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250 Fresh Synthesis Essay Topics for Any Taste

Synthesis Essay Topics

How to Choose Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essays require processing and organizing a vast pool of information to present a certain insight. So, by definition, they represent a challenging assignment that requires hours of research, pondering, and, of course, writing.

Using good synthesis essay topics is one way to get closer to that coveted top grade. Why? An unconventional take on a subject is guaranteed to engage the reader. Plus, you'll score points for a creative approach.

But your brain may easily go haywire when you see a list of 250 fresh synthesis essay topics. How are you meant to select just one topic?

Fret not: you're hardly the first student to feel lost at this stage in synthesis essay writing. So, there are plenty of tried-and-tested tips to help you settle on an engaging, intriguing thesis statement.

Below you'll find our top three tips to kickstart your synthesis essay writing. Keep them in mind when you scroll through our list of 250 synthesis essay topics 2023!

synthesis essay topics tips

Make Your Essay Topic Interesting

You don't want to bore the person grading your paper, right? And, more importantly, you don't want to bore yourself in the writing process – it will show in the text.

But what makes it an interesting topic, exactly? First, it should match your interests. If cybersecurity is your passion, it'll be easier for you to research and write a paper about it.

Second, an interesting topic is an unconventional one. For example, a central thesis statement that's already appeared in essays several hundred times before won't be interesting to the person grading your paper. So, don't hesitate to look for unusual and even fun synthesis essay topics!

Embrace the Controversy

If the conclusion is predictable from the moment you read the thesis statement, your synthesis paper is guaranteed to be boring. So, focus on topics that provoke debates.

When you look through or brainstorm the topics for synthesis essay writing, go for a controversial stance. For example, choose a thesis statement that's debatable and that your readers may not agree with.

This is a must if you're tasked with writing an argumentative essay. If there's nothing to convince your readers about, then what's the point of your text? So, make sure your synthesis argument essay topics don't have a clear-cut, predictable answer.

And if you need examples of controversial topics for synthesis essay writing, don't worry: we have a whole list of ideas below!

Avoid Overly Generic Topics

It may seem easier to choose broad topics for a synthesis essay, such as global warming, social media platforms, or the death penalty. But broad topics also mean there are gigabytes of information on them. Besides, you're very unlikely to gain that unique insight that your conclusion should contain.

Whether you're here for argument or explanatory synthesis essay topics, opt for the ones with a narrower focus. For example, instead of writing about global warming in general, you can focus on the impact of global warming on agriculture in your country.

Synthesis Essay Examples: How to Write

If so, you're in luck! We know it's sometimes easier to learn how to write a paper by seeing an example of a well-crafted one. So, our essay writer crafted this short synthesis essay example to show you how it's done:

Should PFAS Be Banned in the United States?
Should PFAS Be Banned in the United States?

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250 Best Synthesis Essay Topics: 2023 Edition

Need some new ideas for good questions to synthesis essay topics to get inspired? Or, perhaps, you'd like to opt for an already-defined topic?

Whatever your reason for opening this page, we've covered you. Our essay and coursework writing service has prepared an extensive synthesis essay topics list with 250 ideas for any taste!


25 Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

If you're looking for argumentative synthesis essay topics, you have to convince your readers of your stance. You'll need to back up your thesis statement with evidence.

As for the synthesis argument essay topics, be careful with your choice. It's best to choose the subject you're already into. Here are 25 high school and college synthesis essay topics you can use:

  1. Is the death penalty an effective deterrent for violent crime?
  2. Is bail reform necessary for the U.S. criminal justice system?
  3. Should the government make higher education free for everyone?
  4. Is the current taxation system a fair one?
  5. Does the presence of school police help prevent mass shootings?
  6. Should insurance cover mental health costs at no extra cost?
  7. Should harm reduction centers get funding from the federal government?
  8. Do corporations pay their fair share in taxes?
  9. Should plastics be completely banned?
  10. Should medical care be 100% free?
  11. Is forensic science infallible?
  12. Should governmental institutions start using blockchain technology?
  13. Should voting become mandatory?
  14. Does bail propagate income inequality?
  15. Should vaccines become obligatory?
  16. Should the British monarchy continue to exist?
  17. Do dress codes at educational institutions prevent bullying?
  18. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  19. Are unpaid internships a form of exploitation?
  20. Should there be stricter gun control?
  21. Should public transport be nationalized?
  22. Should creationism be taught at school?
  23. Is reducing meat consumption necessary to fight global warming?
  24. Should the government be allowed to be a monopolist?
  25. Should corrida be banned?

20 Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

When it comes to explanatory synthesis essays, you aim to help the reader dig deeper into a specific subject without convincing them. An appropriate synthesis essay topics example here would be, 'What is astroturfing?'

Need more examples? Here are 20 great explanatory synthesis essay topics to write about:

  1. How do artificial intelligence algorithms learn to generate unique images?
  2. How does union busting work?
  3. Do harm prevention centers mitigate drug abuse?
  4. How should we fight homelessness?
  5. What is the most likely global warming scenario?
  6. Are carbon offsets an efficient way to combat global warming?
  7. What is the best alternative to fossil fuels for electricity production?
  8. How do violent video games affect players' behavior?
  9. What are smart cities?
  10. Would switching to electric cars reduce air pollution?
  11. How do conspiracy theories spread?
  12. How did the pandemic impact depression rates among young people?
  13. Why is the census crucial for the functioning of a country?
  14. What are the benefits and downsides of voting machines?
  15. What is the opioid epidemic?
  16. How does humanity dispose of nuclear waste?
  17. What are the risks of corporate consolidation?
  18. What are the best techniques for improving knowledge retention?
  19. How efficient is the Paris Agreement?
  20. What is net neutrality?

25 Synthesis Essay Topics on Finance

Are you looking for topics to write a synthesis essay on for an economics, finance, or business class? Then these ideas below are for you! In addition, we've compiled whole 25 compelling synthesis essay topics on finance to help you out:

  1. Is rent unreasonably high?
  2. Why has real estate property become so expensive?
  3. Do financial incentives for businesses help fight climate change?
  4. Economically speaking, what gift has the best value for the recipient?
  5. How should we measure the unemployment rate?
  6. How should the inflation rate inform monetary policy?
  7. How do the rich avoid paying taxes?
  8. Are stimulus checks effective?
  9. How does inflation impact the money supply?
  10. Why is the U.S. dollar the most traded currency in the world?
  11. What causes inflation?
  12. Why did the pandemic lead to long-lasting global supply chain disruptions?
  13. Why do medicine cost more in the U.S. than in other nations?
  14. Is there a gender wage gap in your country?
  15. Do social benefits help reduce the poverty rate?
  16. Should the central bank set a fixed exchange rate?
  17. Does stock valuation reflect a company's real value?
  18. Can monopolies be good for consumers?
  19. What caused the 2007–2008 financial crisis?
  20. How does psychology impact buying decisions?
  21. Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?
  22. How has climate change changed the global economy?
  23. How should you invest your money as an individual?
  24. How should you manage personal debt?
  25. What are the signs of a recession?

25 Controversial Topics for Synthesis Essays

Know you need a controversial topic but can't come up with one? Fret not: we've compiled a list of the best controversial topics for synthesis essay writing!

By their nature, these are some of the most interesting synthesis essay topics out there. Plus, they make for great college synthesis essay topics, too:

  1. Should critical race theory be taught in schools?
  2. Should prisoners lose their right to vote?
  3. Does mass culture promote racism?
  4. Should PFAS be banned?
  5. Should law enforcement use facial recognition?
  6. Is the American Dream accessible to an average U.S. resident?
  7. Should judges be elected?
  8. Should the right to abortion be written into the constitution?
  9. Can all scientific studies be trusted?
  10. Does Facebook put users' privacy at danger?
  11. Should tobacco be banned for younger generations?
  12. Does government surveillance improve national security?
  13. Should athletic scholarships continue to exist?
  14. Should retirement be covered by the state or the individual?
  15. Can vegetarianism and veganism be considered healthy diets?
  16. Should student loan debt be forgiven?
  17. Should gambling be legal?
  18. Is affirmative action effective in reducing racial inequalities in higher education?
  19. Should companies continue targeting children in ads?
  20. Should zoos be banned?
  21. Can technology be racist?
  22. Should developed countries start receiving climate refugees?
  23. Should voting online be allowed?
  24. Should violent video games be allowed only for players over 18?
  25. Should essential workers get a higher minimum wage than other workers?

20 History Synthesis Essay Topics

Tasked with a writing assignment for a history class and don't know how to approach it? You can use these 20 synthesis essay topics about history to kickstart your writing process:

  1. How did Europe manage to colonize Africa?
  2. What led to the fall of colonialism?
  3. Why did hippie culture come to exist?
  4. How did people preserve images before the invention of photography?
  5. When should you consider slavery to be abolished?
  6. How have religions led to wars?
  7. What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution?
  8. How has psychology evolved as a science?
  9. How and when did women gain voting rights around the world?
  10. What made World War I and World War II so deadly?
  11. What was the legacy of Carl Marx's works?
  12. How did the British Empire lose most of its colonies?
  13. What events caused the dissolution of the Roman Empire?
  14. What was the most devastating economic crisis in modern history?
  15. How has education evolved since the 18th century?
  16. How did the U.S. justify dropping nuclear bombs on Japan?
  17. What pandemics have changed the world?
  18. How did feminism impact fashion?
  19. What's the history behind the punk movement?
  20. How did the nuclear powers acquire this status?

25 Research Synthesis Essay Topics

At EssayPro, we're no strangers to research papers – we're a research paper service, after all. So, we used our experience to compile this list of 25 research synthesis essay topics that are neither bland nor boring:

  1. What risks do PFAS chemicals carry for humans?
  2. Are GMOs harmful?
  3. What is the most efficient way to prevent Alzheimer's disease?
  4. How does tobacco affect the human body?
  5. Which industry is the largest water consumer?
  6. What are the effects of imprisonment on human behavior?
  7. What is the impact of global sporting events on the environment?
  8. What is the best alternative to Li-Ion batteries?
  9. Why are beavers important for the ecosystem?
  10. How do dementia villages impact their residents?
  11. What is the impact of beauty culture on young women's self-esteem?
  12. Why do humans cry?
  13. Are non-violent protests efficient in bringing on social changes?
  14. Is vaping as dangerous as smoking?
  15. Why do cats always land on four feet?
  16. Does having a college degree matter in the job search?
  17. Do charter school students score better or worse than regular school students?
  18. Which biases impact your decisions as a consumer?
  19. Is access to medical care equal in your country?
  20. How does climate change affect life expectancy?
  21. Which cities are at risk of permanent flooding due to global warming?
  22. How does deforestation impact biodiversity?
  23. What are antioxidants, and why are they important?
  24. Does fracking harm the environment?
  25. What are invasive species?

20 Food Synthesis Essay Topics

At a loss for unconventional topics to write a synthesis essay on? How about digging deeper into food? Here are 20 interesting food synthesis essay topics you might want to consider:

  1. Why is a balanced diet important for health?
  2. What are the effects of sugar overconsumption on human health?
  3. Can vitamin C prevent or cure a common cold?
  4. What's the importance of dietary fiber?
  5. Should you take dietary supplements?
  6. What foods help improve cognitive functioning?
  7. How does food production contribute to global warming?
  8. Why is food central in French culture?
  9. What are the essential nutrients for humans?
  10. Why do different foods taste different?
  11. How does your diet reflect your social class?
  12. What is the impact of fast food consumption on the human body?
  13. How much water should you drink?
  14. What does the diet of an average American look like?
  15. How does becoming vegetarian impact your body?
  16. Is snacking bad for your health?
  17. How does becoming vegan impact your health?
  18. How many fruits and vegetables should you eat?
  19. Why do different nations have different cuisines?
  20. What is food security?

20 Synthesis Essay Topics About the Internet

Looking for topics related to internet use to use for an argumentative synthesis essay? You've come to the right place! Here are 20 ideas on modern technology, social media, and everything in between:

  1. Has the internet changed everyday life for the better?
  2. Does Facebook have the potential to impact democratic elections?
  3. Are social media platforms a real danger to teenage girls' mental health?
  4. Is videoconferencing a viable alternative to in-person meetings?
  5. Does social media play a role in discriminating against minority groups?
  6. Should violent content be allowed on social media?
  7. Should violent content be reviewed by humans?
  8. Should social media users be prompted to provide relevant sources for their claims?
  9. Is social media a source of peer pressure among college students?
  10. Is the internet a positive influence on academic performance?
  11. Does internet access level the playing field in access to education?
  12. Should internet access be added to the list of human rights?
  13. Has the internet helped bridge the wealth gap?
  14. Does social media increase social isolation?
  15. Is artificial intelligence a real threat to human artists and writers?
  16. Can machine learning algorithms replace content creators?
  17. Can social media companies effectively fight the spread of misinformation?
  18. Should social media companies be responsible for user-generated content?
  19. Are tech monopolies good for the internet?
  20. Is it possible to remain completely anonymous online?

25 Informative Synthesis Essay Topics

In this case, you'll need to lay out information from multiple sources to explain a certain position or subject. So here are 25 informative synthesis essay topics that are worth your while:

  1. What are the common vote suppression and election subversion techniques?
  2. How do different nations compare in carbon emissions?
  3. How is public shaming used in society?
  4. Does automation increase the unemployment rate?
  5. Does a four-day working week positively impact business productivity?
  6. How does gerrymandering impact the election process?
  7. What industries contribute the most to global warming?
  8. What is environmental racism?
  9. What are data broker companies?
  10. Is cloud seeding a good solution for droughts?
  11. How do advertisers leverage FOMO in online shopping?
  12. What are failed states?
  13. What would it take to replace oil in the global economy?
  14. Is consumerism a leading cause of global warming?
  15. How can we prevent rain flooding in urban areas?
  16. What is the best way to make a donation?
  17. Is recycling effective in reducing pollution?
  18. What are the best ways to mitigate the impact of heat waves?
  19. How can humanity establish a colony on Mars?
  20. Are self-driving cars ready to be adopted?
  21. How does remote work impact business productivity?
  22. What causes Alzheimer's disease?
  23. What is a placebo?
  24. What are the pros and cons of project-based learning?
  25. How does ransomware disrupt public services?

20 Media Synthesis Essay Topics

Want to explore how the media impacts your everyday life? Looking for unconventional media-related topics for a synthesis essay? If you don't shy away from in-depth research, these 20 synthesis essay topics to do with media are for you:

  1. How and why does the media use scare tactics?
  2. How do left-leaning and right-leaning media compare in using manipulations?
  3. Is local media consolidation a threat to journalism?
  4. What is whataboutism?
  5. Should native advertising be banned from the media?
  6. How do crime TV shows impact people's perception of law enforcement?
  7. Should media outlets be free for the readers?
  8. How does crime reporting impact jury decisions?
  9. How do presidential debates impact the election process?
  10. What is a cancel culture?
  11. How does personal bias impact reporting?
  12. Is investigative journalism necessary for a functioning democracy?
  13. What are the common revenue sources for a media outlet?
  14. Does self-censorship happen in the media?
  15. What criteria should you use to decide to trust a media outlet?
  16. What role does media play in society?
  17. Should media outlets be ad-free?
  18. Does it matter who owns a media outlet?
  19. How do media outlets fact-check their content?
  20. Should media outlets allow sponsored content?

25 AP Lang Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essays are an integral part of the AP Lang exam. (We have a whole in-depth blog post on synthesis essay AP Lang if you want to learn more about it.) So, if you're planning on getting a high score on it, you'll need to practice on multiple AP Lang synthesis essay topics beforehand.

Don't know where to start? Here are 25 synthesis essay topics 2023 to consider:

  1. Should the drinking age be lowered to 16?
  2. What decisions should we take to solve global warming?
  3. Are democracy and capitalism compatible?
  4. Is Instagram harming teenagers' mental health?
  5. Are international agreements effective in fighting global warming?
  6. How has the internet changed politics?
  7. Should there be a term limit for elected officials?
  8. How does modern technology foster social isolation?
  9. Do minority groups lack access to higher education?
  10. Does artificial intelligence positively impact workers' productivity?
  11. Does academic performance accurately reflect a learner's progress?
  12. Are all research papers trustworthy by default?
  13. Is the American dream achievable for minority workers?
  14. Will smart cities exacerbate income inequality?
  15. How can we reduce air pollution?
  16. Should consumers be held responsible for climate change?
  17. Is education accessible to everyone?
  18. Do minority workers have fewer career opportunities?
  19. Are dress codes infringing on the right to self-expression?
  20. What is the history behind the American dream?
  21. Can artificial intelligence replace workers in any field?
  22. Is complete online privacy achievable?
  23. How do racial prejudices affect medical care?
  24. Should the average school class size be reduced?
  25. How does income inequality impact access to medical care?

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