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Who are EssayPro’s writers?

Written by Amanda Clark
Updated today

In over 20 years of experience in providing New Zealand’s students with top quality essays, we have learned a thing or two about what makes a good writer. This is why only the very best specialists make it onto our service. Some other services do not provide any vetting of their writers whatsoever, and if are set up with a bad one, there is little to nothing you can do. With EssayPro, each one of our experts must hold a Ph.D. even to be considered. This is why you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality. There is a good chance our professionals are even more qualified than your teacher or professor.

How Do I Choose My Custom Essay Writer?

Choosing the right writer for you is easy. Once you have put together your requirements, you will begin to receive bids. You can then review the bids to find the most suitable expert. In general, you will only receive bids from experts in the field you are looking for. You can then go through your bids and see how much experience each candidate has in writing for that field. Once you have a shortlist of qualified performers, you can check all of their reviews. Each writer will have reviews from previous clients; they will give good insight into what can be expected from each said expert.

Why Trust Our Writers?

Firstly, you cannot overlook their qualifications. They are highly qualified in their area of specialisation, and academic writing is their speciality. While each writer will have different subject specialities, the one common ground is that they are all experts first and foremost. Generally, the essays provided by our writers receive A grades, and this applies whether you are attending a New Zealand High School, College or University. Also, each pro is accountable by their reviews, so you can see that others have had a great experience working with our experts.

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What Other Types of Academic Help do You Offer?

Simply put, our team of experts can help you out with whatever you need. Our masters have been educated to Ph.D. level in some of New Zealand’s top institutions, so they have all been around academia for a long time, and many have worked as tutors or lecturers themselves. If you need a complete essay done from scratch, they can provide this for you. But if you need different types of assistance, such as help on a project or proofreading an essay, they can provide this too. At the end of the day, they are here to help you get the very best grades possible. They are also very easy to speak to, and understand what you are going through as they have all been there themselves.

Can Your Writers Help With College Applications?

Absolutely! All of our writers have had to write these applications for themselves, and have also been helping other students with applications for years. They have amassed a great knowledge of what admissions officers are looking for in an application, so they know how to make one stand out from the crowd. This is a major advantage to have over fellow applicants, and our writers have helped some of our clients get into the most prestigious schools and universities in New Zealand. Get in touch today and let our professionals guide you.

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