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Tutor Wilson Tutor Wilson
Writing is an art and I am the master.
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I have worked as a freelance writer long enough, and as such, I am conversant with all it takes to achieve the desired piece of academic work. For more than ten years, I have been guiding students to achieve their goals, whether in academic work or other types of research. I work on a diversity of disciplines including academic term papers, research proposals, dissertations, grant proposals, business plans, data collection, coding, and analysis.

I have commendable experiences in handling custom essays in the fields of Management, Sociology, Engineering, Architecture, Geography, Religion, Biology, and Nursing. As my bio shows, I am someone with a sense of dedication, and although this work is freelance based, I work full time on this platform. As a writer, I always have my work guided by my desire to deliver quality papers that arrive on time while maintaining the integrity and providing you with maximum satisfaction. I have a personal library in my office which holds a variety of resources. I also have access to more than ten libraries in the country.

As my client, you have nothing to worry about, as everything will be done for you professionally and excellently. When a customer says “write my essay,” I make sure to read the instructions very attentively. In case of any misunderstandings, I seek clarification quickly to avoid the loss of time. I enjoy writing precisely as the client needs it, as their satisfaction is my highest priority. Additionally, I can work under tight deadlines set by my customers. In this field, discipline is essential. Excellent customer relationship, ethics, and good communication skills are necessary to ensure customer retention and satisfaction. I do not hesitate to consult the customer in case there is an issue; we can brainstorm together with the client. Moreover, I am time conscious. Customers have strict deadlines and hence, the ability to submit work a while before the time limit is what makes me a good writer. Also, I can manage different formatting styles such as MLA, APA, Turabian, and Oxford styles. I ensure that references and citations are up to the required standard with a particular format. I also provide in-text citations with all of my orders.

My vast knowledge in different disciplines has made me a top-notch writer in this field. At the same time, I can handle papers on Business, Management, Philosophy, History, Finance, and Accounting. Throughout my writing service history, I have submitted error-free work and 100% authentic essays. I have access to Grammarly and Turnitin to proofread my work. Before sending any bid, I read instructions and guidelines of each order meticulously. As a result, I can provide customer satisfaction according to his or her different needs as well as those of the lecturer and supervisor. As a routine, I ensure you to give a detailed Grammarly and Turnitin report on the quality of the work.

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Customer reviews (419)

Customer 232729
6 days ago
Essay 549253 on Essay (any type)

well done work👍

Customer 21992
1 months ago
Essay 528023 on Critical Thinking / Review

Customer 237066
1 months ago
Essay 526205 on Word Problems

got me a D for this

Customer 212176
1 months ago
Essay 472801 on Essay (any type)

Did a good job for my paper thank you

Customer 240234
2 months ago
Essay 496455 on Essay (any type)

Did not follow instructions.

Customer 184295
2 months ago
Essay 528086 on Essay (any type)

I thought we talked about the charts not being needed in the paper. It takes up space and isn’t really informative. I needed you to give an analysis of the strategic goals and based on that, your new recommended budget (on the excel sheet). But overall, Thank you.

Customer 239622
2 months ago
Essay 500479 on Reflective Writing

Customer 171708
2 months ago
Essay 527608 on Essay (any type)

Very quick and good

Customer 172959
2 months ago
Essay 488576 on Essay (any type)

Received an A

Customer 233402
2 months ago
Essay 476738 on Essay (any type)

If zero stars was an option i would choose it. I got a D on the paper. It was so clear, i provided the rubric, class notes, EVERYTHING. I provided the document that said what this paper was about, and specifically said no outside sources. And what did he do. He used all outside sources and then had to try and fix it an hour before it was due. everything he gave me was completely wrong. I might as well have just done it myself with all the changes I had to try to make. Fuckin shit man.

Customer 218506
2 months ago
Essay 524214 on Essay (any type)

Customer 241495
2 months ago
Essay 500475 on Research Paper

Very fast and proficient!

Customer 233778
2 months ago
Essay 521517 on Report

worth every penny, please take my money!!!! He did excellent work and was more than on time. I added him immediately to my favorites due to the great work done. Thank you so much.

Customer 233998
2 months ago
Essay 522579 on Essay (any type)

Customer 214230
2 months ago
Essay 507519 on Literature Review

Amazing Work!

Customer 154478
2 months ago
Essay 515556 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)

Customer 245886
2 months ago
Essay 513892 on Essay (any type)

awesome writer! Had my paper done in 3 days!

Customer 138805
2 months ago
Essay 513775 on Essay (any type)

Customer 240561
2 months ago
Essay 513824 on Essay (any type)

Good writer

Customer 154478
2 months ago
Essay 493973 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)

great work!!