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Addressing Your Concerns

Isn’t using this service considered plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined as the stealing and publication of another author’s ideas without accreditation. Our service pairs a student with a professional writer that helps them solve academic assignments in a timely manner. Moreover, they are paid for this. Think of it as purchasing intellectual property with consent.

Will I get caught using EssayPro?

No, because everything we create is organic. Our writers begin each new paper with a unique and customer-oriented approach. The paper is written from scratch using your personal ideas and requests. Lastly, each paper is checked with TurnItIn upon completion.

My teacher/professor recognizes my writing style. How do you beat this?

Our writers are trained to mirror your writing style to ensure that the paper sounds just like you. When placing an order, upload some of your writing samples so that our specialists can learn and mask your voice!

How much does a paper cost?

The price of the paper is determined by the subject, the number of pages/words and the deadline. Prices average around $10 per page.

What subjects can you guys handle?

We have hundreds of writers that all specialize in their own subject of expertise. You will be able to find an expert for any subject!

My deadline is super tight?
Can you guys meet it?

Our minimum turnaround time for assignments is 6 hours. However, some assignments can be completed even faster. This is something you will need to discuss with the writer.

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