an internationally recognized liberal arts college, you should definitely go for Steinhardt Musical Theatre College. They have a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance with a Specialization in Music Theatre, which is an outstanding program. Students receive instruction from recognized professors through private lessons, workshop sessions, and seminars. Then, under the supervision of filmmakers, choreographers, musicians, and artists from Broadway and significant regional theatre organizations, they can participate in fully staged plays of the greatest standard.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Carnegie Mellon University provides outstanding musical theatre BFA programs where students can enroll in a four-year, sequential course that offers professional training inside a university context. Classes are limited, and a focus is placed on providing highly personalized, one-on-one attention to students and helping them learn how to collaborate and work as a group. The faculty comprises working theater professionals dedicated to instructing and establishing the greatest levels of professionalism, excellence, and ethical guidelines.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee (BOCO)

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee is well-known worldwide, frequently considered among the best musical theatre colleges in the United States, and one of the most prominent universities on Broadway. The students get a distinctively modern and cutting-edge conservatory education while working with notable teachers, preparing them to become multifaceted theatrical performers poised to alter the American musical. The variety of performance choices includes anything from Broadway successes to contemporary classical music to global debuts.

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University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a highly regarded institution for musical theatre, creative arts, and cinema. It trains students for professional jobs in dancing studios, premier orchestras, major film picture corporations, on Broadway, and more. In addition, professors mentor talented, highly creative, and enthusiastic students with a wealth of experience in the music industry. As the only university in the United States comprising five major art schools — Dance, Design & Production, Drama, Filmmaking, and Music — UNCSA provides the exceptional possibility for interdisciplinary artistic cooperation, making it one of the best colleges for musical theatre.

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor Among Top Musical Theater Schools

The musical theatre Ann Arbor is among the top musical theater schools. In musical theater education, their department is the best in the nation. The students receive top-notch acting instruction with a solid intellectual basis, enabling graduates to use their craft to benefit their field and society. Students majoring in musical theatre are instructed by distinguished academics, working professionals, and guest teaching artists who all have close ties to the New York City market as well as prestigious regional theatres around the nation.

Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music is the only independent conservatory program in New York City and is among the best schools for musical theater. Their curriculum draws experienced teaching faculty, guest artists, and a variety of other performers, many of whom have developed and appeared in some of Broadway's finest productions. All MSM shows are staged, produced, and created by qualified, working actors. Additionally, they allow students to collaborate on projects with experienced musical theatre authors and support them in creating their own performance initiatives.

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University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music (CCM)

This CCM course offers professional conservatory preparation to assist actors, singers, and dancers in developing into skilled musical theatre artists. While living on campus, students participate in various shows and put together a freshman and senior showcase, the latter serving as their New York debut for managers and cinematographers. Additionally, students study courses in the liberal arts and social and ethical themes. If you're considering liberal arts education, the University of Cincinnati is high on the list of best colleges for musical theater.

Yale University (Drama grad.) Among Best Colleges for Musical Theatre

The acting school of Yale University is among the best colleges for musical theatre. It takes bright, committed students from a variety of backgrounds who have strong minds, clear visions, and cooperative attitudes. In-depth classroom instruction is combined with opportunities for interdisciplinary creativity throughout the course. After completing their training, program graduates will be prepared to work on a variety of projects in varied locations and forms.

American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)

A vital combination of music, acting, and the BFA Music Theatre Degree Program provides dance instruction for aspiring musical theater performers. A comprehensive and enthusiastic curriculum in theatre arts is provided through an intensive performance-based degree program, which offers the skills required for a career in modern musical theatre performance and a dynamic spectrum of academic subjects. As one of the best schools for musical theater, AMDA's BFA Music Theatre Degree Program gives students exposure to multiple productions and performing experiences for eight terms of study.

Penn State University

Penn State has one of the country's best training programs for musical theater. Their goal is to develop creative people into successful, lifetime artists who can flourish in professional musical theatre. To step into the field prepared to contribute to the ideas and artwork they wish to create, students are selected from around the country and are required to have a constructive, competent, and devoted approach as creators. With its pre-professional training program, Penn State University stands out as one of the top musical theatre schools that students should definitely consider.

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Curtis Institute of Music

Being one of the best musical theater schools, there are only 113 undergraduate students enrolled at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music. This is a small private university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The acceptance rate is only 2%, so the admissions process is very serious. The most demanded majors are musical instruments, music performance, and music theory and composition.

Students worldwide can attend the Curtis Institute and get free tuition, lodging, and meals. It is a terrific opportunity for those interested in pursuing a degree in Music. Here students have a chance to start performing publicly before they graduate. On Friday nights, PBS presents student recitals from the Curtis Institute. Reruns are also available at other times. Moreover, public attendance at many student performances is free.

Northwestern University, Bienen School of Music

The Bienen School of Music, which is located in Evanston, Illinois, encourages its students to get involved in extracurricular activities to improve their careers while getting conservatory-level training designed to produce artists of the greatest standard. With top musical theater programs, Bienen provides an astonishing number of performance possibilities for blooming artists and now supports 16 ensembles, such as the Bienen Contemporary and Early Vocal Music Ensemble and the Baroque Music Ensemble.

The Bienen School of Music has a 10% admittance rate, making it a rigorous institution. Each year, Bienen accepts about 200 undergraduate and graduate students.

Syracuse University - Top Musical Theater College

Lastly, Syracuse University's degree program in musical theater emphasizes the growth of your unique skills and capabilities to support the revelation of your individuality as a musical theater artist. Along with foundational courses in liberal arts and theatrical history, this demanding curriculum mandates study in the three performance disciplines of singing, dancing, and acting. Syracuse University is one of the top musical theater colleges, and students interested in pursuing a career in one of the most competitive performing arts fields should strongly consider applying.

Hope this article provided a thorough insight into the best musical theatre colleges 2023, and paved the path toward your ultimate musical destination. And if you ever need academic assistance with your application essay or any other paper assignment, know that our college essay writing service are always available!

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Source: https://essaypro.com/blog/best-musical-theater-colleges-in-usa
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