How EssayPro Works?

Written by Emis Heartilly
Updated today is a freelance board for students from UAE and professional essay writers.

We provide top-notch assistance with all types of academic writing work: essays, coursework projects, term papers, article reviews, research papers, dissertations and much, much more! Our expert essay writers are capable of dealing with even the most challenging written assignments. Each has their own specialization, and are capable of hitting deadlines with quality guaranteed every time.

The order process begins with the UAE student submitting their order and including the necessary details. Our team of expert writers will then review the order, and bid for the project with their prices. The student is then free to accept the bid of the most appropriate essay writer, based on their ratings, reviews, completion rates etc. The amount agreed it deposited, and then the writer will set to work on your custom paper! You’ll be able to communicate directly with your chosen writer, and thus take control of the whole process. Rest assured: your paper will be submitted by the deadline, and once you’ve checked it over and are happy with the result, you can release the payment. Students can also request revisions to ensure total satisfaction!

Our essay writers are rated by their clients, and these ratings can be viewed alongside their completion rate and feedback reports. This way, EssayPro can ensure only the most professional writers can work for us!

Why is the best essay writing service in UAE?

The answer is a straightforward one. With our custom writing service, you are able to:

  • Select an expert writer with the most suitable price.
  • Select your writer based on real customer reviews and statistics.
  • Negotiate the best price for yourself.
  • Only deposit funds once you’ve found your ideal writer.
  • Chat directly and control the writing process.
  • Release your funds only once you’ve accepted a completed paper.
  • Request as many revisions as you need, in accordance with your initial instructions.
  • Hire the same writer again for your next order if you wish.

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How do I select an essay writer and rate?

It's important for all of our UAE customers to follow the right steps to ensure success. Firstly, an order needs to be placed with all instructions specified. This includes the subject, topic, page number and required sources, as well as style instructions, level, and a thorough description. This will then be viewed by our essay writers, and the bids will start appearing after 15-30 minutes.

We advise choosing your writer based on their background in your selected subject. This information is visible on their profiles, where you’ll be able to see their completion rate in your specialist field.

Customer rating is key to our service. Our clients in UAE rate the work of their writer once their order is completed, and they’re free to post a review, too. We recommend reading the customer reviews before selecting your expert writer.

The final criterion is completion rate. It does sometimes happen that our writers take on highly complex orders, which are difficult to complete on time. The completion rate on their bio reflects any orders which have not been finished, or which the client has withdrawn.

Selecting an Essay Writer

It's important for students to communicate with writers before accepting any offers. Ask them questions: do they understand the assignment? Are the sources easily available? When can you see the first draft?

What should I do if I don't see any bids I like?

If you have time, simply wait a little longer. Sometimes, writers are busy on other projects or need time to check the availability of your sources.

If it happens that you only have a couple of bids after 2-3 hours, it's likely there's an issue with your instructions. Ensure your description is clear and correct and shows exactly what you require. Make sure, also, that your sources are available online. Our writers are happy to seek out obscure sources in the library but bear in mind that this takes time. Any useful files or extra information can be uploaded with your order.

Usually, the main issue is a lack of time for completing the paper. You can try extending your deadline if our writers feel it is too tight. If you have plenty of bids but find the price is too high, feel free to negotiate with the writers via live chat.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that quality writing doesn’t come cheap. Choose your writer based on their ability and ratings, not by price alone. Of course, you can shortlist multiple writers and ask them questions before selecting one. You cannot accept more than one bid per project, though.

Remember, quality can’t be purchased cheaply. Don't choose a writer for your paper only by price. Evaluate their rating, reviews and completion rate.

You may shortlist 2 or more candidates and talk to them first. Then decide who is the best one and accept the bid. You can not accept more than 1 bid for an order.

What is the payment process for custom writing in UAE?

EssayPro provides students in UAE with an account into which you can deposit funds. These funds can be used for payments and can withdrawn if your order is for a smaller amount, or if it's canceled. Any leftover balance can be used for future orders, too.

There's no need to pay for an order straight after submitting. You should first wait for the bids to come in, and review them carefully. After you've chosen the best bid, you'll deposit the funds, which will be held by us until the paper is completed. The agreed contract amount will be deducted and reserved, only to be released once you're happy with the finished product, or if you cancel the contract. Once everything is processed, your expert writer will get down to writing your quality essay and will deliver it by the deadline. Once they've completed and delivered your essay, you should review the paper and request revisions if necessary. If you're happy with the final paper, you should then release the payment to your expert. Remember: you can pay less than 100% if you feel the paper missed the deadline, or if it wasn't written in accordance with your instructions. However, the writer may dispute your decision, in which case our quality assurance team can step in to investigate.

How can I take control of the writing process?

Here at EssayPro, we believe in putting our UAE customers in the driver's seat. The best way for you to take control is to ask your writer to upload drafts of your paper. You can establish milestones, which when reached, can be reviewed by you. Feel free to communicate with your writer and ask them questions, too!

It's vitally important to provide all the helpful information your writer needs in order to deliver a top-notch paper. Our live chat function allows customers in UAE to communicate with their chosen writer and ask whatever questions are necessary. Make sure you carefully check the final draft before you hand it in, and feel free to contact your writer if you feel the paper is not completely ready when delivered?

We’ll send you updates and notifications about your order via SMS or email. Notifications can be customized in our Settings section

Important notifications about your order, such as new uploaded files or new messages from the writer, will be sent your email and/or via SMS. You may customize notifications in the Settings section.

What should I do if I'm not 100% happy with the finished paper?

It's a rare thing at EssayPro, but occasionally, our UAE students aren't 100% satisfied with the finished product. This is usually caused by poor communication or unclear initial instructions.

We very rarely face serious issues with our essay writing service, and issues that do arise are quickly resolved with revisions.

At EssayPro, we rarely face serious issues with our custom essays and revision typically solves the problem.

However, if the deadline for your order has passed and your paper is still not 100% perfect, then you have the option of releasing a partial payment. This is usually between 85% and 95% of the originally agreed rate.

Should you do this, your decision may be disputed by your writer. In this instance, our quality assurance team will investigate and analyze the paper, and come to a final decision.