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100 Research Paper Topics and How to Choose Topics to Write About

100 Research Paper Topics and How to Choose Topics to Write About

Imagine you were selected to prove that homeschooling is as effective as traditional learning. Without proper evidence, these words cost nothing. It is the author’s point of view, and it is impossible to convince community pf your truth without facts and statistics.

How can one get them? The answer is obvious: through in-depth research that will show almost 2 million students were recently homeschooled in the United States.

With our research paper topics, you will learn how to pick relevant research paper ideas and find evidence. Do not forget that you can get top-quality help with your assignments on college research paper topics on the professional essay writing service.

Table of Contents

What Is a Research Paper?

Before moving on, let us define a research paper. It is a type of college academic writing assignment which explores the specific research paper topics based on the in-depth analysis of the problem. Research papers are one of the most common tasks set to encourage students to become familiar with the types of literature in the academic world. The assignment of this type has several goals to accomplish.

  1. Define a certain problem
  2. Collect and evaluate information
  3. Provide new ways to solve the issue

Another purpose is to motivate the target audience to read the entire piece and continue exploring the suggested problem topics for research papers.

7 Types of a Research Paper

Without understanding the assignment and goals, a student will fail the mission. There are several types of research paper exist. They have different structures, formats, purposes, etc. Keep in mind the most popular types of such writing assignments:

7 types of a research paper

Whether you are talking about high school level students looking at secondary sources or university students who are focusing more on primary sources, the task remains similar. The student needs to sift through a lot of papers. The institution wants a student to engage with the body of academic works. Research papers are a great way to assess how someone is comprehending and interacting with the writings within a field.

How to Write a Research Paper?

This section contains a brief list of tips to help students write their assignments. We will look at each element in the separate parts.

Simplify the writing process with these recommendations:

  1. Plan ahead — do not postpone the work on the project (it is better to have a minimum of 1 month left before the submission date);
  2. Develop a strong thesis statement and verify it with your tutor — it is the central claim which should be short, clear, relevant, and concise;
  3. Take notes during the process of investigation;
  4. Come up with a detailed outline;
  5. Stick to the instructions / prompt;
  6. Create a rough draft to show your teacher and keep on polishing it.

Want to get to know how to write a research paper? Use our detailed guide.

How to Write a Research Paper Outline?

An outline is a critical part of any writing as it is an action plan created to help the writer work on the essay step-by-step without losing the point. An outline may have a different number of points. A research paper outline is different from an essay by its structure. It consists of:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Methods
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Annotated bibliography
  8. Appendix

To learn how to write a research paper outline in more details, review another article on this blog.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper?

No matter whether you are interested in selecting high school research paper topics or research topics for college students, follow the algorithm used to pick the most interesting one!

How to Choose Interesting Research Paper Topic

Brainstorm. Brainstorming refers to the process of generating creative ideas and solutions through freewheeling, active discussion in the team. It means a student should gather with other peers or family members to develop plans. Make sure you have a:

  • Personal issue of your interest;
  • Strong position towards the social/political controversy;
  • A recent news story related to the field of your attention;
  • Inspect of a class that you would like to explore more.

Review background information. Start with reading a general encyclopedia article or the official glossary definition on the top 3-5 topics you think about. Read a broad summary. This way, a student can obtain an overview of the issue and see the way their idea is connected with the related problems. Such action guarantees a fresh source for detecting words used to discuss the chosen topic. Experts recommend turning such words into the keywords.

Example: International criminal law research topics would have such keywords as international, criminal, law, legal, regulations, court, justice, foreign, crimes, war, tribunals, etc.

Focus on the topic. The topic must be manageable. Check whether the topic of your choice is neither broad or narrow and come up with the necessary changes to make it readable and understandable. Here are ways to restrict the brand topic:

  • By location
  • By culture
  • By period
  • By discipline
  • By population

Be flexible. Do not hesitate to make any changes during the writing process if you believe they will help to get the main point. Do not switch to another topic - change only the body. Stick to the recommended guidelines specified by the tutor (observe the table below to get what it means).

research paper lenght and sources

Extra Tips from Advanced Academic Writers

A topic should be a focused research question. Here are several examples to make you understand the point:

Ideas = Joanne Rowling or modern literature

Question = How has Joanne Rowling affected modern literature?

Focused question = What are some of the approaches to the genre of fantasy used by Joanne Rowling that are common in contemporary British literature?

Read more about the topic. Based on the selected keywords, surf the web to find the answers to the main question and see if any reasonable solutions are available.

Develop a thesis statement. It could be the answer to the question or a way to clearly state the goal of the study. Do not make a thesis statement longer than 2-3 sentences.

100 Examples of Interesting Research Paper Topics

College Research Paper Topics

College Research Paper Topics

College students first face research paper writing assignments during the first year. These topics to write about will do for the freshmen!

  1. Tutor competency examinations VS degree requirements alone
  2. Separation of church & state against religion’s contribution to the public good
  3. Fairness to families who have to pay twice for education
  4. Drug & alcohol abuse among teenagers
  5. High rates of pregnancy among college girls
  6. The desire to commit suicide while studying in college
  7. A right to choose courses a student believes are important
  8. Ability to skip useless classes
  9. Reasons why young adolescents in the United States should adopt the British custom of running a “gap year” between high school & college
  10. College education and funding

High School Research Paper Topics

High School Research Paper Topics

High school teachers do not assign research papers often. Still, explore this list of topics to write about to be on the wave! Use these as good research topics for middle school as well.

  1. Bilingual education compared to the traditional approach
  2. Policing public schools
  3. Permit corporal punishment
  4. Placement by age & placement by skills
  5. Students with disabilities should not be allowed to study with their healthy peers
  6. The problems associated with bullying in the US high schools
  7. Teacher’s demands against teaching being a service occupation
  8. Is no child left behind act working?
  9. Are standardized English tests efficient?
  10. What are the primary reasons for grade inflation?

Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Student

What about exploring the possible psychology ideas. Be sure to cite papers like this using APA or MLA format.

  1. Mental disorders, including self-harm and cutting
  2. Eating disorders in the US community & childhood obesity
  3. Tourette syndrome: Cause & effects
  4. Exercising on work time as the way to reduce the level of stress
  5. Common sleep disorders and ways to resist them
  6. How can a patient’s family help to deal with schizophrenia?
  7. What are the biological and psychological roots of sociopathy?
  8. Is electroshock a legal, effective method of treatment?
  9. Coma recovery on the mental level
  10. Describing the pros & cons of modern asylums

Science Research Paper Topics

Science Research Paper Topics

A scientific study is the heart of any research paper. Discover the top recommended scientific ideas!

  1. Stem cells to play a crucial role in the medical treatment of various diseases
  2. Forensic science technology
  3. Discussing alchemy and the ways it has been implemented
  4. Obstacles faced by scientists in breaking the sound barrier
  5. Nuclear energy: Its opportunities & threats
  6. Technologies available to households to assist them in conserving energy
  7. The risks & possible adverse outcomes of using nuclear power
  8. How can registered nurses save babies born before 27 weeks?
  9. How does breastfeeding improve the infant’s health?
  10. Is screwing for breast cancer effective?

Religion & Literature Research Paper Topics

Religion Literature Research Paper Topics

This list is for students who love reading. Let us help choose the best literature ideas to analyze?

  1. Reasons why the Bible should be viewed as literature
  2. The controversies concerning Shakespearean authorship
  3. The relationship between Dante and Virgil
  4. Exploring the Divine Comedy as the world masterpiece
  5. In-depth analysis of the unusual structure of A Winter’s Tale
  6. The religious significance of the Quran
  7. Compare Anna Karenina with Madame Bovary
  8. Dickens failed with writing a serious, romantic narrative in his novels
  9. A single true religion
  10. The metaphysical in Donne’s poetry

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

In argumentative writing, a writer should take a particular position. Choose a debate and think which side you support.

  1. Unborn victims of violence
  2. Scientific evidence VS definition of viability
  3. Reasons to support euthanasia in medical practice
  4. The Internet makes modern people smarter
  5. The federal government must regulate information available on the Internet
  6. Body language is what matters in dating most of al
  7. Congressional opposition to presidential filibusters
  8. People infected with HIV should receive free treatment
  9. Revoking drivers license: Necessity and interpretation
  10. Animal protection is more important than business needs

Good US History Research Paper Topics

Good US History Research Paper Topics

Do you need history research topics for high school students that cover only the United States or the entire world? We have examples of both!

  1. The Blackwell Companion to religion in the United States
  2. A revolution down on the farm of Northern America
  3. American agriculture: Its social history
  4. In the past lane: Historical Perspectives on the culture of the US
  5. The dynamics of American politics: Approaches & explanations
  6. Presidential campaigns & self-images
  7. The market revolution: Jacksonian US
  8. The battle cry of freedom: The Civil War epoch
  9. Yankees today: Immigrants from Europe
  10. The guide to the US females in the XIX century

Human Rights & Human Resource Paper Topics

Human Rights Human Resource Paper Topics

Some of the research topics for high school students include those dedicated to our rights.

  1. Discrimination in the workplace is the most significant issue of some contemporary companies
  2. Diversity at the workplace
  3. Ways to motivate employees to work harder
  4. Whistleblowing and problems associated with it
  5. Key performance indicator (KPI): How it works
  6. Getting rid of stress at the workplace
  7. Benefit programs every business is obligated to provide
  8. The impact of wages on the productivity of employees
  9. Ways businesses can adequately protect their private information
  10. Strategies companies can use to hire qualified staff better

Law Enforcement Topics for Research Paper

Law Enforcement Topics for Research Paper

Are you studying in a Law School? Are you attending MBA courses? In both situations, you will need a list of excellent topics on various regulations, legal cases, legislation, etc.

  1. Racial discrimination: Reasons why people around the world feel the racial injustice
  2. The way gender discrimination affects law enforcement and regulations in place
  3. Things they must change to assist officers with getting to the scene of crime quicker
  4. Typical offenses committed by juveniles
  5. The impact of racial profiling on the riots
  6. Border patrol: How do people receive illegal substances into their states when crossing the border?
  7. Does the government contribute enough to guarantee community protection?
  8. How do they detonate explosive equipment?
  9. The amount of time necessary for the police officer to train
  10. Mass emergencies: Measures to be taken

Business Research Paper Topics

Business Research Paper Topics

Students who are getting ready to obtain their Business Administration degrees should focus on the following topics:

  1. Making four generations getting on well with each other in the workplace
  2. Sticking to the principal regulations of the corporate law
  3. Features that define a true business leader
  4. Ensuring positive staff relationships
  5. Ways to represent shareholders in non-public companies
  6. Small business & taxation
  7. Crowdfunding & outsourcing: Contemporary financing techniques
  8. The advantages of running a small business
  9. Things that make young startups fail during the first couple of years
  10. Investing company’s assets into charity: Benefits

Final Checklist

Let’s sum up how to choose a good research paper topic:

  • Gather with other students, mates or family members to generate ideas. List each of them.
  • Choose 3-5 most relevant concepts, read some general article about each of them to pick your favorite one and make sure there is related information you can use.
  • Make sure the topic is manageable and narrow.
  • Follow the guidelines specified by your tutor.

Asking for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most tutors will be happy to help students to come up with research paper ideas if you see them well before the due date. Perhaps there are even special facilities on your campus where students can ask for learning support.

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