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All over Ireland, expert writers are joining us to work with the top custom essay writing service online! If you’d like to make money from academic paper writing, put together a winning profile and get a high customer base, then read on!


  • Negotiate your rates

    Bid with clients in Ireland for each custom essay order, and set your rate.

  • Live Chat Online

    Talk in real time with Irish clients and discuss the details of every order.

  • Build up a top profile

    As you develop an excellent profile, you’ll gain even more requests for essay writing services!

  • Fast payments

    Finished your custom essay? Get paid for it within 48 hours!

  • Great Income

    Custom essay writing in Ireland will keep you busy and earn you money!

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    Chat and communicate with Ireland-based clients.

We Require:

  • English Natives Only

    Due to the demands of our clients, we can only accept applications from Ireland-based custom writers with English as a native language.

  • Academic qualifications

    All applicants must have a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degree in their selected subjects.

  • Custom writing experience

    Our Ireland-based applicants need to prove that they have 3+ years of custom writing experience.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our expert writing team in Ireland is required to have access to the internet 24/7.


How can I increase the rate of orders and payments I receive?

Consider these tips and guidelines:

  1. We always advise our writers in Ireland to only work on one custom paper at a time. Accepting other papers while working on another can hinder the quality of the work, and can cause lameness, too. Also, never leave your writing work to the last minute - custom essays take time and dedication!
  2. We always recommend our Ireland-based writers to submit regular drafts to their customers. Drafts of custom papers leading to higher acceptance rates, and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.
  3. Our Irish writing team must never plagiarise their custom essays. Plagiarism will lead to instant dismissal and cause your account and pending payments to be suspended.
  4. Care should be taken with citations. The correct formatting will need to be used when referencing sources, or else your paper will be at risk of failing a plagiarism test.
  5. Happy customers are returning customers, so make sure you fulfill all of their requirements. This way, you’re more likely to receive 100% of the agreed rate. We don’t just choose anyone to join our custom writers team in Ireland. Take a look at our requirements, and see if you fit the bill!

How can I improve my order acceptance and payment rate?

We accept only the best writers, so please read our requirements before you apply:

  1. All of the applicants for our expert writer team in Ireland are required to be native English speakers.
  2. We insist that all applicants have a high level of academic writing skills, with a minimum 3+ years of custom writing experience.
  3. A deep understanding of university formatting is required, alongside all other usual writing requirements.
  4. We expect our Irish writing team to hold a minimum Bachelor’s degree or an MA or Ph.D. in their subject.
  5. All applicants must be available 24/7 to respond to urgent client requests and inquiries.
  6. Our Ireland-based writing team should have no problem working with tight deadlines, providing excellent customer service.

I haven’t heard back from an offer - what should I do?

Our Ireland-based clients often get lots of offers from our expert writers. Don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away, and check out these tips for further success!

  1. Your offer should be as tempting as possible for the customer. As such, it should be competitively priced, but don’t make your bid too low, as this can put off potential clients.
  2. It’s always a good idea to write a pleasant, friendly opening letter to your Irish customer. Tell them why you’re the right writer for their custom paper!
  3. If you have a proven rating on your profile, you’ll win more contracts. Build up your portfolio, and reap the rewards!
  4. Can’t get hold of a customer when you have an urgent question? Don’t worry - contact the Support team, and we’ll try to call them for you.

How can I get hold of the earnings I’ve made?

All of the money you earn from your custom writing will be credited to your online account balance. This can be accessed at any time, by using one of the following options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Skrill
  3. Payoneer
  4. ePayments
  5. VISA \ Mastercard

To access your earnings:

  1. Go to My Finance section and click on Withdraw tab.
  2. Type in amount and select a payment method.
  3. Press Submit and a withdrawal task will be created for Finance department. They will process it in 48 hours.

Attention! We are not able to cover commission and handling fees set by some online money handling services, or by banks. Some services are free to use, while others take a percentage of each transaction.

How do customers pay for their custom papers?

The price of every custom paper is something negotiated between the writer and the customer at the bidding stage. Once a rate has been settled upon, the customer will deposit the funds into a holding account on the site. These funds are then held until the writer completes the custom paper.

When the custom essay has been completed, it will be delivered to the customer. They then have the chance to read through the paper and ensure that everything is by their instructions. If they’re happy with the custom essay, they can pay the writer in full. If any issues exist with the paper, a partial payment may be made (typically 75% - 95%). However, if the paper just isn’t up to an acceptable standard, the client can cancel the contract and withhold the payment entirely.

Bear in mind, though, that if the customer decides to withhold the payment, this can be disputed by the writer. When this occurs, our Quality Assurance team will investigate to determine whether or not a partial payment should be made. Their decision on the matter is final.

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