Artificial Intelligence in Education: Unlocking the Potential of AI for Academic Growth

Impact of Artificial Intelligence
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What is AI: Unveiling the Mystery of Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to computing systems that work similarly to human brains. The human brain processes data through organic neural networks, and AI emulates these networks. AI was designed to perform tasks not easily defined by specific algorithms, such as image and voice recognition & generation, text generation, and more. Essentially, it's any task that requires recognizing patterns with numerous parameters.

How can AI be used in education? For students, this means that many tedious tasks can be delegated to AI. Often, large portions of work are devoted solely to forming facts and logical conclusions into a readable text. In such cases, the main task for the student is to establish these facts and conclusions. Time is saved if an AI does the text composition for you.

However, when students abuse AI tools, they can forget how to do their own research, let alone write decent texts. If simply asking ChatGPT can complete an assignment, then there's little incentive to delve deeper. Additionally, ChatGPT has limited access to data and cannot process info that's been published online after 2021. Moreover, professors aren't keen on their students using AI to do assignments. Some students have also complained that AI tampers with their creativity.

Use AI judiciously to ensure it doesn't hamper your academic progress.

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The Role of AI-Based Solutions in Academic Progress

AI tools are gradually becoming more popular in the academic field. Students are increasingly turning to AI bots for homework assistance, and educational platforms are integrating AI algorithms. Moreover, colleges are also slowly warming up to AI technologies. Many universities are opening research centers, aiming to use AI for staff training and to explore the potential of this new technology. In 2022, the University of Florida partnered with NVIDIA to create a first-of-its-kind AI university in the US.

GrandViewResearch indicates that artificial intelligence in education is projected to grow by 34.4% over the next 7 years (from 2022 to 2030). The platform highlights several AI applications in academia, including:

  • Learning platforms and virtual facilitators
  • Intelligent tutoring systems
  • Smart content
  • Fraud and risk management and others

Currently, college students are by far the largest group using AI-powered writing tools for academic purposes. Learners opt for artificial intelligence solutions to relieve academic stress or improve their in-school performance. Some of the most common AI services are:

  1. ChatGPT - an Infamous AI-powered language model that generates human-like text based on the context of the conversation.
  2. - an all-in-one AI tool for tech-savvy students. It can generate essay prompts and outlines for free.
  3. - an AI-powered academic helper with a broad range of services, from college essays to literature reviews and personal statements.
  4. Good-AI - a text generator that allows you to create 150-word essays and outlines for free.
  5. SchoolHack.AI - a smart tool that functions like an AI tutor, answering students' questions about their subjects.

However, the main question remains: Does AI help or harm learning progress? Some learners view AI tools as a great time-saving hack. Yet, many students have reported that content generated by AI bots often sounds robotic and lacks in-depth research and a deeper understanding of the topic. Some learners also mentioned that they lose their creative spark when relying on AI-powered tools excessively. Such tools cannot be used as standalone resources for essay generation.

AI still has a long way to go before it can serve as a true substitute for human tutors. For now, it seems AI cannot surpass the magic of human creativity.

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