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It’s hard to underestimate the role of literature in our life. Thanks to it, we have a chance to discover changes and transformations that happened to our society through the course of history. This way, we travel back in time to feel the spirit of different centuries.
Prominent writers often become symbols of a particular era. When it comes to the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer may be the first who comes to mind. The main goal of is to promote the personality and literary heritage of the author who has also been called the "father of English poetry". Here, you can learn more about Geoffrey Chaucer’s background, bibliography as well as other writers’ comments and criticisms of his works.
Chaucer's literary works are known for vivid characteristics and a rich language combined with a sense of humor. All these things made Geoffrey Chaucer one of the brightest professional writers of his time. His masterpieces inspire us to use literary talents and try writing.
That is why we want to share with you some helpful tips on how to become a professional writer and some steps to becoming a writer in the 21st century. Moreover, you can find other enthusiastic authors on various platforms and resources.
The team of authors from connects passionate essay writer who value efficiency and personal approach. Specialists have great experience in numerous educational fields, from architecture and business to liberal arts. Professionals can give students a hand with writing essays, dissertations, or term papers as well as editing them.

How to Become A Professional Writer?

Nowadays, lots of people consider themselves writers: some of them have blogs, others are active social media users. At the same time, new books are being released, which means that new professional writers appear all over the world.
Authors create their own imaginary worlds and make the reader believe in them. To do that, professional writers must have a unique style. If the words are chosen correctly, then readers can experience emotions together with the characters. So, becoming a professional writer requires certain skills.

Necessary Qualities of Professional Writers

Brilliant authors are observant, they are curious and get inspired by their environment and everyone around them. To become a professional writer, you have to be able to analyze people’s motivation and background. Of course, it’s important to write clearly. Thus, great knowledge of one’s language is necessary. There’s little chance that publishers would be interested to read a work with hundreds of grammar or spelling mistakes.
Are you wondering how to be a professional writer? You should be focused and dedicated to your mission. To put ideas floating in your head on paper, you’ll need hours of hard work with no distractions.
Professionals are constantly educating themselves: they read a lot. Anything from comics, or Wikipedia articles, to biographies can become your inspiration. Everything your brain consumes will become part of your writing. Besides, professional writers often attend masterclasses, workshops and gain new life experience. After all, you’ll need new impressions to transform them into one coherent story.

Steps to Becoming A Writer

Before you start writing, it is recommended to choose a genre of your future book. First, you need to decide what exactly you want to write. It can be a thriller, science fiction, fantasy, romance, etc. If you stick to one genre, your book is more likely to hit a target audience.
How to be a professional writer? You should pay attention to everything around you to find new stories. Even an ordinary walk in the park or grocery shopping can be a source of wonderful insights. Whether you are at a bus stop or a football field - watch people constantly. Fictional characters are usually based on real people. Make sure your readers will believe them.
Write about things that make you feel emotional. Stephen King, for instance, writes about things that scare him the most. You can also focus on something that makes you feel happy, cheerful, or nostalgic.
There are many ways to develop your imagination. Try using associations, or making up biographies of people passing by.

Final Pieces of Advice to Be A Professional Writer

Don’t forget to be detail-oriented. If you are writing about some historical period, profession, or particular sphere, make profound research. Imagine that you are writing a book about the theater. Of course, it’s better to interview several actors and ask them about their everyday life, challenges, etc. Then, your book will be full of interesting details from behind the scenes.
It is recommended to work for at least 5 hours every day. Write as much as you can. The beginning and the ending of the book are the most important parts of it. If the first pages seem boring to a reader, he or she will simply stop reading further. As for the ending, if it’s weak or illogical, the readers may not recommend your book to their friends.

Can A Professional Writer Help?

Professional writers work in different fields. They may write for fashion or business magazines. Apart from that, they can be screenwriters or ghostwriters who specialize in writing on behalf of other people.
A professional writer often uses their knowledge to help students, too. Thanks to vast experience, specialists can easily write an outstanding admission essay or a speech for you. They also do their best to follow your requirements and instructions so that you receive a great mark for the paper.
Young people turn to professional writers because of many reasons. Some college students don’t have enough time to keep up with homework assignments, job duties and other responsibilities. Some are worried that their level of knowledge isn’t enough to get a good mark. Others want to free up some time for things that truly matter to them, whether it’s a hobby or a family meeting.
Thanks to a professional writer, you can finally forget about approaching deadlines and be sure that your teacher will be satisfied with your paper.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a professional writer requires lots of skills. You have to express your thoughts clearly and make the plot exciting. If it is hard to predict, people will be glad to reread your book.
Learn to evaluate your writing with a critical view. Of course, it is often difficult to admit your mistakes. Therefore, it is better to let another writer or editor read the text. Another technique is to set aside the story you've written for at least a week. Then, it will be easier to edit it with a fresh mind.
Ask your friends, family and editor to share their impressions of your book. Don't be afraid of criticism. A fresh perspective and pieces of advice might be very useful.


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