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Essay Writing Guide

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What Is the Purpose of This Guide?

This guide was created by our professional essay writers to teach people how to write various types of essays, regardless of the requirements. Our goal is to orient you as quickly and appropriately as possible on how to write an essay.

Generally, an essay can have many purposes, but despite all of these, the structure will remain the same no matter what. You may be writing an essay to compare and contrast different things or to presents some point of view on a certain topic, event or situation.

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Steps to Writing an Essay

Decide on Topic

Choosing a good topic is important because your entire body of work will be based around it.

Conduct a Research

Gather and analyze information from external sources (documents, web articles, encyclopedias, etc.) for your essay.

Develop a Thesis

A thesis statement is a short statement, commonly one sentence, that defines the main idea or claim of an essay, research paper, etc. It should inform your reader of what your paper is about and help guide the flow of your essay while keeping the argument focused

Create an Outline

An outline is a way to organize and structure your essay in a proper way. It's like a skeleton which should shortly summarize your content and organize it in a logical manner.


This section introduces the reader to the main talking points of the paper. It should identify the topic, evoke interest and motivate the audience to read the rest of your paper.

Body Paragraph(s)

This is the meat of your essay. Present your main points and analysis as well as the backup support provided from external sources.


Sum up the main points that were stated in the body paragraphs and present an overall concluding statement that ends with a call to action.

Write a Rough Draft

Do not act rashly, write a rough draft first. It will be easier for you then to make the final copy.

Proofread Your Draft

Check your draft for any kind of mistakes and remove them. Don’t forget to check your paper for clarity and delete all unnecessary parts of information if necessary.

Write an Essay

After you have done all corrections you can finally write the final copy of your essay and get an A+!

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How to Write an Essay:

Types of Essays

It is absolutely crucial to understand that each type of literary work carries with it a personal style and structure. Our blog explains almost every type of essay for students, as well as other academic forms of writing. With these tutorials, you will be a natural essay writer in no time!

Types of essays:

Analytical Essays:

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Types of Academic Writing

These blog posts will break down the most common academic assignments and provide you with a step by step tutorial on mastering the building blocks. From meticulously searching for research paper information to properly formatting in MLA style.

Research Paper

Tips for Writing an Admission Essay

Our guide provides several tips and tricks that will help your college admission essay stand out from the rest. It contains advice from college graduate writers that know exactly what admission officers are looking for, and that information can make or break your application!

Essay Writing Format

Our blog breaks down every minor detail in AMA, APA, ASA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE and MLA style formatting, guaranteeing that our students don’t lose points because of annoying editorial mistakes.

Essay Format:

General College Essay Help

Here we primarily focus on word usage, sentence structure, and the general do’s and dont’s of essay writing. After reading these articles, we guarantee that your writing will feel rejuvenated.

Custom Writing

Every writer has their own specific style and no two styles will ever be identical. There is beauty in the variety and that is what makes everyone so unique. However, anybody who has ever held a pen or typed on a keyboard has the ability to hone their skills. In other words, writing should always be eloquent, informative and explorative. Having things such as a thorough understanding of grammatical rules as well as a voluminous vocabulary can help anyone write with style. Our guide gives general tips on things to do in custom writing so as to improve the essay's overall quality.