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ESSAY WRITER 159184: Prof. Kate (Ph.D)

Prof. Kate (Ph.D) Prof. Kate (Ph.D)
I am a Professional writer with over eight years experience.
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The 21st century is lead by the works of ancient writers like William Shakespeare who lived in the 17th century as their work is found to have a lasting impression in the current and future generation academic wise, and in their social life. The best reason to attach to the prominence of early time works is that the authors carried their tasks of playwriting and essays from the bottom of their heart as well as passion in changing lives of the societies. Similarly, this should be the same in the current century as the writers need to take a central position in transforming the lives of their communities due to life dynamics. It is the motive behind my wish to join the writing field that I have now enjoyed great success for the last six years with most individuals showing their satisfaction with my work and contribution in their academics and learning.

In my writing career, I have always aimed at going beyond the levels of customer satisfaction by offering perfect work that adheres to academic integrity and intelligence. I ensure I offer this by providing papers that are free of grammatical tons and plagiarism as I am aware of the Copyright Act and academic integrity. I will award your curiosity of reviewing my profile with high standard paper that is characterized by perfect command of English that comes as a result of proper sentence structure, appropriateness of word usage, and proper punctuation.

Before I request my client to offer me an assignment, I ensure that I explore the instruction, understand, and in the position of assisting my customer to get what they are looking for in the site. After the client offers me the paper, I take my time to review the order again, undertake intense research that will provide me a perfect approach of the task and provide a draft copy to the client in the shortest time possible to get the comments. I am always open to address the ideas raised by the client, and when I’m through with the assignment, I take time to proofread to ascertain that the paper meets the academic requirements and customer specifications.

After uploading the final copy to my customer, I take my time to let them beware of what was required of them by their tutors as written. I also make sure that the clients can present the paper to the tutor as they are the ones who did the task as many tutors currently question students to ascertain they are the original owners of the presented materials.

I have more than eight years of experience in academic writing, and I can tackle projects from different fields. I have written more than 800 scholarly papers for college students, MSC and Ph.D. dissertations. I have also tackled projects in various areas such as nursing, psychology, international relations, computer science, history, biological sciences, geography, and education. I am also well versed with such writing styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, IEE, Vancouver, and Harvard.

Since I started my writing career, I have always focused on producing unique and high-quality papers which, in turn, satisfies the customer needs.

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Customer reviews (371)

Customer 25522
Essay 489791 on Essay (any type)

Fab writer I will use her again.

Customer 237710
Essay 489199 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)

Customer 214614
1 days ago
Essay 487294 on Essay (any type)

Customer 220646
3 days ago
Essay 485634 on Other

Perfect paper. A+

Customer 237581
4 days ago
Essay 488681 on Other

Prof. Kate did an amazing job on my exploratory essay and responded quickly no complaints here definitely recommend her!

Customer 220163
4 days ago
Essay 479435 on Research Paper

A very difficult topic in international human resources. With a detailed explanation of exactly what I needed, she managed to pull through a well researched paper. Highly recommend

Customer 237100
4 days ago
Essay 487239 on Essay (any type)

finished before the assigned time.

Customer 221088
5 days ago
Essay 475293 on Research Proposal

Customer 221221
1 week ago
Essay 475978 on Essay (any type)

I’m disappointed maybe I wasn’t clear but when I gave instructions on an ethnographic profile I didn’t mean both places to be in food services. For goodness sake, I put Ross the retail clothing store. The services were fast but I have to redo my paper.

Customer 25522
1 week ago
Essay 481660 on Essay (any type)

very good writer I will use her again.

Customer 201632
1 week ago
Essay 476304 on Case Study

Customer 227212
1 week ago
Essay 476276 on Article Review

Customer 228824
1 week ago
Essay 466986 on Thesis / Dissertation

Excellent writer for non-thesis papers. Solid structure. Gives a great start to any paper.

Customer 228890
1 week ago
Essay 470150 on Critical Thinking / Review

I got 82% out of 100% in the essay grade

Customer 133728
1 week ago
Essay 476267 on Report

great help, Very impressive work.

Customer 221711
1 week ago
Essay 476880 on Business Plan

Made corrections and ended up with a great paper and still on time!

Customer 38718
1 week ago
Essay 478317 on Essay (any type)


Customer 233497
1 week ago
Essay 477036 on Research Paper

Very professional, very respectful of comments, responds in a timely manner. Great writer. Very knowledgable. Did a research paper for me have not gotten a grade yet but it looks great.

Customer 230916
1 week ago
Essay 476111 on Essay (any type)

Pro. kate did a good job. I really appreciate it

Customer 57164
1 week ago
Essay 475941 on Essay (any type)

Terrible paper. with major grammar issues. I dont recommend using this one.