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Custom essay writing is a definite skill that you must have. Writing a college essay is the most common task assigned to you as a student. These are usually dreadful to write, especially if they aren’t in your field of interest or because of external responsibilities.

To avoid the headache of writing about a topic that does not interest you while at the same time guaranteeing yourself an A, get help from EssayPro. Our essay service works with a professional team of experienced writers that compose content on a daily basis. They are very versatile in almost any educational subject and understand all formatting requirements, whether it is MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. When you buy an essay that was written with their hands, you are guaranteeing yourself an excellent grade!

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Instead of spending countless hours researching, analyzing, note taking and writing an essay, any high school or college student can go through our simple order process and ensure themselves an A.

Regardless of whether or not the task is due in 2 hours, same-day, or a month away, any paper writing task can be handled!

The first part of the process involves placing an essay order online on our website. To do this, lay out the requirements on the price calculator. Choose an expert from our writers' catalog. Our essay service offers information on each writer's ratings, reviews, a field of specialty, etc. Pick one that looks like the best for the job. Offer this writer a bid for the task and make sure that you and the writer are mutually satisfied with the contract amount. The writer will then begin the writing process.

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What Does The Essay Writing Process Look Like?

To anyone that has ever written custom essay papers before, you must know that all writers follow a similar step by step process. Our team is no different:

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    Naturally, as with any first step, your expert will lay out the task in front of them and begin brainstorming. Based on the specific requirements you have, they will attempt to formulate a very appropriate approach to your paper. Once you approve their methodology, they get cracking on the books!

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    Research + Analysis

    All of our writers have most likely written high-quality content on your specific subject before, researching and analyzing information. They will make sure to understand your topic on a deeper level to provide valuable insight writing itself.

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    Citations + Note Taking

    After becoming well-versed in the topic, their next step is to find and implement the most suitable citations. Proper citations are significant for earning good grades, so our team usually spends a surplus of hours picking out the best ones possible. Alongside this, they will take notes to help them with the outline.

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    Thesis Statement

    Every expert in our writing service understands that this is the single most important sentence in the entire paper. Our expert will send you several drafts with alternatives, giving you the freedom of choice. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the options laid out in front.

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    Essay Outline

    When the thesis statement application has been approved, your pro will commence on the skeleton of your work. The writer will list the essential elements of the introduction, body, and conclusion to give you a general overview of what's to come. Feel free to add ideas and edit whatever you dislike.

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    Drafting the Intro

    As the essay writer works on your intro, he will focus on three main elements. They include an exciting hook, interesting background information, and a captivating thesis. After reading and approving the introduction, your writer will move on to the body.

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    Drafting the Body

    As the writer works on the body, he will focus on four main elements. They include the transition/opening sentence, argument/main point, evidence/explanation and the concluding sentence. These will obviously vary based on the essay type chosen. Once the general synopsis of the body has been accepted, the writer will move on to the conclusion.

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    Drafting the Conclusion

    When working on the conclusion, the writer will focus on three main sections. They include a restatement of the thesis, summary of main points, and an overall concluding statement. When satisfied with this part of the text, you and the writer will move on to the final step.

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    Full Revision + Submission

    Once the entire draft has been approved, the expert will go through and polish up the completed paper, making it as eloquent and exciting as possible. From there, they submit the final draft and await your reaction. After receiving the finished project, this is the time to ask the writer to make any definitive changes as well as ask for clarification or other help. Once you are fully satisfied, the writer will send you a completed document that is ready to be submitted. Kindly pay the writer for their efforts as numerous hours were spent on the said assignment.

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    In The End

    After reading through and submitting the final document, you should expect to receive nothing less than an A. Since the writing was done by a Master's or Ph.D. grad with years of college writing experience, their written essay will probably stun your instructor. He will see you in a different light after receiving the fantastic product. If essay writing help is what you are looking for, all the while paying a low price, then EssayPro writing service is the way to go!

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