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All over New Zealand, talented writers are signing up to work with the best custom essay writing service online! Here, you can earn money for your writing, build up a customer base, and put together a vast portfolio. Why not check out how to get started today?


  • Establish Own Rates

    You can decide how much your writing is worth, and bid with clients for essay orders.

  • Chat Live

    Chat in real time with New Zealand customers, and talk through order details.

  • Build Your Profile

    Get more contracts with a writing portfolio showing off your essay writing services.

  • Quick Payments

    Receive payments within 48 hours via bank transfer, PayPal or Skrill!

  • Guaranteed Income

    Keep yourself busy with writing work as you build a base of loyal clients!

  • Stay in touch

    Keep in touch with your New Zealand customers with SMS, email, and notifications. You won’t miss a single update!


  • Only English Expert Writers

    All of our New Zealand writers must have English as a first language.

  • Academic degree

    We insist that applicants have gained either a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. in their subject.

  • Proven custom writing skills

    All New Zealand applicants must have a minimum of 3 years custom writing experience. Strong writing skills and formatting knowledge is also a must.

  • Online availability

    Our writers must be available online 24/7 to speak to customers and respond to urgent inquiries.


I need more orders and contracts. How can I get them?

Take a look at our top tips below!

  1. We highly recommend that our New Zealand custom writers do not accept new orders while working on another order. Complete one custom paper at a time, and never, ever leave anything until the last last-minute!
  2. Submit plenty of draft papers to the customer. It will help you ensure your writing is going in the right direction. It’s also proven that accepted drafts lead to accepted final papers, too!
  3. Our New Zealand writers must never plagiarise their essays. Those who plagiarise will be fired immediately, and their accounts and payments suspended.
  4. Citations are vitally important and must be listed correctly. Failure to do so can lead to the paper failing a plagiarism scan.
  5. Stay in touch with your client throughout the writing process. Your New Zealand customers will appreciate your questions and will provide valuable feedback.
  6. Be responsive and available 24/7. You never know when your customer might need to contact you!
  7. Meet all of your customer’s requirements and ensure they’re happy with their work. Happy customers pay 100% of the rates, and are more likely to return for more!

How do I increase my order acceptance and pay rates?

We only choose the best of the best for our New Zealand custom writing team!

  1. Our New Zealand expert writers must use English as a first language. We do not accept applications from non-native speakers of English.
  2. We demand high-quality academic writing skills and require our writers to have 3+ years of custom writing experience.
  3. We insist all applicants have a full knowledge of formatting styles and various writing requirements.
  4. Each writer must have a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degree in their selected subject.
  5. We expect applicants to be available 24/7 to respond to urgent client inquiries.
  6. Applicants must be comfortable working to tight deadlines and must have proven customer service skills, too.

Why hasn’t a client replied to my offer?

Our customers in New Zealand are going to receive several offers from our expert writers. If your proposal hasn’t won a response yet, don’t lose heart - check out our top tips for success!

  1. Your offer must be tempting to the customer. Make it attractive, involving, and sensibly priced. This means not too high, but also not too low, as this might suggest poor quality work.
  2. Be friendly and open, and send a nice introductory message to your New Zealand customers. Let them know why you’re the writer for them!
  3. Our customers look for writers with proven success. Build up your rating on your profile, and you’ll start winning more contracts.
  4. If you can’t reach a customer and you have an urgent question, don’t worry. Contact Support, and we’ll get hold of them by telephone.

How do I get hold of the earnings I’ve made?

All the money you’ve made from custom writing will be credited to your account. This can be accessed at any time, using one of many options, which include:

  1. PayPal
  2. Skrill
  3. Payoneer
  4. ePayments
  5. VISA \ Mastercard

To access your funds:

  1. Go to My Finance section and click on Withdraw tab.
  2. Type in amount and select a payment method.
  3. Press Submit and a withdrawal task will be created for Finance department. They will process it in 48 hours.

Please bear in mind that we do not cover commission or transaction fees which may or may not be set by your bank or online transaction method. Some service charge a handling fee or commission per transaction, others do not.

How do customers pay for an order?

Once a price has been negotiated for a paper between the customer and an expert writer, the agreed sum is deposited into a fund on our site. This acts as a guarantee for the work ordered and will be released to the custom writer once the paper is complete.

When the custom paper has been completed and uploaded, the customer has some time to check it and ensure it matches their instructions. If they’re satisfied with the work, they’ll release the funds to the expert writer. Should the paper have some issues, the customer may choose to publish a partial payment of 75% - 95%. Papers with more significant effects can be canceled, and the amounts withheld.

A customer’s decision to withhold payment may lead to a dispute being raised by the writer. Should this happen, the Quality Assurance team will conduct an investigation and come to a final decision regarding whether or not the payment should be withheld entirely.

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