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About me

I am an expert writer with over three years of experience working in different fields. Over the years, I have learned that keeping in touch and focusing on client needs is one of the key factors in any business. With my experience and knowledge, I have always worked hard to become one of the best writers who can be trusted by all customers. From my experience, I have the necessary skills required to handle a wide range of projects both in High School and University Level. I can confidently work on dissertations, term papers, literature reviews, essays, research papers and other types of assignments.

I am much aware that copying and pasting lead to plagiarism, something that is not tolerated in any learning institution on this planet. Plagiarism had been one of the leading cases which made most students be expelled from various learning institutions across the globe. I also understand the pain and stress of delivering plagiarized work and thus I guarantee my clients 100% unique and custom work. In case I use direct quotes from a source, I usually cite and provide references at the end of the essay together with the plagiarism report.

Communication is the most important entity in any working relationship, and I always update my clients on the progress of the paper by uploading drafts, this allows the client to review the work and provide feedback in case any amendments need to be applied. Upon completion, I usually give my client enough time to review the work and ask for any revision before the deadline. I am always available for any amendments needed by the client. Keeping in touch with a client help in clearing any doubt and, that is why I usually indicate when I will be offline and when I would be online via chat.

I have experience in various fields of study which include Economics, Finance, Business, Law, Sciences, Humanities, Technology, Computer Studies, English Literature, Mathematics, Nursing, Medicine, Ethics, Sociology, Statistics, Psychology, and other disciplines. I can write my essays in any format depending on the client’s choice. The formatting styles that am well-conversant with include APA, MLA, OSCOLA, CHICAGO/TURABIAN, and VANCOUVER styles.

From the above aspects, I can assure all my clients that they will never regret hiring and trusting me with their academic work. Essay writing is my passion, and thus I will deliver the best essay in time.

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Customer reviews (604)

Customer 159186
1 days ago
Essay 534964 on Essay (any type)

thank you

Customer 240786
2 days ago
Essay 534580 on Essay (any type)

Perfect work and ahead of schedule! Thank you!

Customer 253222
3 days ago
Essay 536544 on Article Review

Customer 211219
5 days ago
Essay 534045 on Case Study

5 Stars, It’s always a pleasure to work with Angela. The work is very detailed and well-written.

Customer 199835
3 weeks ago
Essay 526422 on Critical Thinking / Review


Customer 247746
4 weeks ago
Essay 521792 on Research Paper

Very disappointing. I got a D on my term paper my professor said it was the worst I did. He said I made so many mistakes that he’s not used to me making that he would think I payed someone to write my paper. All four pages of my paper were filled with mistakes. This essay was 36% unique on the plagiarism tester which means most of it is plagiarized. Despite all the “good” reviews please avoid her. I don’t understand how someone with a 98% rating gave me a terrible essay.

Customer 164424
1 months ago
Essay 527849 on Essay (any type)

Excellent essay. Thanks for your help.

Customer 238191
1 months ago
Essay 515537 on Essay (any type)

Customer 82163
1 months ago
Essay 513287 on Essay (any type)

She always help me. you can save time and grade!!

Customer 224639
1 months ago
Essay 523418 on Essay (any type)

She did a great job, THANK YOU

Customer 65808
1 months ago
Essay 505154 on Essay (any type)

excellent writer!

Customer 220869
1 months ago
Essay 524201 on Essay (any type)

Customer 202047
1 months ago
Essay 501369 on Essay (any type)

Customer 202047
1 months ago
Essay 512463 on Essay (any type)

Customer 226973
1 months ago
Essay 524522 on Essay (any type)

She is the best.

Customer 249982
1 months ago
Essay 525689 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)

I would totally recommend her.

Customer 237356
1 months ago
Essay 520991 on Essay (any type)

Customer 249132
1 months ago
Essay 523395 on Essay (any type)

Outstanding! My paper is very fluid and concise to the instructions for the timeline given. 5 stars!

Customer 246819
1 months ago
Essay 520145 on Essay (any type)

Customer 223611
1 months ago
Essay 514092 on Research Paper

Well Done. Thank you