Frequently Asked Questions How Does EssayPro Work?

How Does EssayPro Work?

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EssayPro helps students with any academic assignment they must complete. Also, we help students with complex assignments as well as easy ones. This includes dissertations and thesis papers. Our writers have excellent knowledge of their subject matter.

Place an order with EssayPro, and then our writers will bid on it to make sure you get the best price. Please include all your requirements and then deposit the agreed amount for payment. Students can expect to get their completed paper before the agreed deadline. They can check the content, give a review of the writer and after receiving product satisfaction release the payment. Students can also request a revision if anything needs changing.

All the writers at EssayPro have already provided help to other students who have used the service. This helps you understand what to expect from each writer.

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Why is EssayPro better than other custom writing services?

There are many reasons to choose EssayPro.

  • Students can pick their own writer.
  • Students can read reviews of the EssayPro writers and find their perfect match.
  • A student can negotiate the final price of their assignment.
  • A customer pays only if they are happy with the essay.
  • Students can communicate with the writers throughout the process.
  • Students can ask for any changes.

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How do students pick a writer and set a price?

Place an order with EssayPro and list the requirements of your assignment. It may take up to thirty minutes before you will see any bids for your custom essay. Try to pick writers with good reviews and remove high completion rates.

How do students pick the best writer?

Students can talk to the writers at EssayPro. They can make sure the writer understands the requirements and assignment instructions. Students can also request drafts and discuss what sources to use.

What if I don't see any acceptable bids?

It can take time for the EssayPro writers to submit bids. It happens because the writers need time to read student essay requirements and they may also be busy working on other orders. If you do not get any bids, than try to clarify your requirements.

It can also help if you extend the deadline. Writing custom essays can take a lot of time and research. If you get enough bids, but the price is too high, you can talk to the writers to get a better price. Students should always read the reviews of each writer first and pick the most suitable.

How and when do I pay for an ordered essay?

With EssayPro, students can create an account that they use to deposit money for each custom essay they want. Students can withdraw money from their account for smaller orders. They can also cancel the order or use the available balance for future orders.

Students should only pay for their custom essay once they have it and are satisfied with it. Students can do this by reading the bids from the EssayPro writers and picking the best one. Once you chose the most suitable writer, the contract begins. The agreed payment amount is also reserved to pay for the work.

Once the EssayPro writer finishes the work, students should review it. If they are happy with it they can release the full payment. Otherwise, they can ask for changes.

How can I control the writing process?

Students should ask the EssayPro writer to upload drafts of their essay. Students should also set milestones to track the progress of their task. They can read drafts and tell the writer if the custom essay meets their requirements or not. Students can contact their writer at any time to ask them about any part of the custom essay.

Students should also contact the writer for any revisions. When students are satisfied with the paper they can send it to their professor to see what they think. If there are any criticisms, you can ask EssayPro writers to make the necessary changes.

Students will get emails or SMS messages of any important events from EssayPro. Also, customers will be alerted when writers contact them or upload drafts that the student needs to look at. Students can monitor their EssayPro notifications online.

What if I'm not satisfied with the paper?

Students can make a partial payment if the order deadline has passed and the paper is not complete. This decision may be disputed by EssayPro and its Quality Assurance team. They will review the case and analyse the paper to make the right decision..

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