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EssayPro App, Grammarly, Hemingway, and 17 More Best Essay Writing Apps For Students

Best Essay Writing Apps For Students

The Top Essay Writing Apps For Students

If you are a high school, college, or university student, you probably feel the pressure of being assigned a lot of homework. So, it must be a relief to get detailed information on the best student essay apps, right? That's why we prepared the best apps for essay writing to alleviate students of unnecessary coursework stress. Furthermore, after providing ways to detect the best apps for college students with top ratings, we bet you'll never have a single worry about your essay deadline or paper quality. After all, ordering an assignment directly from your phone makes it simpler than ever to save your precious time. So, without further ado, let's delve right into the exciting part of the article.

How to Find the Best Apps For Essay Writing?

Whether you're looking for the best writing apps for iOS or Android, the alternatives are practically unlimited. Do you need to purchase an essay? Perhaps you need urgent document editing or general assistance with your task. That's okay because there appears to be an app for nearly anything in the wide digital world. And if there is not, we still got you with some options for the best essay helping tools you can easily access through their website!

Still, with such endless opportunities, the question is how to know which essay apps are actually worthwhile. Well, we give a thorough description for detecting the right tools and must have apps for college students.

Here we listed the performance indicators for the essay applications. We recommend asking yourself the following questions before downloading an essay writing app.

  • Functions - Does the program have an offline mode and allow you to create and modify content on cloud services like Dropbox?
  • UI - How adjustable are the User Interface (UI), language options, background, layouts, and structuring?
  • User-Friendliness - Are the apps for essays straightforward to use and browse through various resources and options?
  • Writing Metrics - Does the software provide fundamental functions like a spell checker, tools for editing, and a word counter?
  • Ranking - Does the essay writing software have positive reviews and user comments on Google Play and the App Store?
  • Integration - Do essay writing applications simplify distributing your work on networks like WordPress?
  • Pricing - Is there an app that writes essays for you free, or does the fee for downloading the app justify the quality of service you receive?

Additionally, experts suggest that students consult their peers and teachers about their personal app experiences and look at evaluations and the number of downloads when determining an app's usefulness.

Useful Apps for Writing Essays

Apps and other educational technologies can assist students with their time management, organizational abilities, teamwork, and other necessities. Fortunately, plenty of mobile apps available for both IOS and Android devices can help make writing essays easier and more efficient. From taking notes to organizing information to creating outlines, here is a selection of our best essay tools that we believe can assist in crafting and editing papers most effectively.

Best Essay Editing Apps

Most likely, there won't be a human editor on hand at all times. Therefore, we support trustworthy essay editing apps. Using an editor that makes suggestions for your essay while you write saves you time and guarantees a quality paper.

best apps

EssayPro App

Price: Free

Starting off, Essaypro App stands out as one of the best apps for college students available for Android and iOS. It facilitates the rapid and simple creation, organization, and formatting of your essay. Students get access to a vast collection of essay samples using this software, which may help them get started on any essay assignment, from argumentative to persuasive essays.

essaypro app

Users may free up time using this software inside their pockets. The customer may make an order while sipping coffee because of how rapidly a pricing offer is generated for each request. Customers of the app spend an average of 22 minutes there.

essaypro ios

Therefore Essaypro took their requests for dark themes into consideration and added it as a new feature. Moreover, users can already respond to the writer's inquiries using the chat tool without leaving the game with their children. Anyone seeking comprehensive mobile software to write essays that will help them succeed in their academic tasks should choose the Essaypro App.

essaypro android


  • App offers advice on improving current writing, using better editing techniques, and even has a plagiarism detector
  • Users get access to an author's biography, his areas of expertise, and - most crucially - reviews of the writer
  • Users can top up their own accounts, making it easy to subsequently order fresh works
  • 100% plagiarism-free papers - each task is unique
  • Timely delivery - get your paper as soon as you need it
  • Unlimited revisions - in case you need to add any info or you want us to rewrite some paragraphs - you are free to ask us!
  • Top quality - we have a team of top-notch writers who will definitely deliver exceptional tasks for you
  • 100% money-back guarantee - you can get your money back if you don’t like the paper.


Price: Basic - free, Premium - $11.66/month, Business - $12.50/month

Grammarly is one of the free apps for college students. It's perfect for catching those pesky grammar mistakes we all tend to make when writing essays. The spell checker in this app can even detect errors in complex sentences! Also, Grammarly is compatible with all systems and gadgets, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. On the other hand, its downsides may include a congested user interface and a lack of effectiveness for long-form composing. However, these surely don't eliminate Grammarly from the list of best apps for college students.


  • Enables you to work in your preferred writing style, including academic papers.
  • Helps you avoid automatic writing mistakes, including misspellings, improper punctuation, and other issues.
  • Enhances your writing skills


  • Congested user interface and a lack of effectiveness for long-form composing


Price: $19.99/month

Editing is an important part of the essay writing process, and this app makes it easier than ever! The program employs a variety of colors and accents to help you cut out extraneous words and make sentences concise. You can download it on your Mac or Windows desktop.


  • Automatically catches errors like misused words or awkward sentences so you can spend more time perfecting your essay
  • Develops pieces that are compelling and simple to read
  • Serves as a digital editor


  • Pricey desktop and distracting colors for visitors

PaperRater Tools

Price: Free

PaperRater offers two unique features to students - paper checking and plagiarism detecting. The proofreader and plagiarism checker employ AI to analyze your writings and papers for any flaws and give them an automatic grade without the need for downloading. By doing this, you may fix any technical and grammatical errors, deal with unintended plagiarism, and improve your work quality. It even provides feedback on the readability of your writing so that you can make sure it's easy to understand. 


  • Provide easily accessible web tools to make your paper perfect and error-free
  • Offer free online grammar and plagiarism checkers


  • Don't come as a mobile app


Price: $20/month

ProWritingAid may assist you in identifying formatting errors, fixing bugs, and correcting punctuation in writing. With their premium edition, you can improve sentence length and choice of words and eliminate clichés, 


  • Simple to use UI
  • There are several integrations offered
  • There are almost twenty writing analysis reports available


  • Just a few hundred words may be read at once in the free plan
  • Also, adjusting to the number of functions might take a while

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Free Essay Writing Apps and Tools

Although most students are unaware of them, there are apps that write essays for you and make the process of composing papers much easier. If you don't want to practice writing on your own all the time, look into our selection of the best free essay writing apps.

free essay apps

Essayservice Topic Generating Tool

Price: Free

Essayservice topic generating tool is one of the best educational resources. Even if you're stuck on choosing the appropriate title for your essay, Essayservice generates various topic ideas for you. With their help, you can debate the essay's essential points with the writer who writes college essays for money, and they can also quickly and expertly create your essay for you.


  • Can swiftly and effortlessly assist you in coming up with new essay topic ideas
  • You may narrow down your topic and go over all the major elements


  • Doesn't come as a mobile application

Studyfy Tools

Price: Free

Studyfy is one of the free version apps to write essays with various handy features ranging from a word counter and an essay title generator to a plagiarism checker and a college GPA calculator. And it doesn't stop there! You won't need to search the internet for certain editors and checkers because they have gathered them all in one location for your comfort. Even though it's not available for iOS users, Android customers can enjoy Studyfy services on their smartphones. Here is the full list of the Studyfy tools:

studyfy tools

1. Word Counter - a straightforward tool for ensuring that your essay meets all word and character standards.

2. Essay Title Generator - with only one click, the essay title generator may provide a list of random topics for essays on any subject.

3. Words to Pages Converter - converts words to pages if you are unsure how many pages are in the provided word count

4. Thesis Statement Generator - lets you create precise thesis statements on any subject and for any purpose

5. Plagiarism Checker - shows the amount of plagiarism in a document and points up passages that need to be properly cited or paraphrased

6. Summarizer - extracts key ideas from large passages of text to summarize them, making it easy to generate abstracts, summaries, and conclusions

7. College GPA Calculator - makes it easier to determine your grade point average for college or university

8. Spell Checker - automates checking your content for sloppy spelling problems

9. Title Page Generator - develops many variously designed title pages so that you can select the one you like

10. Citation Generator - helps you save time by automatically creating citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, and other formats rather than manually entering titles, authors, and publications

11. Paraphrasing Tool - helps you rewrite your writing by locating synonyms for specific terms to produce 100% original information

12. Readability Checker -  checks your writing's readability and helps you improve it so you can maintain a good flow and receive the top scores

13. Grade Calculator - allows you to quickly determine a weighted average grade for letter and numerical grades for any higher education

14. Alphabetizer - allows you to organize stuff by sorting it alphabetically to create well-structured lists

15. Case Converter - transforms uppercase to lowercase and does a variety of additional conversions

16. Writing Prompt Generator - gives you original writing suggestions to foster your imagination and pick the ideal paper topic

17. Words to Minutes Converter - allows you to determine how long your written speech will be when delivered, ensuring that you stay within the time allotted for your oral presentation

18. Assignment Calculator - creates a step-by-step breakdown of your assignments so you can better organize your semester


  • Studyfy offers 18 useful tools for essay writing
  • All services are free


  • Not available for iOS users

Focus Writer

Price: Free

Focus Writer is among a few free word processors compatible with all the leading operating systems. Many view this software as a Microsoft Word competitor. With the help of this tool, you may obtain a wide range of data, such as the number of words and characters. Moreover, the application uses RTF to save its information. Most other word processors can accept this, so you may edit your writing on different platforms as needed.


  • Provides you with key text analytics while you type
  • Powerful word processor for those on a budget


  • No advanced features offered

Must Have Apps for College Students

Here is a continuation of the finest apps for college students that can assist you with planning, writing, proofreading, and receiving feedback on your finished essays.

Must have apps for college students


Price: Free

For all your creative endeavors and academic needs, Canva is the finest for quickly generating outstanding graphics, papers, and presentations. To help you excel in your studies, Canva iOS and Android apps provide thousands of free, premium layouts on any discipline and topic possible. Additionally, Canva is one of the best free apps for writing outlines and creating flashcards to assist you in remembering the relevant information. Also, there are multiple templates for creating landing pages, presentations, cards, videos, comic strips, etc.


  • Best for creating flashcards to assist you in remembering the relevant information
  • Offers premium layouts on any field
  • Good helper for making presentations and video editing


  • Occasionally has bugs when pieces don't line up properly
  • If you want to have a PRO access - it can be pricey.


Price: Free

Wordcounter definitely belongs to the list of good apps for college students. You can access the tool on their website to monitor the number of words you've produced during the writing process.


  • Removes the need to manually run word counts to check your progress
  • Keep your word count within an acceptable range for essays


  • Does not come as a mobile app


Price: Basic - free Plus - $34.99/year Premium - $69.99/year

This popular iOS and Android app allows users to organize notes, photos, and other ideas they come up with while researching their essay topic. It also has a handy feature that helps users stay on track by setting reminders for key deadlines.


  • Not available for iOS users
  • You can draw, arrange text, and create checklists
  • You may share notes with other users, utilize the web clipper tool, and look for content inside images
  • Synchronizes the information created on various devices


  • Free plans are very limited in features and pricing plans are quite expensive
  • Does not provide real-time user participation on notes

Hubspot Tools

hubspot tools

Price: Free

Hubspot combines a lot of useful tools that students can use to their advantage.The Topic Generator has a software which creates nouns to assist you in coming up with a theme for your upcoming writing project. So, it can help you if you're struggling with ideas at the start of a writing endeavor. Additionally, Hubspot provides a free marketing plan builder, describing your marketing approach while continuously monitoring the relevant KPIs. Students can also benefit from the free email signature generator offered by Hubspot.


  • Rapidly generates writing ideas, taking your topic game to the next level
  • Develops a marketing strategy for you that will provide significant results
  • Enables you to make a free email signature template using their user-friendly generator


  • Modifying HubSpot email templates may be quite difficult


Price: Monthly Plan - $5.99, Yearly Plan - $49.99

Ulysses is an excellent distraction-free writing app available for iOS users only. It's a perfect choice for both short articles and long research papers. In addition, it allows sharing your work instantly on WordPress and Medium and quickly converts words into PDFs.


  • It has a text editor with markup support and a library for arranging notes, writing goals, and publishing choices
  • It's among the best user-friendly essay writing applications
  • Ulysses can transform your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks, and even blog posts


  • Not as good for outlining as other programs


Price: Free

Scribus is a free, accessible digital production tool that aids in creating aesthetically pleasing structures. It includes a lot of capabilities, like the ability to modify an item at several levels of a document, excellent painting options, node editing techniques, and more.


  • Best suited for papers with innovative visuals
  • Strong sketching tools 


  • Doesn't come as a mobile app

Writer Plus

Price: Free

Writer Plus is a well-liked option among students since it's a fantastic tool for generating documents, manuscripts, songs, poems, articles, and drafts on both a mobile phone and an Android tablet. Students may save and organize their work utilizing the software's robust folder integration.


  • You can write in several languages
  • Efficient, consistent, and high-performing and consumes relatively little battery


  • No templates or goal-tracking features

Google Docs

Price: Free

For iOS and Android, Google Docs is a free word processor program comparable to Microsoft Word. It's one of the greatest essay writing applications because of how quickly, effectively, and easily it can be used.


  • Offers an integrated grammar and spellchecker
  • It Lets you view new updates by teammates in real-time to the text


  • Fewer capabilities than its primary rival, Microsoft Word

Cold Turkey

Price: Free

Cold Turkey Writer is one of the ideal essay apps since it prevents interruptions. It also provides several layouts, structuring, and flow choices. This essay writing tool effectively transforms your desktop into a typewriter, leaving you with no option other than to write.


  • You can track time and word count by using the progression indicator at the top
  • Provides an environment without interruptions
  • Encourages the usage of other programs once more


  • Not available in offline mode


Price: Free

FreeMind is one of the best free mind-mapping apps that help write essays and organize your projects - like breaking them down into subtasks and keeping track of time spent. It's just an easy solution to your 'write my essay for free app' concern!


  • Writers can craft an essay and brainstorm, utilizing colors to signify if it's open, done, or not begun
  • DES encryption ensures full map protection against data loss during work


  • Limited integration
  • Updates aren't consistent, so bug fixes and new features may not be provided


Price: Free

Being one of the most effective essay writing apps, the Edusson app for iPhone & Android lets you say goodbye to essay-writing stress during college days. This app that writes essay for you offers the following advantages to students:


  • As an app that help with essay, it offers structured writing, correct grammar and punctuation, and fast and easy assignment completion.
  • The Edusson app's interface is straightforward and intuitive, enabling easy navigation and use.


  • The app's few editing features can hinder those needing considerable revisions.
  • Customer support is not available around the clock.


Price: $4.99/month, $29.99/year, or $89.99/lifetime

Diaro is an advanced diary program perfect for journaling or taking notes. Being of the most helpful essays software, its keyboard is comfortable, the design is attractive, and the sidebars are great. You can even tag emotions in your notes and sync them with Dropbox.


  • You can jot down and keep track of thoughts without carrying a notebook around.
  • Being one of the greatest essay writer apps, it has password protection and a fingerprint lock for added protection and privacy.


  • The free version has few features and shows ads. Users must upgrade to the paid version to access all the app's features.


Price: $10.99 for macOS and $5.99 for iOS and iPad

ByWord, tailored for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, is among the best apps for writing essays that also help writers to concentrate on their work without any distractions.


  • Enables users to keep their composition in sync on different devices utilizing iCloud or Dropbox.
  • Equipped to use Markdown, a plain text formatting syntax that simplifies the process of formatting text without the need for intricate HTML coding.


  • Users who want more advanced functions, such as a grammar check or project management, may have to consider a different app.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're just starting on essay writing or already have professional writing skills, these apps for college students help make the process easier and more efficient. From Essaypro's free writing software to essay editing apps such as Grammarly – there's something for everyone! With the best essay writing apps in your pocket, you can write better papers faster and with confidence. So give them a try and see which ones work best for you! 

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