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    Upload the instructions for your college paper and receive price offers from writers within 5-10 minutes

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    Review writers’ profiles and select an offer based on price, quality, and the writer’s strongest subject area

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    The writer will send your paper before the deadline, allowing you to make any necessary edits. Download your finalized paper and pay the writer (in that order).

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  • A team of editors proofreads each paper, checking that the writer has implemented the correct citation format. We also run each paper through the same plagiarism checker as your university!

  • Receive email and SMS notifications to stay updated on the status of your order. Reach out to our 24 /7 support service for any additional questions or concerns.

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  • By using our service, you gain instant access to hundreds of professional writers that specialize in various spheres. It is easier than ever to find a suitable writer for any assignment, making the college experience all that much more enjoyable.

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  • EssayPro Canada employs a payment system that guarantees quality. You get to read the final version of your essay before making the payment, as well as pay partially for progress.

  • What are the possible payment methods and can I afford to buy from EssayPro?

    Each customer can select one of the available payment methods (PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers, or VISA/MasterCard). It is completely safe to pay on our website. The prices we offer are below the market average, so you can afford to order essays here.

  • Are your writers qualified enough to write my essay?

    Our company hires only native-speaking ENL writers to work on your papers. Depending on the level of your assignment (e.g., college, PhD), we assign the most suitable writer, or you choose on your own based on their bids.

  • Can I get an urgent essay overnight?

    It is not a problem for our team to write papers due tomorrow. We can even accomplish an assignment that has to be ready in 3-6 hours if it’s not too long. Usually, we deliver papers ahead to leave some time for the possible revisions.

  • Is EssayPro a safe and secure website?

    You can be sure about the safety of your private information and payment process. Our team ensures your full confidentiality by keeping your personal information within these walls. Your teacher will not find out about our cooperation.

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