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Biographical Essay: How Common It Is and Why Do We Need It

If you inquire how to write a biography essay and whether it is still used anywhere in real life, you’d be surprised. Every organization named after a contributor has a sort of a biography essay on its website. Let’s review the Kosciuszko Foundation website as an example.
The Kosciuszko Foundation is an organization created to promote the Polish culture in the U.S. and support students from Poland in North America and other continents worldwide. It’s a special American center where Polish students can exchange their study-abroad experiences and help each other adapt to a new learning environment. The website hosts lots of information about opportunities for students and extracurricular events that might be of interest to Polish student expats.
The center is named after Thaddeus Kosciuszko whose contribution to Polish history and culture is immense. He is one of the most popular figures in Poland, with lots of art centers, universities, and other institutions named after him. That’s why the Essaypro essay writer team finds it sensible to show you how to write a biographical essay using this individual as an example.

How to Write a Great Biography Essay Having No Trouble?

A biographical essay is an essay where you tell the life story of a particular person. It sounds quite easy, but in fact, this essay is different from all other types you know. No matter who the person is, you need to write an interesting paper while following the particular structure. The main goal of a biography paper is to explain who that person is and why their life deserves to be described.
The algorithm for writing a biography essay is pretty similar to the one you know:
1. Start with a thesis statement
2. Provide supporting paragraphs
3. Conclude with ending statements
Similar to all other essay types, the introduction of a biographical essay should be catchy. A reader should understand that they are going to read something unparalleled and interesting. Your introduction may also include a quotation or an attention-grabbing fact.
As for the body paragraphs, based on whose biography you describe, there can or cannot be enough scholarly evidence. Make your story interesting and provide as many supporting facts as you can. A good idea is to include the person’s quotations or some real-life situations that show their character.
A conclusion must be conclusive about this person’s achievements and contribution. Do not list new facts here but rather focus on ending the points that you’ve started earlier.
Thus, when it comes to writing, it usually makes students confused about how to write a great biography essay.
Let’s Consider Each Step Having Kosciuszko in Mind.

How to Write an Essay about a Person


When your subject is chosen (Kosciuszko in our case), you should start with research. If you only choose a person to write about, do your research to find out who interests you most. It is essential to fill your knowledge gaps about this person.
Thaddeus Kosciuszko is well-known for his achievements as a military engineer. His personality and achievements are quite complex, so you definitely need more time to do your research on him.
Also, this research will provide you with a clearer understanding of why you are writing about this person and what his contribution is that makes him so special to the people of Poland.


As soon as you grab a better idea of who the person in question is, you’d better proceed with an outline. Your biographical essay should have an academic structure (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion). This outline will help you organize your essay and stick to the topic while writing it.


The introduction of your biographical essay should include some basic facts about Kosciuszko. What’s really important is a thesis statement. Such essays also have it even though you may not have anything to prove or argue. Yet, you need to write a captivating statement about Kosciuszko’s incredible achievement to catch the attention of your readers.

Body Paragraphs

If you manage to make readers continue reading, they should find lots of interesting information about Kosciuszko in the body of your biographical essay. This is the part where you list his endeavors and achievements and explain why this person is a hero in Poland. You need to support these ideas with evidence from literature and other sources you’ve found while researching.


The final paragraph of your biographical essay should explain what Kosciuszko’s legacy is and why his contribution is still relevant today. You need to show why people still remember him after all these years and even name new student organizations after him.

How to Write a Perfect Biographical Essay Outline

It is important to focus more on an outline since it is the main draft of the prospective biographical essay. Your outline should include the regular chapters listed above. However, what you write in each of them is of particular importance.
Here is what you should mention in your outline:
1. It’s better to start your biography essay with a hook. This attention-grabbing sentence should be in your outline. However, you can still improve it when you are done working on a draft.
2. If you have some outstanding facts in your person’s biography, you can also include them in the introduction part of your outline and essay.
3. Each body paragraph should have a special section in the outline. Do not mix several ideas together. Start with childhood, proceed to school years, and end with the current situation.
4. A conclusion should assess the contribution of the famous person you talk about. In the outline, make sure you list at least a few ideas on how this person’s life is outstanding and meaningful.