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    University students needing help on their major or general education classes

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    College students who have a variety of essays on different topics

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    Overloaded high school students who need a break so they can focus on other activities

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    A high school student accepted into college or university

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    High school students that need an extra grade boost to make it into the university of their choice

Everything You Need In An Essay

Being able to adapt to any kind of topic when it comes to writing an essay is crucial for anyone in academia, and as a student this is one of the major skills that universities look for. At the same time, this can be a real headache and often takes up huge amounts of time that could otherwise we used to work on the things that matter most to you. At EssayPro, we believe it’s important to be able to succeed. For many students the education system can feel like a huge obstacle. We work to help make sure our clients are able to pursue the things they want without having to worry about assignments bogging them down.

Our team of writers are professionals in their field and are devoted to producing quality content that is unique and adheres to the academic standards of universities and colleges. Everything you need, from proper referencing and formatting, is just a click away. Having trouble with MLA, APA, or Chicago styles? No problem!

The Easy Steps To Achieving An A+

Our essay writing service eliminates the need to spend hours in front of a computer screen or library researching and making sure every single reference is correctly formatted. Whether it’s a long term thesis or that last minute paper you simply didn’t have the time to finish, we’re here to help you meet those deadlines at a moment's notice. Signing into our website and placing an order is as easy as a few simple clicks. Quickly outline the requirements and criteria for your essay, double check the prices and available writers based on their reviews and skillsets, and make an offer. Our competitive bidding system ensures you will get your paper at the most affordable rates, and once the transaction has gone through it’s as simple as sitting back and waiting for your paper to be downloaded.

A Professional Team Of Experts On Hand

We have a special team of 124 writers who specialize in custom essay writing, and their overall 4.5+ rating is testament to their reliability and excellent customer service!

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A Breakdown Of The Custom Paper Writing Step By Step

We tend to follow a rigid guideline in terms of getting our papers written quickly and maintaining a high degree of quality along the way:

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    The Idea

    Being able to carefully outline a paper is crucial because it is the foundation and backbone, so our writers take special care to plan every step of the essay. As a client, the more information you can supply, the better chance you have of getting a paper which adheres to your specifications - writing style, tone, topics, whatever your preferences we try to satisfy them.

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    Writing And Research

    While our writers are professionals in their respective fields, we take special care to make sure all of the research and analysis in a paper is current and up to date. Making a favorable impression on your professors is our top goal, and we strive to get the best possible grade.

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    Formatting And References

    Academic essays demand good referencing techniques; whatever your class, whether they require APA, MLA, or Chicago style citations - our writers have extensive experience making sure such papers live up to the high standards of academia. Don’t fret any longer about getting your Works Cited or References page picked apart by professors!

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    Thesis Statement

    The real heart of any essay or academic paper is the thesis, so our writers always strive to make sure every piece of content they produce keeps this in mind. Part of the collaborative effort is touching base with clients to make sure they’re happy with the way a paper is evolving, and giving them the ability to pick and choose what they want from their paper.

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    The Outline

    Following on the heels of your thesis statement, our professional writers work hard to flesh out the main ideas and topics of an essay so that each part of it - from the introduction to the conclusion, and everything in between - feels like a tight and cohesive whole. You’ll always be able to have open communication with your writer to help add ideas or make your own suggestions.

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    The basis of any good introduction is producing a) an interesting hook to lure the reader in, b.) good background information to help orient the rest of the essay, and c.) outlining the all-important thesis. After approval, our writer moves on to the body!

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    The structure of the body in most of our essays is further broken down into four parts. First, a writer will produce a compelling opening or transition sentence, then the main argument which will be addressed, a cogent description looking at evidence, and finally a concluding paragraph which attempts to sum everything up. Next up: the conclusion!

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    A conclusion generally consists of three parts. First, a writer will restate the thesis and bring everything full circle. Then, a quick overview of the main ideas, and lastly a statement which concludes the essay effectively.

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    Finishing The Final Product

    An expert editor will go through the whole draft after approval to make sure everything is spick and span. They will tighten up sentences, word order, grammar, and structure to ensure it is of the highest quality. Then the client gets to read it over and make a decision - this is a great opportunity to ask any questions or address feedback. However, once you’re completely satisfied, you will receive the downloadable completed paper, and then sending the final payment, accordingly.

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    In The End

    After reading through and submitting the final document, you should expect to receive nothing less than an A. Since the writing was done by a Master's or Ph.D. grad with years of college writing experience, their level of expertise will probably stun your instructor, who will see you in a different light after receiving the fantastic product. If this is the type of experience you are looking for, all the while paying a cheap price, then EssayPro is the way to go!

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