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Ever since EssayPro launched in 1997, we have improved leaps and bounds. For over 20 years, one of our core beliefs was the value of quality over quantity. As this feature is somewhat challenging and exhausting to ensure, we understood that there was only one option we had: Get the best writers available and create a team. There are thousands of freelance writers available online who supposedly do any job, but we went above and beyond. Since our very beginning, we have only taken Graduate writers that at least hold a Bachelor's degree. The importance of writing on a college level is unparalleled for higher education, and whether it is writing, rewriting, editing or proofreading, we guarantee your academic success with the use of our pro’s.

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Besides the fact that our team consists of professional writers, they are selected through a very intense filtering process. After all, just because you are a University Graduate, does not make you a great writer. With this mentality came our multi-part test that a candidate must pass even to have their application reviewed. Every candidate is required to create a piece of writing on any topic of their choice, which they will submit to our team. They will then check their skills and give them more tests as well as request proof of education. After all of this, they will begin an intern process that will teach them everything in regards to customer service and satisfaction. So, when you receive superior work from one of our professional essay writers, don’t be surprised!


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If you want to receive the best possible grade for your academic assignment, it is necessary to link up with the most suitable writer. There are hundreds of qualified and reliable writers at EssayPro, but only a portion of them will be able to fulfill your specific task with class. To find your significant other, browse through our writer's page. This page reveals each expert's bio, the field of specialization, rating and service reviews. To find the most efficient writer, find one that is an expert in your area as well as one that has received reviews satisfying to your eyes. When you have discovered this expert, understand that they will complete the task with the highest devotion and skill. Don’t forget to leave a review after receiving your A+!

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