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Become an EssayPro Writer in 5 Steps

Our writers are what makes our service remarkable and helps us stand out from the rest. That is why we take the hiring process very seriously. To join our multicultural team of experts, you need to follow these steps:

Proof of Identity

We ask all our candidates to provide us with documents which verify their identity, along with education certificates. We need to verify that the candidate has completed a formal education within the past five years.

Diploma Verification

The next step is to provide diplomas or documents which prove that you have attained the aforementioned higher education. The documents must include stamps and signatures from your college or university.

Provide Samples

Once we’ve verified the legitimacy of the candidate’s diplomas, we ask them to provide us with samples of their work which will be checked by our QA department representatives. Please note that we hire writers with at least 3+ years of experience.

Write an Essay

After the interview, we ask the candidate to write a one page paper on a randomly selected topic. This lets us guarantee that the writer is confident in their abilities, and has the experience it takes to be a part of our team.

Trial Period

After you’ve passed all the steps and joined our team, you’ll have a one month trial period to prove that you’ve got what it takes to join our ranks. If after the trial period, if you’ve handled all of the challenges, we will fully and formally welcome you to the team.

Why Join EssayPro Writers Team

Despite the fact that we place high expectations on our writer candidates, we offer great conditions and features to everyone who has expressed interest and passed the necessary challenges to win a spot at EssayPro.

Flexible Workload

You are your own boss, and the amount of work you wish to tackle monthly, weekly or daily, is entirely up to you. Usually one writer can manage up to three orders per day, but if you’re determined to do more, we’ll be more than happy to abide and offer you more work.

Timely Payments

We’ve scheduled our paydays so that you get paid on the 15th of each month, as well as on the last day of each month. We mostly make payments through Payoneer, but we can also send the money straight to your bank if you provide us with the right details.

Personal Manager

If any questions come up while you’re working with us, or you have any preferences for optimizing your working process, you can always write to your personal manager who will be in touch with you during your time at EssayPro.

Handy CRM System

When you join your team, you will have a personal cabinet where you can control your order flow, see your current financial balance and chat with the manager or support team at any time.
Want to Become a Writer


How can I improve my order acceptance and payment rate?
1. If you are already working on one or several orders, you may accept more but at your own risk. Just plan your time carefully and don’t take too much work if you feel like you can’t handle it on time.

2. Submit early drafts. Your client will tell you if you are going in the right direction. Accepted drafts almost always result in an accepted paper according to our past experiences.

3. Use the proper citation and formatting style for each paper. Improper citation may cause a "false-positive" result on a plagiarism test results and we at EssayPro do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism.

4. Communicate with your customer while working on the order. Ask questions if you have any doubts about how to write the paper in the best way.

5. Be responsive. Stay online as much as possible and reply to your customer's questions as soon as possible. Report on your progress and inform the client about the estimated date and time of the paper’s completion.6. Make your customers happy and grow your customer base. Returning customers are more likely to accept the paper and pay 100%.
How do I get my earnings?
Your earnings are credited to your account balance and you may withdraw them anytime. We provide you with several options for how to do it:
PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, VISA \ Mastercard.
To withdraw funds:

1. Go to My Finance section and click on Withdraw tab.

2. Type in amount you wish to withdraw and select a payment method.

3. Press Submit and a withdrawal task will be created for Finance department. Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours.Note: we do not cover transaction commissions or fees that your payment method may deduct on your end. For example PayPal charges about 5% of the received amount while Skrill charges zero. Bank wire transfers are sent with a “Shared” commission type.
A customer does not reply to my message/offer. Why?
Customers usually receive many offers and messages from writers, so don't panic if you don't receive an immediate response.

1. Your offer should be competitive and interesting for the customer as well as reasonably priced. At the same time, don't offer the lowest price possible because the customer may have concerns about the quality of your work.

2. Send the customer a welcome message: write few words about yourself, what your strong points are, and why the customer should choose you over others. Describe your vision of this paper and how should be written.

3. Work to improve your profile, rating and completion rate. Customers are likely to reply and choose writers with good stats and reviews.

4. In case you’re working on an order and you have an urgent question but the customer is offline, please contact support and we will solve your issue.
How does order payment work?
Customers reserve an agreed amount of money for the order contract when they accept your bid. The reserved amount is a guarantee of the availability of funds on the customer's end, and will only be sent to you when the order is completed. After you upload the completed paper, the customer will check it for quality and whether it was written according to your order instructions. They will then proceed to release your payment according to the contract. In case the paper has minor issues, the customer may release partial payment (75%-95%) depending on the quality of the paper. Poor quality orders may be canceled with no payment at all. You can dispute a customer's decision by contacting your Personal Manager. Your manager will ask you to provide your comments on the situation with solid arguments to support your dispute. The manager will then investigate the case with our Quality Assurance team and tell you their final decision.