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How to Write an Essay on Sports

Various sports, like basketball, tennis, and soccer, are popular among young and older generations worldwide. In addition to the fact that playing sports brings mental and physical health in shape, it also projects sportsmen and women's leadership skills. These role models give sports fans reasons to keep rooting for their favorite players and fuel young athletes' motivation to keep practicing and perfecting themselves in various youth sports.

If you are interested in professional sports or the career development of professional athletes, we encourage you to write a college essay on sports.

Choosing a relevant topic when writing an essay on sports requires deep knowledge of a specific sports industry and its representatives.

how to write essay on sport
  • Choose a topic of your interest. Usually, tasks we are genuinely curious about require equal mental stimulation but less tension and stress. For instance, you could choose the topic of the influence of physical fitness on mental health in case you are interested in health science.
  • Look for relevant resources to provide trustworthy and valuable information regarding the shortlist of sports essay topics. For example, you could check out famous journals that prioritize writing about physical activity and sports cultures, such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine or the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise.
  • After gathering relevant data, list the major issues you will write about in the sports essay. For instance, if you'd rather concentrate on the features your favorite athlete acquires, we suggest you write on persuasive sports essay topics. Highlight the major events in the sports career of chosen male or female athletes that helped them go pro.
  • Construct an essay outline highlighting the major points you will touch down throughout your essay. This will loosen the essay writing process and will save some time for you as well.
  • As you point out the major issue of reflection in the thesis statement part of your introductory paragraph, proceed with the body paragraphs of arguments supporting your perspective regarding the statement.

Keep reading to find a variety of essay topics like an essay on sports day in English, as well as specified issues relating to sports competitions, such as an essay on concussions in sports, etc.

Essay Topics on Sports

College students who are interested in doing and writing about sports can find many essay topics listed below on sports ranging from Olympic games to performance-enhancing drugs, sports nutrition to sports injuries, and so on.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Sports

  1. Cross-country skiing is the most dangerous winter sport.
  2. American universities should pay college athletes
  3. Ice-Skating is the most aesthetically pleasing sport.
  4. Soccer is one of the most played college sports in the US.
  5. Alcohol consumption should be prohibited during the Olympic games.
  6. More awareness should be raised about racist team players in all kinds of sports.
  7. FIFA's primary mission is to promote intercultural relations.
  8. We should reconsider the age range of baseball players.
  9. There is a link between team sports and math.
  10. Dealing with Medicine is the most disputable issue of the Olympic Games.
  11. Sports culture in the US is much higher than in East European countries.
  12. Cricket should be included in the Summer Olympics.
  13. The UEFA Championship promotes youth sports.
  14. The New Orleans Saints as a revolutionary NFL team.
  15. Everyone should be developed at least in one sport.
  16. Fitness obsession is a benefit for physical health.
  17. Sports nutrition is more important than physical activity.
  18. Dancing is one of the best confidence boosters.
  19. The rise of Charlotte Horne's value because of MJ.
  20. International teams in football attract a wide range of audience.

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  1. Should major sports events be taken in politically dangerous zones?
  2. Sports programs should be accessible through all types of TV channel packages.
  3. Transgender athletes should have the freedom to choose their own pronouns.
  4. Current sports organizations are corrupt.
  5. Athletic training should be psychological too.
  6. Soccer is number one of the most popular sports around the US.
  7. The most quality games were played at the World Cup 2022.
  8. School athletics should be paid for.
  9. American football is not popular around the world.
  10. Ice hockey is the most dangerous of winter sports.
  11. Sporting events are mostly watched during work days.
  12. Physical exercise is as important as mental through athletic development.
  13. Sports psychology: implementation of a mental training course for student-athletes.
  14. Many current sports organizations degrade women's sports.
  15. Sports history: development of baseball around the USA.
  16. Playing sports should be obligatory for school children.
  17. Professional athletes should be paid more in Western European countries.
  18. Toxic masculinity ruins the success of team sports.
  19. Cheerleading should be part of the Olympic games.
  20. Are video games sports?

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Essay on Sports and Games in School

  1. Should sports be made compulsory in schools?
  2. The impact of promoting Air Jordans on developing a winner's mindset in school children.
  3. The importance of having sports clubs in schools.
  4. Should school sports participation be an excuse to miss classes?
  5. Governments should encourage more youngsters to play school sports.
  6. Is sports a solution to the current mental health crisis in school children?
  7. Should governments promote more opportunities for high schoolers to pursue aesthetically pleasing sports?
  8. Which sport is most popular among youngsters around the US?
  9. Should prospective basketball players be rejected due to height measures in school basketball teams?
  10. The importance of physical therapy in high school athletes.
  11. Does sport teach the importance of teamwork?
  12. Should parents encourage students to play sports?
  13. Can the gym be a substitute for physical fitness?
  14. Do sports conflict with academic learning?
  15. Sports medicine application to mental exhaustion in school athletes.
  16. Does sport help students develop leadership skills?
  17. Is playing chess stimulating analytical thinking?
  18. Importance of media coverage of sports events.
  19. The pressure of performance in sports
  20. The chances of school students making it into the national basketball team.

Argumentative Essay on Gender Inequality in Sports

Check out some of the best sports essay topics if you are willing to write an argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports:

  1. Why are female athletes paid less than their male counterparts in most sports?
  2. Male athletes have more chances of going pro in basketball than women.
  3. Club sports exclude some players based on gender.
  4. Male and female athletes are equally resilient to sports injuries.
  5. Soccer and Ice hockey are male-dominated sports.
  6. The marketing strategies of UCR's Women's Basketball are inefficient.
  7. Height should not be a decisive factor for either men's or women's basketball.
  8. Gender prejudices discriminate against myriads of potentially successful athletes in various sports.
  9. National teams should be completed with males as well as females.
  10. Women's sports are not valued as much as Men's sports.
  11. Sports medicine is actively used by female athletes under pressure to enhance performance.
  12. The number of female athletes participating in the Olympic games should increase.
  13. Fewer female students choose to play sports after graduating from high school compared to the number of male students.
  14. Negative psychological aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder in athletes.
  15. More female students should be encouraged to play sports while performing their academic duties.
  16. Comparatively, more men make it to major league baseball than women.
  17. Performance-enhancing drugs adversely affect growing healthy muscle groups.
  18. Ancient sports like the ancient Greek Olympics have nothing in common with modern Olympic games.
  19. Lack of women professional football players in America.
  20. Women's soccer is less promoted by European high schools than Men's.

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Essay on Benefits of Games and Sports

Playing professional sports brings about its advantages. Consider writing an essay on benefits of games and sports and choose from a wide variety of topics below:

  1. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved concentration
  2. Benefits of Playing Sports: Increased dopamine and serotonin level
  3. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mood
  4. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved sleeping habits
  5. Benefits of Playing Sports: Reduced stress and depression
  6. Benefits of Playing Sports: Boosted Self-confidence
  7. Benefits of Playing Sports: Development of leadership traits
  8. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mental health
  9. Benefits of Playing Sports: Healthy sleeping habits
  10. Benefits of Playing Sports: Maintaining healthy body weight
  11. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved academic performance in school children
  12. Benefits of Playing Sports: Better scholastic outcomes
  13. Benefits of Playing Sports: Active blood circulation
  14. Benefits of Playing Sports: Developing school athletes as better team players
  15. Benefits of Playing Sports: Enhanced analytic thinking
  16. Benefits of Playing Sports: Effective multitasking
  17. Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mental and physical health.
  18. Benefits of Playing Sports: Opportunity to develop a career outside the home nation.
  19. Benefits of Playing Sports: Better communication skills.
  20. Benefits of Playing Sports: Smart time management.

Essay on My Favorite Sports Person

Famous sports figures often inspire school students. Take a look at the list of topics to write an essay on my favourite sports person:

  1. Roger Federer: my favorite tennis player
  2. Tiger Woods: the best golfer in the US
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo: The GOAT of GOATs.
  4. Rafael Nadal: the most prominent tennis player in Spain
  5. Kevin Durant: the rising star of the NBA
  6. Lebron James: the best basketball player in the modern NBA
  7. Usain Bolt: greatest sprinter of all time
  8. Alexi Lalas: most beloved American soccer player
  9. Michael Schumacher: seven-time World Champion
  10. Frank Thomas: greatest baseball player
  11. Shaun White: the best American snowboarder
  12. Jennie Finch: most honorable softball player in America
  13. Dirk Nowitzki: the guy who beat Lebron James.
  14. Kevin Garnett: most emotional and dedicated in NBA
  15. Ray Bourque: the best of hockey players
  16. Billie Jean King: Honor for women tennis players
  17. Bill Elliot: Nascar's most popular driver
  18. Mark Messier: greatest leader in hockey history
  19. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia: Rising star of European football
  20. Maradona: most prominent soccer player of all time

Feel free to write an essay on sports and games for 10th class from the above topics.

Persuasive Essay on Sports Betting

If you decide to write a persuasive essay on sports betting, take some inspiration from the topics below:

  1. Beginners should be taught how to place a bet.
  2. Money-line betting is addictive
  3. Sports betting should be prohibited under the 18
  4. Betting on NFL wins totals
  5. Scandal and controversy in sports are always connected to betting
  6. Game theory has a direct relation to gambling
  7. Online casinos should be banned
  8. Math is used in gambling to assess the risks of winning
  9. Sports bettors are great analysts
  10. Mobile betting is a better option than desktop
  11. Sportsbooks are the main guide to learning sports betting
  12. Gambling is more entertaining than addictive
  13. The FIFA World Cup has the biggest betting volume
  14. The Super Bowl makes up half of all sports bets summed up
  15. Kentucky Derby is one of the highest-rated betting events in horse racing
  16. The Grand National horse racing attracts the highest sports bettings around the UK
  17. Las Vegas is the best gambling destination in the world
  18. Singapore has one of the strictest gambling rules in the world
  19. Monte Carlo is the classiest gambling point
  20. Aruba is the Vegas of the Caribbean

Common App Essay on Sports

You can easily craft top-notch essays related to sports in your college application. Take some of the examples from the topics listed below, and do not hesitate to write a common app essay on sports.

  1. Learning to take constructive criticism as a soccer player
  2. Sports is the greatest teacher of teamwork
  3. Keeping a winner mindset through the challenges of chess
  4. How I Learned to be a leader through my college sports experience
  5. Basketball taught me the value of my own contribution to the team's success
  6. How Failures in soccer championships boosted my self-confidence
  7. The constant practice resulted in major success: how sport taught me the value of invested work
  8. How I learned to appreciate my body through the aesthetics of ice skating
  9. Hip-Hop dancing is the best teacher of networking with people of multicultural origins
  10. Winning a national tournament in swimming after numerous defeats
  11. Overcoming a sports injury and going back to a fresh start taught me resilience
  12. Being a part of the basketball team helped me better perceive my athletic abilities
  13. Coming from a family of immigrants, my soccer team helped me develop a sense of belonging on American land
  14. Being a high school student and an athlete led me to better time management
  15. Baseball player enhanced my concentration skills; within me
  16. Getting in touch with professional sports persons and mentors led me to personal growth
  17. Learning from mistakes and using defeat for my own benefit is what playing ice hockey taught me
  18. Running on the track made me become mentally sharp
  19. I learned how to lead the game through soccer
  20. Playing sports led me to broaden my network of professionals

Sample College Essay on Sports

The winning mindset plays a major role in helping athletes develop to the best of their potential. The profound legend of modern-day basketball, Michael Jordan is one of those rare athlete leaders that set an example for millions of college basketball players in and out of the USA on mastering his mind and shaping himself through tough discipline. Therefore, if you are interested in sports psychology, you could pick a related topic and represent an athlete or specific sports teams that similarly show off psychological discipline through their performance that later results in their success.

We have prepared a sample essay on sports below. Examine it carefully to understand a sports research paper format better!

Michael Jordan's Success
Michael Jordan's Success

Final Words

We are hoping that not only have you gained some ideas about essay topics on sports, but you are also leaving this article with the motivation to keep working despite any rejections or failures that come along the way.

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