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Internships for College Students: 7 Top Picks to Consider

Summer Internships for College Students

Summer is the perfect time for undergraduate and graduate students to get internship experience and enhance their CVs. The internship program provides students with the opportunity to spend valuable time and energy at a specific company or the organization of their interest, which helps them grow professionally. 

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In this article, you’ll discover the top 7 internship opportunities at renowned companies such as Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Wall Street Journal, and more! Explore the available roles at these prestigious firms and access a comprehensive FAQ section covering everything you need to know about securing summer internships for college students.

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Internship Programs: Find the Perfect Fit for You

Diverse internships for college students offer potential full-time opportunities based on dedication and contribution to the company's success. Undergraduates can find paid summer programs with the help of search engine tools online as well as through networking.

Many organizations provide substantial stipends that allow students to not only survive but thrive and get compensated for the work they do. There are various different sources that provide funds for paid internships. While some internships are offered by academic institutions, others may be provided by government programs, international companies, or small travel organizations.

The earlier you start looking for appropriate internship programs for college students, the higher chance you have to grab this opportunity if you showcase your skills on point. We are here to provide you with detailed information about available projects both locally and abroad that you can be rocking this year.

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Summer Internships for College Students: Best Tips

Summer internships for college students vary in their longevity, location, etc. That is why prospective interns need to be very precise about their demands as they begin their internship-hunting adventure. We advise you to:

Internships for College Students
  • Start your research way before your academic semester finishes.
  • Restrict the variety of choices based on your field of study.
  • Use the resources from academic staff and fellow experienced students.
  • Adjust the skills highlighted in your resume to the job requirements.
  • Network with recent graduates who have completed the internship program of your interest and learn from their experience
  • Establish professional communication with your 'soon-to-be bosses' and co-workers through platforms of LinkedIn, Handshake, etc.
  • Send the applications to as many places as possible to guarantee yourself a fruitful summer internship.

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When to Begin Searching for Summer Internships?

Paid internships are in demand all around the world. It would be best to start looking for them at the beginning of the academic semester in order to be aware of the application deadlines and other important details.

If you are currently enrolled at the accredited college, take advantage of the networking events that take place around the college each semester. Try to form partnerships with professionals in your field of study. Networking will lead you to places that foster your career development, so use this opportunity to your advantage.

What are the Steps to Locate Summer Internships?

Current students have plenty of opportunities to find summer internships quickly. Nowadays, using either the Google search engine or attending job fairs will increase your chance of getting an internship customized to your interests. You can also find suitable internships for college students in a variety of ways:

  • Use job-search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Use social media sites to keep yourself updated with probable job openings in the companies you're interested in by following them on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Pay frequent visits to job fairs, introduce yourself to hiring managers of suitable companies or organizations, and exchange contacts.
  • Visit the local careers center in order to stay informed about the opportunities in your area that might benefit your future career development.

What is the Optimal Time to Apply for Summer Internships?

Timing is key when it comes to professional experience. It's crucial to be decisive about your career development path and choose the right companies and organizations to intern for. If you meet the eligibility requirements of desired jobs, try to follow the schedule of recruitment set by the hiring managers. Usually, recruitment for summer internships at various types of companies around the United States starts earlier in winter. If you would rather manage taking responsibility for college studies along with the internship program, try choosing the fall semester for the internship. Recruitment for the fall semester starts during the months of April and May.

How to Obtain an Internship Certificate?

An internship completion certificate is the paper proof that a college student has successfully finished his or her training and performed well with their duties. However, not every intern is eligible to receive it.

Getting a certificate for a specific job title depends on many different factors. Generally, the primal requirement for being a certified intern is connected to your college experience. It's necessary to complete at least 50% of the college courses that correspond to the area of the internship program, along with further requirements set by the institution you intend to work for. Once you successfully complete the training sessions held throughout the duration of an internship, you have the right to request a certificate. Some companies give out the latter to the students without any charge, while others demand a specific amount of fee.

Internship Programs: The Ultimate Compilation

When it comes to boosting your resume and raising your value in the job market, aim high and look for prestigious internships. This being said, our team of writers has gathered essential data concerning some of the best internship programs that you might be able to fulfill during this summer. Find out more about opportunities that lie around you and increase your chances of becoming successful interns at companies with excellent expertise.

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Internships for College Students

Goldman Sachs - Student Analyst Program

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking and investment management firm that provides financial services to financial institutions. The student Analyst Program is open to undergraduates in business, finance, and related fields that showcase their technical skills in the sophomore or junior year of their studies. Student Analyst Program is a three to ten-week internship where undergraduate students have a chance to be involved in the daily tasks at one of the most important consulting firms in the world.

J.P. Morgan Internship Programs

Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in finance have once in a lifetime opportunity to apply for the internship program at J.P. Morgan. The latter is an American multinational financial services company and the largest bank in the United States. Successful candidates will be provided with a unique chance to get in touch with senior bankers and benefit from the world-class experience that will increase demand for their candidature substantially in the future.

Internship Program at Wall Street Journal

You can hardly find anyone around the world that has not heard of the Wall Street Journal. Thus, it is no surprise that Wall Street Journal interns stand out with their writing and analytical skills, as well as astounding academic performance and extracurricular activities that enrich their understanding of the world of journalism. Till today the newspaper has been awarded more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes, which is one of the high-class awards that newspapers have received ever since the 19th century.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for business essay topics, exploring the role of the Wall Street Journal in shaping financial news or analyzing the impact of Pulitzer Prizes on journalism and the media industry could be interesting areas to delve into.

NBA HBCU Fellowship Internship Program

The NBA HBCU Fellowship program is one of the excellent internships for college students to gain in-depth insight into the business taking place in the world of sports. Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to become participants of the program if they showcase exceptional skills and desire to get experience in the business of basketball.

Nike Internship Programs

A brand as famous as Nike is surprisingly inclusive of everyone that shares their values and views. Nike fosters a diverse workspace and commits to sportsmen with a growth mindset that inspires their customers to better themselves. Nike summer internships are open for students with a background in business, supply chains, finances, engineering, etc.

The New York Times Internship Program

The New York Times is one of the paid internships for college students that is based on traditional news media style and structure, which shares the Pulitzer Prize with the Wall Street Journal. According to NYT, 'they accept applications from students in degree-seeking programs, from non-conventional backgrounds such as boot camps, associates programs or recent grads within six months of graduation.'

The International Monetary Fund Internship

IMF offers two internship programs for advanced students who project a willingness to be a part of a corporation that is dedicated to the creation of global prosperity. These two internships are carried out in the fields of economics and law. However, a first-year law student would not be eligible for the program. IMF demands that students be on the Ph.D. level of their studies.


Whether you're a business major, an aspiring journalist, a future engineer, or any other discipline, this FAQ section will provide you with the information you need to navigate the world of summer internships successfully.

How Long Are Internships for College Students?

The duration of the internship program is based on many conditions, including the season, hiring institution, or industry. But generally, internships for college students last around ten weeks in sum. If you're applying for a scholarship, it's essential to be aware of the specific requirements and guidelines for the scholarship essay format. Don't forget crafting a compelling and well-structured essay is crucial to make a strong impression on the scholarship committee.

What do I Need to Apply for an Internship Program?

Primarily, you need to build your CV in order to highlight skills and experiences that correspond to the interests of the employer and the hiring company. Write a cover letter that will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates and portray interesting insight into your professional journey. Additionally, ask for recommendation letters from trusted professors to boost your chances of getting a paid internship for college students.

Final Words

Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to prospective employers and grab their attention with your uniqueness and competency. Use social search engines to find the appropriate job opportunities for you. We wish you the best of luck on your path to becoming a high-class professional in your field of study!

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