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Who are EssayPro's writers?

Written by Amanda Clark
Updated today

At EssayPro Canada, we understand this and offer the best writing services for Canucks. Compared to other writing services flooded with new freelancers, we only bring in the best of the best in Canada and across the world. Trust us, we do! Each one of our experts must have obtained a Ph.D. even to begin applying for a writing position. That is a height of the quality of our writing services. But wait, we do not stop there. After showing they have received the highest level of education, they must go through several written tests as well as a customer service training course to help us maximize customer satisfaction. These process and restrictions help us filter the best candidates from the average Joes and hit-and-miss freelance writers, respectively helping us obtain over 95% favorable rating from customers worldwide.

How Can I Choose The Most Appropriate Writer?

Choosing a custom essay writer is as comfortable as a piece of cake. Every single one of our professional writers specialize in their respective fields. We recommend paying attention to each writer's work history, ratings and—especially—their top rated subject when browsing through our extensive catalog. For example, if an expert specializes in history, it would be intelligent to give the writer an assignment on a topic such as World War II. Giving the writer an appointment on music notes is impractical and might result in dissatisfaction, which we hate as much as you do. Following this process will make your jaw drop when you download the completed masterpiece! We highly recommend choosing your online paper writer based on his/her preferred field and experience to receive the best possible writing.

Why Am I Supposed To Trust EssayPro Writers?

If their background education is not enough to quench your thirst, let us get into more juicy details! From simple custom essays to research paper writing, our experts have mastered the art of creating diversified academic content. They can take on all the four major types of essay: narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive—and even more. Although our writers have their particular fields (based on their degrees), each writer will create a satisfactory piece of work that will leave you, and your professor pleased — that we can guarantee. Here is a little secret. After the completion of each project, we speak to our writers, and they always tell us that the tasks were reasonably comfortable. In fact, most jobs are done almost effortlessly thanks to the decades of experience from our professional team. We challenge you to give us tasks more challenging; maybe you will break a record.

Can I Order A Proofreading Or Editing?

The majority of paper writing services offer custom essays and research papers alone. In comparison, we go beyond the norm and provide high-quality editing and proofreading services. Our team consists of post-college graduates with priceless experience, having worked with university professors and staff. They are now transforming their knowledge towards helping students earn the best possible grades. Our writers are easy to speak to and understand all of the situations that our clients are dealing with — since they have been in the clients' shoes before. They will offer professional advice on what needs to be done for each specific student. Whether they must write the entire essay from scratch or just do a quick scan to check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes, they are ready to help with it all!

What About College Application Essay Writing?

Of course! As we all know, all new college students have to deal with the overwhelming college application essay writing. In their days, our writers also had to send in their documents to admission officers in Canadian colleges and eagerly await replies. Throughout their days, however, they have learned some of the best tips and tricks to surprise, excite, and please admission officers with the exact results they are expecting. It is the best resource that you can have which no other competing students have! Whether it is forming a high “About Me” opening essay or knowing what parts of a student's career to exemplify, you will no longer have to worry about the quality of your application. We are ready for the challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to an expert today and receive an impeccable masterpiece in due time.

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