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Why join EssayPro writers team

We place high expectations on our writer candidates, but we offer incredible benefits.

Flexible workload

You are your own boss! The amount of work you wish to tackle monthly, weekly or daily, is entirely up to you. The average writer manages up to three orders per day, but if you're determined to do more, we’ll be more than happy to offer additional work. We always have a lot of orders, we are the leading service where customers can buy an essay.

Personal manager

While you're working with us, you'll be assigned a personal manager to answer any questions and help guide you to achieve better results. If you want to do only certain orders, such as research paper writing help or any other, it's no problem, your manager will organize everything.

Timely payments

Our writers can paid on the 15th of each month and on the last day of each month. We provide most payments through Payoneer, but we can also send your money straight to your bank account.

Handy CRM system

Our system simplifies your work experience by being both powerful and user friendly. You'll be able to manage orders, view your earnings balance, and chat with your personal manager or our 24/7 support team.

Become an EssayPro writer in 5 easy steps

Our writers are what makes our service remarkable and helps us stand out from the rest. That is why we take the hiring process very seriously. To join our multicultural team of experts, you need to know how to fully satisfy the client's "write my essay" request, and follow these steps:

Proof of identity

First, you'll provide documentation to verify your identity. This information allows us to provide your payment and helps keep our platform safe for our customers.

Diploma verification

Next you'll provide diplomas or other documents, to prove you've completed higher education within the past 5 years. These documents must include stamps and signatures from your college or university.

Provide writing samples

Once we've verified your education documents, we'll ask you to provide writing samples for our QA department to review. Please note, applicants must have at least 1 year of experience.

Test assignment

After an interview, you'll write a 1 page paper on a randomly selected topic. This will demonstrate you have the necessary talent and experience to join our team.

Trial period

Once you've passed the previous steps, you'll be hired for a 1 month trial period. After this time, if you've performed well, you will officially join the writing team!

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