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AMA Citation Format. How to Cite Your Medical Papers

AMA Citation Format. How to Cite Your Medical Papers

If you belong to a medical or a scientific community, you may be familiar with the AMA citation. Would you like to learn more about AMA citation style and how to cite in AMA format? This article from EssayPro — essay writing service — will guide you through citing sources according to the American Medical Association (AMA) Style. For your help, we added the format example and a template for print and electronic sources. But let’s start with the definition.

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What Is AMA Format?

AMA format is a tool to keep an academic paper organized. It helps those students studying health care, medicine & nursing to present their ideas and make the structure clear for the reading audience. The American Medical Association first published AMA citation guide in 1962, and it did not introduce many changes since that year. The goal was to make it simpler for students to structure their essays and research papers, and to provide evidence from credible sources to support their arguments.

Actually, the AMA guidelines made the lives of students worldwide complicated because they should read 1032 pages (!) to find out how to write in AMA format.

It is important to master the AMA reference format for several reasons:

  • Structure the paper in a logical manner
  • Make it easier to follow the text
  • Defend the writer’s arguments and thesis statement
  • Motivate readers to continue their own research
  • Distinguish the names of the talented contributors
  • Avoid issues with plagiarism

Finally, using the AMA reference format is one of the medical research paper’s requirements. It is impossible to earn full credits without formatting your work. Without citing the sources, a student risks having problems with plagiarism, and they often result in an F.

AMA style citation has numerous variations for various educational institutions and publications. To provide a complete answer to the question, we should analyze the parts of this writing style.

What Are AMA Style Citation and References?

The AMA writing style has two major elements:

  1. AMA format in-text citation (direct & indirect)

  2. Reference (the list of references shows up at the end of the essay after the conclusion).

The citations appear throughout the text while the references are included on a separate page of the essay. References list offers details about the chosen sources. The AMA bibliography format allows the readers to find more information on the covered topic and go on researching the problem in-depth.

A writer should link both elements by a number. The number is predetermined by order of appearance within the essay (beginning with 1, 2, etc.)
The next stage in learning how to cite in AMA format is exploring the ways to cite the paper in detail.

Mastering AMA formatting is not easy. If you need an excellent research paper or any other type of academic work, feel free to ask us for "write my essay" help.

Short Version of AMA Citation Guide

We have mentioned that AMA guidelines have not changed dramatically since 1962. What are the basic principles? Each time a writer needs to add an AMA citation, they need to come up with a number in superscript where the source makes sense.

In many situations, a quotation appears with a quote or at the end of the sentence where the material has contributed. Making sure the numbers are in chronological order is important.

Memorize these basic rules of formatting:

  1. The number will make it possible to discover the complete reference on AMA Works Cited page.

  2. The complete references must begin with the corresponding number.

A lot depends on the type of source a student has to cite. Knowing how to cite a website does not mean a student automatically knows how to cite a book as these sources require different approaches.

A bibliography should have the writer’s last name and the first & middle initial without punctuation. Apply a comma to divide more than one writer.

Wheeler T, Watkins PJ. Cardic denervation in diabetes. BMJ. 1973;4:584-586.

Apply sentence case for the titles without any exceptions (capitalize the 1st word of the title - no need to do it with the rest of the words). Abbreviate and italicize titles of materials based on the National Library of Medicine database.

Separate every reference with periods into bibliographic categories; every category must have bibliographic elements divided with the help of punctuation marks.

  • A comma. In case the items are sub-elements of a bibliographic component or a set of interconnected components like writers’ names.

  • A semicolon. If the elements in the category vary from each other (the release date & title of the source) / if numerous occurrences of interconnected components are available within a group + before the volume identification information.

  • A colon. Put it prior to the writer’s name, between the heading and the subheading, and after a connective element/transition word (example: “At the end”).

We suggest that you look at the summary of the AMA citation guide. It will help to master the art of citing & referencing faster.

  • Number the quoted material following the sequence;
  • Each citation number should match the reference number;
  • Apply Arabic superscript numerals;
  • Invert the names of the writers. Use initials for the 1st and middle names without putting periods between initials;
  • Capitalize the first words and abbreviations in the headings;
  • Add issue numbers in parentheses after the volume number (for journals).

AMA Format Example & Template

To make it clear, we would like to share a universal AMA format example with you.

Text example:
The Cannabis herb has been used in medicine for ages. Historical evidence proves its medical use dated back to 2737BCE1.

The reference in the AMA bibliography format will look this way:
Kumar, R.N., Chambers, W.A., Pertwee. R.G. Pharmacological Actions and Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. Anesthesia, 2001; 56: 1059-1068.


Template for AMA Citation from EssayPro

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