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EssayPro is a team of essay writers. All professionals in our fields, who have chosen to make the lives of students more comfortable by helping them achieve their academic goals.

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At EssayPro we value better grades. We want to write assignments that bump students from Bs to As. We believe that academic writing shouldn’t hold students back, and we aim to match the specific needs of students, with the writing professionals.

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A platform for students to connect with writing talent and outsource some of their workloads. EssayPro has vetted writers to find professional that are well-versed in the nuances of academic writing. Our writers can edit your existing paper, or you can buy an entire paper or assignment, guaranteeing yourself the kind of guidance that will boost your grades.

Our Principle

We don’t think that students should fret about academic writing unless they want to be academics. Once you are done with school or uni, how often do you think you are going to write a paper? Never. If the work is piling up, you find yourself in a rut, and it is all getting too much, you are the person we want to help.

Essay Writing Resources
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Our Values

  • Satisfying Customers

    EssayPro lives and dies by its reputation. For this reason and a genuine desire to help people, we strive to build relationships with our students so we can address the needs of each one of them. We won’t shy away from a problematic request, and our writers are prepared to go the extra mile for a student’s satisfaction.

  • Constant Improvement

    EssayPro plus will never plagiarize and always make impossible deadlines. We assign entire teams to every piece of writing we take on. To get top marks, it takes to research, peer review, and experts. Our promise that all your orders are entirely confidential, and we won’t outsource any writing.

  • Consistent and Reliable

    Writing service isn’t worth much if the customers can’t depend on the product they receive. That’s why each order is entirely confidential, and our strict no-plagiarism policy guarantees you 100% organic writing from each pro. Be sure that you always get the best product from us! Your satisfaction is our primary priority!

  • Innovation

    We are always improving the offerings and tools of our online service. The thinking being that this will have a positive effect on the customer’s experience and help alleviate some of their concerns. With technology we can give you day to day feedback, so you can see the progress we have made on your paper, as we do it.

  • Teamwork

    The team is key to EssayPro’s success. Our writers work together on every paper to guarantee it gets the full treatment. No one is impartial when reading their work. Academic writing is all about peer review. It is only in school and universities that try and take that away. EssayPro has dedicated researcher and a team of skilled writers ready to help you achieve the best possible grade.


Our team is always ready to help any client at any time!

With experience and qualifications in the fields of product, design, engineering, sales, and marketing, our team has worked for powerhouse companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Box, and Atlassian.

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EssayPro Step-By-Step

January 1997

Essay writing service was launched

September 1999

Achieved a satisfaction rate of 9.5 /10

March 2002

Term paper writing service was launched

August 2005

Dissertation writing service was added

May 2006

First 1000 students admitted into university of choice thanks to our service

May 2007

We successfully completed order #50,000!

September 2008

User #50,000 successfully registered with us!

January 2009

Our worker force passes 200!

March 2011

100+ writers hold at least a 4 out of 5 rating

September 2014

Website moved to the new domain EssayPro.com

July 2015

EssayPro Facebook page received over 100,000 likes!

June 2016

EssayPro youtube channel was launched


Much more to come…

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