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Best Guide on How to Write College Admission Essay: Tips and Examples

college admission essay

The Goal of College Admissions Essays

The thought of your future success being dependent on a piece of writing that may or may not be even a couple of pages long can be somewhat scary. After all, how could you organize your thoughts, aspirations, goals, or even highlight your past achievements on one page, you may wonder. Even you can feel dubious when it comes to choosing the right words and sentences that can have a major impact on the supervisors. That's why we have gathered important tips and details on how to write an admission essay to make your writing process as courageous as possible.

To get into your desired university, you need to know how to write a college admission essay that demonstrates your character and potential. Remember that these essays are an opportunity for the admissions committee to learn more about you personally rather than a recap of your academic accomplishments. Draw attention to your skills, interests, and strengths. Persuade the committee that you belong in their community.

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How to Make Your College Admissions Essay Stand Out 

We made it our mission to help you write a college admissions essay so well that not a single admissions officer will decline your application. Some of the most valuable lessons we could share include being true to yourself and approaching deep issues from unexpected perspectives. 

Let's not waste time and dive straight into all the tips and tricks for writing compelling essays for college admission. 

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Be True 'You' 

The college admissions officers read thousands of application essays annually. They have read every textbook essay ever. So, what is the best way to make yourself stand out from others?

We'll tell you the answer right away: just be yourself. Does this seem a bit overused? That's because being completely yourself is a tried-and-true strategy. You shouldn't be afraid when writing a college application essay. The exact opposite! Be true, sincere, and personal. Tell them you have a voice of your own.

Captivate the Reader from the Start 

Our next tip is a piece of essential advice on how to write college admission essay. You only get one shot to catch the attention of the admissions committees, so do it right off the bat.

Even though you might feel like the entire text has the potential to make a strong impact, in reality, it's just the opening sentence. How you craft the first words will either make or break you. Don't wait till the second paragraph to get original and authentic. Do it from the very beginning. Seize their imagination immediately, and you'll have people excited for the rest of your college application essay. 

Concentrate on Deeper Issues 

Our college admission essay help would not be absolute without the next tip. College admissions officers are not interested in the facts and figures senior-year high school students usually provide in their admissions essays. They want to get to know you on a much deeper, personal level.

A successful admissions essay concentrates on much profound topics and issues. The ones that demonstrate the applicant's personal qualities and skills. A well-written essay showcases how you approach challenging topics and how you articulate complex ideas. Avoid writing overly wordy essays, but don't miss an opportunity to display that you can scratch the surface and see the bigger picture. 

Consider the Prompt from a Unique Perspective 

The higher education world can seem scary. One can view it as the constant battle of establishing one's own identity in the community.

In reality, admissions officers are looking for students that bring fresh and unique ideas. Without them, academia would become stagnant. College admission essay writers are encouraged to write unconventional and unexpected essays. You may consider that your thinking defies the rules, but that's all they are searching for. 

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Even while you should present original ideas, there are still major guidelines that you must go with. Your admission can also be dependent on the proper paper format you employ, which remains one of the key steps for college essay writing.

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Unsurprisingly, the title of your application essay should be just as captivating as the rest of it. An appealing title can grab the reader's attention, set the tone for the essay, and make them eager to read more. 

Be creative: A unique, clever play on words will surely grab the admission officer's attention.

Keep it short: Use a few words that accurately represent your essay's content.

Be personal: It will make your application memorable and meaningful. Avoid clichés: Overused titles are buzz killers. 

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Font Style

Though this is a simple concept, you wouldn't believe how many students get it wrong. Even if your essay's substance is solid, it will be useless if you choose the wrong fonts.

Check the guidelines of the desired college for college admission essay format. Follow the instructions carefully. Generally, the acceptable fonts for a college admissions essay are Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial. The size of the font should be 12pt. Avoid using all caps, underlines, or, God forbid, emojis. The font style should be readable and academic. 

Citation Style

One thing the academic world will never forgive is plagiarism. When writing admission essays, avoid this deadly sin at all costs.

Usually, the most selective colleges will provide information on their preferred citation style. But if such is not offered, college admission essay writers can choose from MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard citation styles. It is crucial to cite properly and acknowledge other people's work. Proper citing will showcase your outstanding writing skills. 

Admission Essay Outline 

Once the format is down, it's time to focus on the college admission essay outline. Having a good structure makes your essay easy to read and comprehend. It also demonstrates advanced writing skills and makes you a prospective student. And if you wish 'if someone else could write my admission essay,' you can always count on our online essay writer service. 

College Application Essay Introduction 

The format for admission essay is easy to master, but the outline could be challenging. An impactful essay must start with a compelling introduction. Here you introduce yourself and the college application essay theme. 

The introductory paragraph should not be short but avoid being too wordy. The first sentence must introduce your college essay topic, and all the sentences following should stick to the point. 

Impress admission officers by being efficient with your words, which provide relevant information. Finish this part with a thesis statement. 

College Application Essay Body Paragraphs 

After capturing the attention of admissions officers with a great introduction, you get a chance to elaborate on your ideas and prove that you belong on the list of prospective students. 

The body paragraphs of a college admission essay serve as a centerpiece where you provide supportive information about the thesis statement. Here you can expand your ideas, personal experiences, and personal achievements. 

Each body paragraph should concentrate on a single aspect of your life that you want to highlight to the admissions committee. It is important to provide specific details and examples to support your points. Make sure each paragraph ties into the overall theme of your essay. 

College Application Essay Conclusion 

We have reached the final step of the college admission essay outline. A good college admissions essay must finish with a conclusion that wraps up your thesis and personal statement by summarizing the main points and reiterating why you are a strong candidate for the college.

Be original. Restate your thesis in different words. This will show that you have a clear understanding of your message. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and excitement for college. Impress admissions officers with a memorable ending. You can use a charming quote, a thought-provoking question, or an original statement that encapsulates your personality.

Choosing a College Admission Essay Topic 

Plenty of colleges are giving students the liberty of writing about their preferred topics. Yet, some seniors spend the majority of the year worrying about test results rather than considering the subject for their college essay.

If you're among these students, fret not! Next, we are going to offer you topics for successful admissions essays. You can explore our college admission essay examples and start the writing process. 

Share Your Life Goals

Sharing your life goal is one of the most distinct college admission essay topics. It can encapsulate your entire personality. 

Go beyond the basic career and family goals. Try to answer the essay question with a personal spin. Writing about your life goals gives the admissions office insight into your values, aspirations, personal growth, and plans. It highlights your unique qualities and experiences. 

Furthermore, a personal essay that talks about your life goals presents you as a highly ambitious individual with a clear sense of direction and purpose. This way, you demonstrate that you are a driven person ready to bravely face and successfully overcome future challenges.

Biggest Risk You've Taken

Any college admissions officer desires to read a college admission essay demonstrating the applicant's true nature. The risks you have taken and how you have dealt with failure or success tell a story of one's characteristics. 

Furthermore, being honest about any failures you've made in life while taking risks demonstrates your maturity and ability to accept responsibility for your actions. Also, it must show the lessons you learned from the risks you took and your behavior in future scenario situations.

This type of personal essay shows admissions counselors who you are as a person and what values and beliefs you hold. It gives an insight into your problem-solving skills, determination, and resilience.

What Your Ted Talk Would be About 

Ted talk materials can also make a great essay for college admission. The admission committee can glimpse the applicant's passions, interests, and ideas. It's a great opportunity to prove that you are more than your SAT scores. Showcase your creativity, critical thinking skills, and effective communication style. 

Ensure the topic you choose has a concise, one-sentence conclusion that you may emphasize throughout the essay to provide it with a sense of purpose. Focus on a topic you feel passionate about and one that teaches a valuable lesson. Don't exceed the word count. An overly wordy essay, despite its content, is still exhausting to read.

Share One Aspect of Your Personality

College admission essay topics don't have to be groundbreaking, but they should open doors for you. Sometimes focusing on a personality trait is worth of thousand stories. So why not go about it your way?

The test scores are one way to show your intelligence, but your personal statement should reflect much more than that - the value you'll add to the community. Look for a characteristic about yourself that will make you stand out from the competition and emphasize the special viewpoint you will offer to the institution.

Explain a Problem You'd Like to Solve 

Being specific is what matters here. Try to mention a specific issue and a reasonable solution to increase your chances of being noticed.

A college admission essay is no exception. A creative problem can showcase your passions and interests and set you apart. Put all those extracurricular activities to use. Offer how you can use already existing knowledge and what you can add. An admissions officer is much more inclined to notice a candidate who has prepared a very distinct letter in a creative and quirky manner.

Not all the students applying have a chosen path. If you have a plan, use it to your advantage and write a strong college essay.

More Tips for Writing a College Admissions Essay

We are not done yet. Writing admissions essays is a complex task and requires focus on many aspects simultaneously. Your college essay would not be complete if it didn't meet a few more certain criteria. So, let us break down these steps.

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Consider the Reader When Writing 

After reading our advice below, you won't have to wonder how to write admission essay.

The admissions officers will use the essay to assess your writing skills, creativity, and critical thinking. To ensure that the reader receives your college essay well, you should understand their expectations and priorities. Researching the college you are applying to will give you a better understanding of its values. Craft an essay that shows how you align with them. 

The most important essay question relates to your potential as a student. Focus on what the committee wants to learn about you. Build flawless and reasonable arguments.

Make a Few Drafts 

The application process starts way before your senior year. We suggest starting to write your college or MBA admission essay as early as possible. Give yourself enough time to prepare multiple drafts. Chances are the first one you will write won't do it. 

When you write your first draft, forget about word limits. Write everything down and let your thoughts flow. When you get everything down, start rewriting. Each draft allows you to reflect on your writing and make changes to better convey your ideas. 

The final draft of your college admission essay will have the right tone and style. It will demonstrate your unique voice and writing skills. 

Use Your Intuition 

Unlike test scores, college essays are not standardized. You can't be mainstream and banal. Using intuition while writing an essay for college admission is important because it allows you to be authentic. It encourages you to express your genuine thoughts and experiences. 

So, if you want the reader to tell your essay apart from other hundred ones, forge a unique connection with the audience, and elicit strong feelings, follow your intuition.

This way, you might feel self-assured; ultimately, confidence is what it takes to make a great essay. 

Eliminate Buzzwords 

Buzzwords are overused phrases and clichés often used to sound impressive, but they can detract from the quality of your writing. Eliminating buzzwords from your college admission essay is crucial because it shows you can communicate originally and thoughtfully. 

Instead of impressing the reader with big words, try to express yourself from a unique angle. Use your voice, feelings, and experience. 

Finish Your Essay on a Strong Note

A solid conclusion can leave a lasting impression and help you stand out among the other applicants. 

Yes, your introduction was impressive, your personal statements were touching, you obeyed strict word limits, and you used citation style, but the last sentence of your college essay flopped. It can ruin everything. 

Finish your essay for college admission with a confident and enthusiastic conclusion. Summarize important points and show the committee that you are passionate about your future and committed to being a prosperous student. A strong ending can help provide a sense of closure and purpose.

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College Admission Essay Sample 

Here we provided an admission essay sample which you may use for better clarity and endless inspiration.

Admission Essay
Admission Essay

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