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How To Write An Extended Essay

How To Write An Extended Essay

Creating an appropriate research question is 25% of the battle known as writing an extended essay. Understanding the prompt is the key to success. To help with your assignment, our team of experts from the professional writing service has prepared a detailed guide and excellent extended essay examples. In case of troubles, order an extended essay from EssayPro.

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What is an Extended Essay?

If you write an extended definition essay on what this type of assignment is, the best reply would be, “The IB Extended Essay is a 4,000-word thesis written under supervision of an advisor and is a mandatory component of the IB Diploma.” Writing an extended essay is a part of the International Baccalaureate program. They call it IB.
“What is an extended essay in terms of grading?” This essay, along with the TOK presentation, could give you up to 3 additional points toward your overall Diploma score. You need it to obtain a degree in the target field of study.
The sections below explain how to write an extended essay at A level based on the professional examples.

How to Write an Extended Essay? 4 Common Tests

Having the right question is a primary condition. It is important to have a checklist made of 4 basic tests to ensure the reputation quotient (RQ) is top-notch.

  1. Choosing the scope. It is critical to reply to a single relatively easy question in no more than 4,000 words after some time spent on research. It makes sense to narrow down the question if it is general. Make it short and focused like, “Is Tokyo’s grocery store market an oligopoly?” You could wonder what the best market structure for this Japanese city is.
  2. Mind the course concepts used. Show off how well you get the ideas discussed in class. Example: it is not enough to collect information about the specific company from the insider - a student has to conduct independent research based on the external sources.
  3. The amount of available information. Come up with the concepts you plan to use in the extended essay (one may compare prices to analyze the competition in the specific industry).
  4. Decide whether the topic is useful. Look at the previous 3 tests offered by the IB experts and think about whether your final essay corresponds to these requirements. Is the topic relevant & helpful?

How Do I Pick IB Extended Essay Topics?

Pick a topic that’s one of your IB subjects or something that’s closely related to your hobbies or passions. In this stage, make sure your topic is broad, so you have room for exploration.
For example: Events that lead up to the Cold War.
Now, this topic is too broad for an ordinary college essay, and that’s no good; you need to narrow this topic down.
At this point, you should do some research on your topic and find out if you’re actually interested in it. If you find it boring, refer back to the brainstorming section. Look at the suggested extended essay topics:

Extended Definition Essay Topics

  • Defining what a happy spouse & healthy marriage are
  • Features that make a person trustworthy
  • A meaning of self-respect in modern society
  • Having a creative mind with a boring job
  • Classroom disruptions: Ways to get rid of them
  • Signs of the peer pressure
  • Explaining color blindness
  • The role of proper nutrition in our life
  • The characteristics of the Renaissance period
  • Big Bang theory: Narrow definition

IB Extended Essay Topics

  • Symbolism in Victorian literature
  • Barriers associated with the English language among international students
  • Comics definition discussion
  • Gender inequality vs. racism
  • Could the night of the long knives be avoided?
  • What is the role of mobile phones in improving the society?
  • The interpretation of anti-essentialism
  • Reasons why historians are biased
  • The case in favor & against abortion in the United States
  • Fighting the isssues associated with Anorexia Nervosa

Visual Arts Extended Essay Topics

  • The allegorical role of food in seventeenth century Dutch Still Life painting
  • Andy Warhol’s Factory as a model for art production
  • A changing view of self from Rembrandt’s point of view
  • The role of graffiti in the 21st century
  • Things that contribute the most to the visual culture today
  • Describing the best pieces of surrealism
  • Reasons to consider Frida Kahlo a Surrealist
  • From the concept of “Art” to “conceptual” art
  • Auroville as a new blueprint for the city’s future
  • Testing the portrayal of women in the surrealist movement

Computer Science Extended Essay Topics

  • Examination of various PC viruses and ways to detect and get rid of them
  • The difference between malware, adware, & virus
  • Wireless networking as a replacement for a cabled networking
  • The effectiveness of Genetic Programming
  • Comparing symbolic algorithmic method and fuzzy logic in building professional systems
  • The level of Secure Sockets Layer protocol safety
  • The growth in processing power & its consequences
  • Determining the level of data compression in music files humans can withstand
  • The role of fuzzy logic in the closest future
  • Quantum processors and their role in classical PCs

How Do I Create a Research Question?

The topic and question have some difference. Now that you know more about your topic ask questions that pique your interests as well as ones that you crave an answer for. It is essential for Criterion A (research question).

Good Extended Essay research questions

Here is an example of some good research questions or potential topics:

Economics: How did College Board monopolize aptitude testing?
Psychology: What effects did the Syrian refugee crisis have on the psyche of young Children?
History: How did the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1950 to 1956, heighten tensions between Russia and America during the Cold War.
Chemistry: How does Iron sedimentation affect the water quality in West Africa?
Biology: Do earlier school start times hinder children’s ability to learn?
English: How has Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger been lost in translation?
Math: What makes Euler’s Identity the most beautiful equation of all time?
Film: How has Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shaped the thriller genre?

How Do I Start My Extended Essay?

How Do I Pick an Advisor?

Pick an Advisor that knows a lot about your topic. A biology teacher would not be great for your History EE.

How do I pick an Extended Essay Advisor

Meeting with your advisor is not mandatory, however, it is a very good idea to do so. The more help you can get on this thing, the better.

When is a good time to start writing?

Start as soon as possible. Your life will be so much easier if you have your essay complete before Year II. If you’re overwhelmed during the school year, do your extended essay during the summer; your future you will thank you.

How to Write an Extended Essay Outline?

Build an extended essay outline around the research question. The introduction should contain your research query and your main argument, otherwise known as the thesis statement. The body is easiest to divide into three parts. The concluding paragraph should restate your main argument, thesis statement, and summarize your findings. An outline should just be the notes of what you plan to state. Do not fiddle with the Roman numerals; keep it clean with bullet points and short sentences.

Title Page

An extended essay cover page is easy, but an extremely important component of your essay. If you don’t follow the title page format of the IB closely, you might jeopardize your essay score. The title page is a standalone document with the title of your essay and your name centered. Include the name of your school and your IB number.

How to Write Extended Essay Introduction: Smart Tips

The best way to start an essay with a free-ended topic is to find an area of interest: what would you like to write about? Follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm if you have no ideas;
  • Jam-write for 10 minutes straight without stopping or make a mind map of what you’re interested in;
  • Develop a powerful hook sentence to grab reader’s attention;
  • Provide a background explaining the research topic;
  • Explain the significance of the chosen problem;
  • End up with a sound thesis statement.

Your extended essay introduction should state your thesis & question. To get the highest benchmark for this section, you must present this: “The context of the research question is clearly demonstrated. The introduction clearly explains the significance of the topic and why it is worthy of investigation.” This last sentence is important. Don’t forget to state why your topic is important to study. It’s a good tip for any essay; if something isn’t important, why would it be worth reading?

Writing Extended Essay Body Paragraphs

It is easier to develop body paragraphs as they do not have to catch an eye. Still, they are required to prove the author’s main argument. Check whether the body of your IB extended essay includes these parts:

  • Summary of every point into a single line that identifies the idea/subtopic behind it;
  • 2 additional bullet points to expand every paragraph (evidence, data, quote + explanation of how the offered example relates to the conveyed idea);
  • Extra ideas that are directly relevant to the general idea behind it.

Making an Extended Essay Conclusion Impressive!

What should an extended essay conclusion contain? Check whether the last paragraph of the extended essay has the following:

  • Restated/Rewritten thesis statement
  • Summary of the paragraphs (paraphrased topic sentences)
  • Implementation of the ideas
  • Predictions for the future
  • Verdict & a hook (usually, a rhetorical question)

Deciding on the Extended Essay Format and Annotated Bibliography

The last thing a student should know is how to select the proper extended essay format. It depends. If you study computer science, use IEEE citation format to cite the work; if you study English Composition or Arts, MLA citation format will do. The way students should cite their academic papers depend on the field of study.

At this stage, you should be reading through your primary sources and creating an annotated bibliography. This just means posting any relevant information that you plan to quote or use in your essay into a separate document and listing some points that you plan to address. Start your Works Cited page right away.

6 Awesome Extended Essay Examples + 2 PDFs

extended essay example

extended essay example

History Extended Essay Examples

Flip-Flopper Thomas Jefferson: From State’s Rights to Federalism

extended essay example

Abraham Lincoln and the Struggle for Union and Emancipation

extended essay example

Music Extended Essay Example

How about getting great music extended essay example? Focus on comparing & contrasting pieces!

extended essay example

Extended Definition Essay Examples

Let us introduce some of the extended definition essay examples. Define the beauty first!

extended essay example

This concept is a bit broad to discuss. Narrow it down by focusing on the inner beauty. A conclusion may look this way:

extended essay example

That is how to write an extended definition essay!

IB Extended Essay Examples

The extract below is one of the best IB extended essay examples. It can be written from the 1st person.

extended essay example

Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team

Writing a good extended essay is difficult, but if you are an IB student, you’ll know that those three extra points can really make a big difference. Remember that it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. Some people write a custom essay that’s 6,000 to 8,000 words long, while others will reach about 2800-3500 on their first draft. An important thing to keep in mind that 4,000 words is the maximum word count.

Personal writer advice is to start this as soon as possible. You will thank yourself in the second year if you already have your extended essay done. If word count is what you’re worried about, then you would probably want to write over 3,000 words, since a short essay might imply that the topic was not investigated thoroughly. However, some essay topics may require only 2,000 words to investigate them fully. As the article articulates and I want to reinforce: do not pick a subject that you don’t think you’ll like. It is of utmost importance that you genuinely enjoy what you’re writing about. The topic selection is wide enough; you can explore any IB class that exists. One constraint though is that you cannot do your essay in Theory of Knowledge. In gist, aim high and you will succeed!

Jessie Pro Writer, from EssayPro

Breaking down the IB Extended Essay criteria

  • Criterion A: Make sure your research question is “sharp and focused”. This is not a place to add snaz to your writing.

  • Criterion B: Restate your research question and state your thesis. Make sure to define why your research query is important.

  • Criterion C: Use a wide range of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources. Don’t forget to work on that Works Cited page as you go.

  • Criterion D: Make sure you wholesomely understand what you’re writing about. Spend a lot of time reading your sources and learning things about your subject.

  • Criterion E: Your essay needs to flow logically and coherently. Stick to your outline, don’t go on tangents. Extra information that doesn’t answer your research topic will not grant you a better mark, it will only hinder the overall quality of your essay.

  • Criterion F: Analyze your information. Make connections throughout your essay. Don’t simply list factual information; no one wants to read that. In order to really hit those top scores, you need to elaborate on multiple aspects of the information you present.

  • Criterion G: Make sure your language is coherent and straight to the point. Avoid passive constructions and adverbs.

  • Criterion H: Your conclusion is very important; as mentioned before, you should restate your findings and include any unresolved questions you didn’t answer in your body paragraphs.

  • Criterion I: This criterion is the easiest to do and the easiest to mess up. After completing your essay, double and triple check that your “layout, organization, appearance and formal elements of the essay consistently follow a standard format.” Make sure you have the title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative material, quotations, documentation (including references, citations and bibliography) and appendices.

  • Criterion J: Your essay needs to be special. Throughout your essay and in your conclusion, demonstrate “intellectual initiative, depth of understanding and insight.” Be analytical and define why your topic is important. If you are interested in what you’re saying, most likely the reader will also be fond of your information.

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