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130 Argumentative Essay Topics: Tips on How Choose the Best One

Argumentative Essay Topics

Defining What Is an Argumentative Essay

Imagine the following scenario: You just got into an argument with your friend over climate change. You said that this is an actual issue that poses significant threats to our environment and world population. Your friend, on the other hand, argued that climate change is not real, saying that it's a natural occurrence that has happened several times during world history. You got home, had time to reflect on the debate, and came up with several good reasons for your position. Oh! The things you could have said to clearly express and defend your stance... Now you're annoyed with the constant monologue running through your mind, reflecting upon the previous debate.

What if you documented the arguments that came to you afterward? Much like jotting them down on a piece of paper and giving some direction to your ideas. We say it would have made a brilliant work with fresh ideas and fiery passion.

That's exactly why you should practice argumentative essay writing. It will enhance your reasoning skills while allowing you to become more quick-witted. By doing this, you won't have to listen to your friends defending their stance while you lack your own arguments to contribute to the debate.

To persuade the reader of their position in an argumentative essay, the author must choose a position on a certain subject or problem and provide evidence to support it. This kind of essay is frequently required in high school or college classes to sharpen students' analytical abilities and motivate them to engage in challenging discussions.

So, let's take on a mission of fully understanding how to write an argumentative essay with a clear structure and endless topic ideas. We promise that after reading this article, you'll become an unshakable debater!

Three models of argumentative writing

Three Common Argumentative Essay Models

First, let's start with the three most prevalent models of argumentative writing. Knowing this will guide you toward structuring your essay in your preferred style. The options are:

  • Toulmin model - Most commonly used model out of the three, the Toulmin model starts with an introduction, moves on to a thesis or claim, and then provides information and proof to back up that argument. This type of essay usually includes rebuttals of opposing points. This approach performs effectively when there is no undeniable truth or perfect answer to an issue.
  • Rogerian model - Created by Carl R. Rogers, the Rogerian model of argument assesses a debate and offers a compromise between opposing sides. This paradigm emphasizes cooperation and teamwork. It recognizes that an argument can be seen from a variety of angles. The Rogerian model starts with an introduction, moves to acknowledge opposing views, then states the author's main claims. Before the conclusion, it tries to provide a middle ground by carefully considering all sides of the argument.
  • Classical (Aristotelian) model- In the traditional paradigm, all sides of an argument are examined, and the side with the most convincing evidence is shown to be correct. This approach effectively convinces a listener to take a side in an argument by combining Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

Proper Argumentative Essay Outline

This is not something new that you should be scared of - an essay outline that consists of classic five paragraphs and employs a sacred triangle of introduction, body, and conclusion. But still, in an argumentative essay outline, you should find something unique to this kind of paper. Let's examine these specifics more closely below with the help of our argumentative essay writing service:

Argumentative Essay Outline


Your first task while writing argumentative essays is to grab the reader's attention with an eye-catching fact, story, or quotation that will work as a hook. Then continue by giving background information and outlining the problem at hand while clearly articulating your case and your point of argument.

  1. Hook
  2. Background information
  3. Thesis statement

I. Introduction

The argumentative essay introduction should grab the reader's attention and provide background information. The introductory paragraph should also include a thesis statement, the main argument the essay will present, and support. For example:

  • Hook: Did you know that over 50% of Americans believe in aliens?
  • Background: UFO sightings and conspiracy theories have been around for decades.
  • Thesis: Despite the lack of concrete evidence, extraterrestrial life is a real possibility that should be explored further.

Body Paragraphs

The body section is where you confidently roll up your sleeves and give direction to your discussion. In the first paragraph, give your best argument in favor of your thesis, using examples, data, or expert opinions. Then, evaluate the data and describe how it backs up your claim. Remember to confront and disprove any potential opposing viewpoints. You might use the same strategy in the second body paragraph for a different argument supporting your thesis.

Consider the opposing position and offer arguments in the third and fourth paragraphs. Lastly, dispute the counterargument and explain why your argument is more powerful.

  1. First supporting point
  • Evidence
  • Explanation
  • Counterargument
  1. Second supporting point
  • Evidence
  • Explanation
  • Counterargument
  1. Counterargument
  2. Rebuttal


To wrap up, restate your major idea and summarize your supporting points. Explain why your point is important and what it means for the reader. To end on a strong note, encourage the reader to act or think more deeply about the subject.

  1. Restate thesis
  2. Significance
  3. Call to action

Tips for Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

Making a captivating and thought-provoking argumentative essay requires picking a strong topic. Here are six genuine suggestions to assist you through the process:

How to Choose Good Argumentative Essay Topics_ Tips
  1. Keep your audience in mind - Consider the audience for your essay, and attempt to guess what they would think about the topic you wish to cover. Think about if your audience would find it fascinating.
  2. Take a risk - Pick a highly debatable subject you think others would want to steer clear of. It will distinguish your topic from other ordinary argumentative essay topics. Make sure you can, however, present the reasoning for all sides of the controversy.
  3. Consider your surroundings - Consider things that are either negative aspects or taboos in your environment. Dare to discuss and debate such problems.
  4. Select an arguable topic - To avoid writing a dissertation; your topic should be in the middle of being both wide and narrow. Establish your paper's objectives. What point of view or hypothesis are you trying to support? Before you start writing, make an effort to clearly state your aim. If you cannot explain your goal effectively, try to free-write on your subject.
  5. Provide logical and persuasive evidence - Ensure that your proof is appropriately documented. Be certain to introduce and explain the relevance of the evidence you use in an easy-to-understand way. Avoid assuming that your evidence will speak for itself and that your readers will draw the conclusions you want from it. Describe the significance of each piece of evidence, how it clarifies or supports your claim, and why it is relevant. Include evidence in your work and use it wisely to support your arguments.
  6. Draft your essay - Make sure you include a lot of supporting material presented clearly and fairly, address the opposing viewpoint, and pay close attention to how your essay is organized. Ensure your argumentative essay structure is appropriate for your issue and audience, address and rectify any logical errors, and use appropriate transitions to make it easier for the reader to understand your argument.

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Examples of Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing the proper topic for your argumentative essay might be a major difficulty. You should always ensure that your chosen topic is interesting and worthwhile. Your school may occasionally provide you with a selection of subjects, but sometimes you may struggle to choose the topic.

Consider your struggle to be over in the following sections; our persuasive essay writing service will help you find the best argument topics for your upcoming argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle Schoolers

Let's start with some easy argumentative essay topics for middle school students.

  1. Explain whether or not students should have schoolwork on weekends.
  2. Do you believe that the government should determine your school lunch?
  3. Should students have to take gym classes?
  4. Do you believe that children should have automatic screen time limits or should parents limit screen time manually?
  5. Describe your position on whether or not school uniforms should be required.
  6. Should violent video games be banned in the United States?
  7. How unhealthy are hot dogs?
  8. Why or why not should the electoral college be abolished?
  9. Should the school day be prolonged to accommodate a long weekend?
  10. Do you believe that prerequisite art classes should be mandatory for all college degrees?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

As you advance your education, you may also pick up more complex topics and open up a meaningful debate. So, here is a list of argumentative essay topics for students in high school.

  1. Do you think the FDA is effectively policing what is put into our food?
  2. What age do you consider the right age to start using social media?
  3. Do you believe a civics test is required for 12th-grade students to pass to graduate?
  4. Should professional athletes be permitted to use medications that improve performance?
  5. Should high school students receive free breakfast?
  6. At what point should children begin doing chores?
  7. Do you believe using electronic voting machines makes the electoral process fair?
  8. Do we have the power to affect climate change? Or is it far bigger and more powerful than we are?
  9. Should the legal age to vote be reduced?
  10. Should bottled water be prohibited if environmental protection is so important?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

College students have more freedom when it comes to choosing a topic of choice and freely expressing their opinions. Here are some interesting topics for an essay to delve right into:

  1. Should the United States continue with daylight saving time, or should it be eliminated?
  2. Should superior grades guarantee scholarship eligibility?
  3. Has artificial intelligence overstepped its bounds?
  4. Should there be no tuition fees for a public college education?
  5. Do we need additional professional sports teams in the United States?
  6. Should social media companies be allowed to collect data from their users?
  7. Should there be a certain number of Supreme Court justices?
  8. Are actors and sportsmen in the entertainment industry paid more than they deserve?
  9. Should someone deny medical care due to their religious convictions?
  10. Why is the Second Amendment part of the US Constitution that causes the greatest controversy?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Touching upon controversy makes the best argumentative essay topics for writing. To add a little spice to your paper, consider the following options:

  1. Diversity Promotes Tolerance in Society
  2. Electronic Voting Is Ineffective Because There Is Too Much Fraud
  3. There is No More Free Journalism
  4. People Getting Addicted Isn't Caused by Entertainment
  5. Reality television fosters unrealistic expectations.
  6. Serving in the military is dangerously romanticized
  7. People's tax payments do not match the benefits they receive.
  8. Given the effects of COVID, further funding for mental health services is necessary.
  9. American Women Have the Same Chances as Men
  10. Pollution Prevention Is Not Realistic Under the Present Circumstances

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

You may prefer to debate over funny topics. Here are some choices that will make humorous argumentative essay titles.

  1. Which is preferable, the night owl or the morning person?
  2. Do we have alien visitors, and if so, what do they want from us?
  3. Should the employer impose strict nap requirements?
  4. Is it OK to wear socks and flops together?
  5. Should scooters take the place of all public transportation?
  6. Can you eat pizza with a fork and knife?
  7. Should we mandate dancing breaks during the working day?
  8. Should we launch an initiative to promote cuddling as the new handshake?
  9. Is it moral to routinely tease your loved ones?
  10. Should we ban jeans and allow only pajamas to be worn in public?

If you want similar ideas for your next assignment, ask us - 'do my essay topics,' and we'll provide many more funny titles.

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Topics for Argumentative Speech

Here are some topics for argumentative speech from our speech writing service. With these options, you may as well confidently sign up for an inspirational TED talk!

  1. What Opinions Do You Have About Cancel Culture?
  2. Does being publicly shamed online prevent us from evolving and changing?
  3. Phone etiquette: Do you ever feel awkward using your phone among other people?
  4. How much, in your opinion, can we infer about our overall satisfaction from what is shared on social media?
  5. Should Schools Need a Course in Media Literacy?
  6. Does Teaching Happiness in Schools Make Sense?
  7. Are there any books that shouldn't be found in public or school libraries?
  8. What would you study if there was a unique school that taught you the things you truly wanted to learn?
  9. Should Every Young Person Learn How to Trade Stocks?
  10. Is Adversity a Prerequisite for Happiness?

Argument Topics on Social Media 

The most efficient argumentative essay title examples relate to social media and online trends. Try the following alternatives:

  1. Describe and analyze some of the issues that social media brings to society.
  2. Social media has gained increasing acceptance in classrooms over time. Discuss while pointing up positives and drawbacks.
  3. Describe the role that social media has had in the radicalization of society.
  4. Talk about some ethical issues that become moot when creating a social media account.
  5. Discuss how employing social media may assist in increasing your brand's overall value.
  6. The importance of social media in contemporary marketing and for kids and teens.
  7. What does social media weaponization entail?
  8. What are the psychological harms that social media causes?
  9. What impact does comedy have on mental health in online forums?
  10. What effects do social media have on how people communicate?

Argument Topics on Music

Maybe you'd enjoy an argumentative essay topic on music? Say no more! We have a special place for it in our hearts, and we couldn't wait to share them with you!

  1. Why Should a Musician Hire Another Person to Compose Music for Them?
  2. How the Making of Music Affects People's Thoughts
  3. Should performers utilize their platforms to speak out on social and political issues?
  4. Is live music more significant and true to its origins than recorded music?
  5. Can one use music as a means of expression and free speech?
  6. Is it morally required of musicians to utilize their platform to promote social and political change?
  7. Why music education should be a mandatory topic in schools.
  8. Why pursuing a profession in music is meaningful and beneficial.
  9. Why it's important to acknowledge and encourage the achievements made by women in music.
  10. Why it's important to promote and preserve vanishing musical traditions.

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

What about a health-related topic for argumentative essay? Choose one of the below and contribute to the meaningful conversation in medicine!

  1. Who carries out the main work, doctors or nurses?
  2. Oversleeping has no negative effects on the body.
  3. There should be restrictions on human medical testing.
  4. Physical and mental health demand different levels of care.
  5. Should the use of antibiotics be systematically and carefully regulated?
  6. Are health campaigns useful strategies for preventing and controlling disease?
  7. Should only those with healthy lives be eligible for organ transplants?
  8. Should the US proclaim obesity the biggest threat to the country's health?
  9. Should there be any regulation of US healthcare costs to increase access?
  10. Should genetic engineering be permitted as a kind of therapy for terminal illnesses?

Argument Topics on Science and Technology

For more up-to-date examples of argumentative essay topics, here are some ideas on science and technology:

  1. Do children's IQs differ depending on their socioeconomic status?
  2. Are humans becoming more or less lazy as a result of technology?
  3. Can we ever settle on Mars?
  4. Do technological advances imply a weakening of the force of nature?
  5. Can physicians ever be replaced by computers or robots?
  6. Should people work on AI development?
  7. Is the digitization of healthcare beneficial?
  8. Should people be allowed to own their own DNA?
  9. Will the use of robots improve our quality of life?
  10. What potential advancements in cloud storage are there?

Argument Topics on Sports

We couldn't possibly miss the argumentative essay example topics on sports. Sports are a huge part of our everyday life no matter nation or gender. Examine the topic ideas below; we're sure you'll find something inspiring:

  1. Why cheerleading belongs in the Olympic Games.
  2. Colleges should prioritize wellness initiatives above athletics.
  3. Are amateurs the only ones who practice non-contact versions of American football?
  4. What character traits are important in professional football?
  5. Could there be a place for women in the NFL?
  6. Is it appropriate for national teams to hire players from other nations?
  7. Why is women's soccer less well-liked than that played by men?
  8. Are the wages of soccer players too high?
  9. Is coordination more important in soccer than stamina?
  10. Is the current FIFA ranking system accurate?

Argument Topics on Government

As the government is a crucial part of our society, we believe exploring, criticizing, or favoring some political policies, figures, or systems can make the best topic for an essay:

  1. How should the government oversee online safety and privacy?
  2. Are protests and strikes effective ways to affect how the government works?
  3. Should more be done by the government to control and combat the rising issue of wealth inequality?
  4. Is choosing the president of the United States through the electoral college a successful process?
  5. Should the government be able to control and restrict access to weapons?
  6. Should more be done by the government to advance and defend the rights of underrepresented groups?
  7. Which political party do you favor in your nation and why?
  8. Offer advice on the finest and most efficient strategy to deal with corruption.
  9. Which political development or circumstance in the past year most affected you?
  10. Should the amount of money given to political campaigns be capped to prevent rich people from exerting too much influence?

Argument Topics on TV, Movies, Video Games

Last but not least, mainstream mediums of entertainment, TV, movies, or video games can also make some effective arguable topics:

  1. Do aggressive behavior and violence in society rise due to violent video games?
  2. Is it damaging when mental illness is portrayed in TV and film?
  3. Is the movie business doing enough to combat whitewashing?
  4. Is binge-watching television programs a safe pastime?
  5. Indie films: A subgenre or a way of thinking?
  6. The Ethics of Making Documentary Films
  7. Documentary Films: The Potential to Influence Humanity
  8. The Psychosocial Effects of Walt Disney's Heroes
  9. Are augmented reality and video games getting too immersive?
  10. Should parents be held accountable for watching their kids' graphic or violent media exposure?

Final Words

After researching a variety of excellent essay themes, you might wish to write a well-researched paper on your favorite. Don't forget that we are always ready to help you with all types of writing projects, from selecting an argumentative essay topic to perfecting the cause and effect essay structure. Contact us with your 'write a research paper for me' request and let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders!

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