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Best Essay Writing Apps For Students
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Did you know that the average person spends about 23 days per year on their phones? With the prevalence of mobile devices, integrating essay-writing apps into your routine allows you to make the most of your time and boost productivity. So, if you're a student seeking to enhance your composition skills, search no more! This article serves as your ultimate resource for exploring exceptional apps for essay writing that will simplify your academic life.

Our essay service experts will present a curated assortment of user-friendly apps that can assist you with grammar, spelling, plagiarism detection, and even citation generation. You will encounter well-known examples such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and EssayPro and discover how mobile apps enable you to work on your essays from anywhere.

Criteria for Assessing Essay Apps

Here are the criteria we used to evaluate best app for essay writing:

  1. User-Friendly: Is the app easy to navigate and use with different tools?
  2. Writing Metrics: Does the app have essential features like spell-check, proofreading tools, and word count?
  3. Features: Can you write and edit in Cloud systems like Dropbox? Is there an offline mode? Or can you place ‘write my essay’ orders quickly?
  4. User Interface: Does the app offer customizable UI, language settings, themes, styles, and formatting?
  5. Compatibility: Can you easily export your work and share it on platforms like WordPress?
  6. Ratings: What are the app's ratings on Google Play and the App Store? What's our own rating?
  7. Price Structure: Is the app download worth the fee it charges for writing?

Top Essay Writing Apps

With a plethora of essay apps to choose from, catering to various needs like note-taking, planning, and grammar checking, selecting the perfect essay writer app can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision-making process, we have curated a comprehensive list of the apps that write essays for you.

EssayPro App

Available on Android and iOS, Essaypro an app that writes essays for you, stands out as one of the best apps for essay writing. It simplifies essay creation, organization, and formatting. With access to a vast collection of essay samples, students can easily tackle any assignment, from argumentative to persuasive essays.

Users can save time with this pocket-sized software. Orders can be placed quickly, generating pricing offers in no time. On average, customers spend 22 minutes using the app.

To cater to user requests, Essaypro introduced a dark theme as a new feature. Additionally, users can respond to writer inquiries via the chat tool, ensuring they don't have to pause their activities, even while taking care of their children. For a comprehensive mobile solution to excel in academic tasks, you can confidently choose the EssayPro App.

essaypro app


  • The app offers advice on improving current writing and using better editing techniques. It even features a plagiarism detection tool, guiding you on how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Users get access to an author's biography, his areas of expertise, and - most crucially - reviews of the writer.
  • ‍Users can top up their own accounts, making it easy to subsequently order fresh works.
  • ‍100% plagiarism-free papers - Each task is unique.
  • ‍Timely delivery - Get your paper as soon as you need it.
  • ‍Unlimited revisions - In case you need to add any info or you want us to rewrite some paragraphs - you are free to ask us!‍
  • Top quality - We have a team of top-notch writers who will definitely deliver exceptional tasks for you.‍
  • 100% money-back guarantee - You can get your money back if you don't like the paper.


Grammarly is an ideal app for catching grammar mistakes in essays. It even detects errors in complex sentences. It works on all systems and devices - PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. While the interface can be crowded, and it may not be as effective for long-form writing, Grammarly remains one of the top options.



  • Enables you to work in your preferred writing style, including academic papers.
  • Helps you avoid automatic writing mistakes, including misspellings, improper punctuation, and other issues.
  • Enhances your writing skills


  • Congested user interface and a lack of effectiveness for long-form composing


Streamlining the writing process, this one of the best app for essay writing simplifies the crucial task of editing. Utilizing a range of colors and accents assists in eliminating unnecessary words and achieving sentence conciseness. Available for download on both Mac and Windows desktop platforms, it offers convenient accessibility for users.



  • Automatically catches errors like misused words or awkward sentences so you can spend more time perfecting your essay
  • Develops pieces that are compelling and simple to read
  • Serves as a digital editor and suggests suitable types of tone in writing.


  • Pricey desktop and distracting colors for visitors


ProWritingAid may assist you in identifying formatting errors, fixing bugs, and correcting punctuation in writing. With the premium edition of this paper writing app, you can improve sentence length and choice of words and eliminate clichés.

Meanwhile, if you're searching for an excellent essay topic for students, make sure to explore our comprehensive list!



  • Simple to use UI
  • There are several integrations offered
  • There are almost twenty writing analysis reports available


  • Just a few hundred words may be read at once in the free plan
  • Adjusting to the number of functions might take a while

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is among the few free word processors that are compatible with all the leading operating systems. With the help of this paper writing app, you may obtain a wide range of data, such as the number of words and characters. Moreover, the application uses RTF to save its information. Most other word processors can accept this, so you may edit your writing on different platforms as needed.

In the meantime, you might be intrigued to explore an excellent AI detection tool that assists in creating content free from Artificial Intelligence.


  • Provides you with key text analytics while you type
  • Powerful word processor for those on a budget


  • No advanced features are offered

Cold Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey Writer is one of the ideal essay apps since it prevents interruptions. It also provides several layouts, structuring, and flow choices. This essay-writing tool effectively transforms your desktop into a typewriter, leaving you with no option other than to write your essay topics.



  • You can track time and word count by using the progression indicator at the top
  • Provides an environment without interruptions
  • Encourages the usage of other programs once more


  • Not available in offline mode


Ulysses is an excellent distraction-free writing app available for iOS users only. It's a perfect choice for both short articles and long research papers. In addition, it allows sharing your work instantly on WordPress and Medium and quickly converts words into PDFs.


  • It has a text editor with markup support and a library for arranging notes, writing goals, and publishing choices
  • It's among the best user-friendly essay writing applications
  • Ulysses can transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks, and even blog posts


  • Not as good for outlining as other programs


Scribus is a free, accessible digital production tool that aids in creating aesthetically pleasing structures. It includes a lot of capabilities, like the ability to modify an item at several levels of a document, excellent painting options, node editing techniques, and more.


  • Best suited for papers with innovative visuals
  • Strong sketching tools 


  • Doesn't come as a mobile app


Trello is a versatile and intuitive project management application that allows individuals and teams to effectively organize and collaborate on tasks and projects. It offers a visual and customizable interface that utilizes boards, lists, and cards to streamline project workflows and track progress.

Even if you're on the hunt for summer jobs for college student, Trello can streamline project workflows, making it easier for you to track your progress and manage your summer job applications efficiently.


  • The User-friendly interface makes it simple for individuals of all technical abilities to start using the app immediately.
  • Trello excels in fostering collaboration within teams. Real-time updates ensure everyone stays informed and aligned on project progress.


  • It may not fulfill the needs of more complex projects
  • The steep learning curve for larger projects


LivingWriter is a versatile writing application designed to streamline the writing process for authors and content creators. With a user-friendly interface and a host of features, it aims to enhance the overall writing experience.



  • Collaborative writing capabilities.
  • Innovative story planning tools.
  • Cloud-based accessibility for flexibility.


  • Subscription-based model.
  • The learning curve for advanced features.


Novlr is a dedicated writing application designed to meet the needs of novelists and long-form writers. It provides a distraction-free environment with features tailored to enhance the novel-writing process.



  • Offers a distraction-free writing space.
  • Enables seamless work synchronization across devices.
  • Provides diverse export formats for easy file transfer.


  • Operates on a subscription model.
  • Some users may find features limited compared to other platforms.


Readable is among the top essay writing apps designed to enhance the readability and clarity of written content. It incorporates features aimed at improving the overall quality and comprehension of text.

be readable


  • Enhances content clarity.
  • Provides guidance on writing style.
  • Easy navigation and use.


  • Requires subscription for full access.
  • Functionality affected without a stable connection.

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Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a mobile writing app designed for simplicity and convenience, providing essential features for on-the-go writing and note-taking.

writer plus


  • Offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface.
  • Ideal for quick writing and note-taking on mobile devices.
  • Allows writing even without an internet connection.


  • May lack advanced features compared to more comprehensive writing applications.
  • Primarily designed for mobile use, with limited desktop functionality.


ByWord is an AI-powered article-generation tool. It focuses on efficiently generating large volumes of high-quality, SEO-ready content. Users can input a few words, click a button, and within minutes, have a fully formed article with an accompanying image ready for publication on their site. This tool adapts to the changing world of SEO with the help of artificial intelligence and offers a feature to stay unnoticed by any AI detection tool.



  • ByWord swiftly creates SEO-ready content.
  • A comprehensive tool for efficient long-form content creation.
  • Enables rapid publication of fully-formed articles and images.


  • May have fewer customization options for a streamlined process.


Coggle is a web-based mind-mapping tool that allows users to create visually engaging diagrams to organize and represent their ideas.



  • Facilitates the creation of visually appealing mind maps and diagrams.
  • Supports real-time collaboration for team brainstorming and planning.
  • Features an intuitive design for easy navigation and diagram creation.


  • Some advanced features may be restricted in the free version.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for seamless collaboration and saving.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're just starting with academic writing service or already have advanced skills, these college student applications are here to make the process easier and better. From Essaypro's free writing software, where you can even buy an essay, to Grammarly's essay editing apps, there's a tool for everyone. By adding these platforms to your toolkit, you can create high-quality papers more efficiently and with confidence. So, try them out and see which ones work best for you!


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