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Dr. Denis Dr. Denis
I’m a dedicated and experienced academic writer, ready to work.
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Based on consistent interactions with students, I believe that communication is an essential element in creating a healthy and friendly working relationship. When you assign me to write your essay, I focus on fostering a synergistic interaction. Therefore, I involve my clients in the writing process to feel like an essential part of the final product. Other than frequently communicating with my students.

I am dedicated to the delivery of timely papers adhering to the stipulated instructions. I am capable of delivering quality research papers and essays in different fields such as Legal, Education, Medicine and Health, Communications and Media, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Computer Sciences, Business, and Liberal Arts and Humanities.

Being a professional and experienced essay writer, I am committed to delivering authentic, high-quality and punctual custom essays. I have been able to improve my skills in different fields as a quality freelancer thanks to my interaction with various clients, each one having their specific expectations. For the past five years, I have been able to help students with multiple assignments.

I have had the opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds. I have a vast pool of vocabularies to handle these many expectations depending on the mastery level of the language. Alternatively, I am aware of the severe implications of plagiarism. My hatred for it contributes to the delivery original and 100% plagiarism-free essays for my students. Upon completion of the assignment, you have an opportunity to request an originality report to accompany the quality paper.

With me as your tutor and writer, you have the complete package. I offer student-friendly rates, which I believe will not hurt your purse. Also, I have a competitive completion rate, which I think speaks for itself. Lastly, I have access to online libraries and databases to ensure contemporary literature and sources for my clients.

I have an excellent understanding of diverse formatting styles in custom writing such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard styles. I have a valuable educational background and experience to work on different projects, starting from high school and up to the Ph.D. level. Some of the projects I can work on include literature reviews, research papers, research proposals, annotated bibliographies, various essays, and dissertations. I am capable of writing papers from scratch, rewriting unclear or plagiarized papers, and working on revisions with the client’s requirements as guidelines.

Make the right choice by assigning me as your writer and obtain a high-quality, 100% plagiarism-free, and focused papers based on the instructions presented!

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Customer reviews (201)

Customer 215301
3 days ago
Essay 421929 on Multiple choice questions

Great paper and on time

Customer 111493
5 days ago
Essay 416679 on Coursework

Fast and detailed.

Customer 215352
1 week ago
Essay 418327 on Annotated Bibliography

Customer 178502
2 weeks ago
Essay 416156 on Multiple choice questions

If I could leave zero I would. Ate up time and did ZERO work STAY AWAY

Customer 214116
2 weeks ago
Essay 416337 on Other

well done thank you

Customer 154932
3 weeks ago
Essay 415609 on Critical Thinking / Review

Excellent on-time work.

Customer 126075
4 weeks ago
Essay 413929 on Coursework

Customer 70063
1 months ago
Essay 410606 on Essay (any type)

He is the best writer, he did the paper before the due date.

Customer 200370
1 months ago
Essay 410628 on Article Review

DO NOT HIRE!!! Terrible!!! No one should hire. Fired him and then received what would have been my assignment and it was a bunch of random words all jumbled together!

Customer 214358
1 months ago
Essay 409300 on Report

Customer 119482
1 months ago
Essay 408062 on Critical Thinking / Review

Excellent work, thank you!

Customer 60343
1 months ago
Essay 408410 on Coursework

Excellent writer!!!

Customer 150365
1 months ago
Essay 400968 on Coursework

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 395898 on Essay (any type)

I failed. I received a 0/100 (F) on my final paper. Here are the comments from the Professor. 0.00 /100

0.00 /100 SafeAssign 52% overall match Comments Feedback to Learner 6/18/19 6:45 PM I appreciate your attempt on this paper, Tiffiany, but as written the sentence structure is indecipherable throughout. As such, this paper fails to demonstrate comprehension and application of the course concepts and cannot pass.

Customer 163786
2 months ago
Essay 392762 on Essay (any type)

Did not like his paper quality for my particular assignment but appreciate his effort for trying.

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 386376 on Essay (any type)

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 386358 on Article Review

Great writing. I received an A.

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 389321 on Other

Good job! I received a high B.

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 390116 on Other

I received an A. Great job!!

Customer 156712
2 months ago
Essay 392217 on Presentation or Speech

I received a 63% on this presentation. This is however the first bad grade I have ever received from this writer. All other work has been A’s or High B’s. I appreciate the attempt. Thank you.