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Ten Words to Cut From Your Writing

Ten Words to Cut From Your Writing

Custom Essay Writers Know the Tricks to Make Your Writing Stand Out

If you have ever visited a custom essay writing website, you may have noticed that experienced writers have a particular way of expressing ideas. Custom essays usually feature focused and effective language choices. There are some words and phrases that professional writers almost always avoid. Drop these from your writing, and watch your grades rise!

  • Obviously

This adverb, meaning easily understood or clear, should NEVER appear in your essay writing.
The reason this word is so objectionable is that it connotes a sarcastic tone. No one wants to be told what is obvious to someone else.

  • Good

An adjective, the word ‘good’ is practically meaningless. To describe something, this way doesn’t give the reader any useful information. For example, if you write that the film is good, I have no idea what you mean. Consider more specific choices; It was a masterful film (tells me the film maker is highly skilled); It is a gut-wrenching film (tells me I can expect an emotional experience); It is a moribund film (tells me I should probably see something else on Friday night), and so on.

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  • Always/never

I know I used the word ‘never’ in a paragraph above, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should NEVER use it in an essay. These words don’t leave room for discussion. In other words, if you assert that a thing is always or never a certain way, you do not leave an opportunity for your reader to consider an alternative, or, more importantly, demonstrate that YOU are willing to consider an alternative. Here is an example to illustrate my point. Compare these sentences:

  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse never recover entirely from the experience.
  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse seldom recover entirely from the experience.

In the second sentence, the use of the word ‘seldom’, allows readers to imagine at least the possibility of recovery, a very important distinction in this context.

  • Got

This little word, the past tense of ‘get’, is often used in place of more specific and accurate verbs. Again, an example will be instructive:

  • The researcher got three facts wrong.

  • The researcher interpreted three facts incorrectly.

  • Wrong/right

Just like always and never, these words give your writing a self-righteous tone. The solution is the same – get specific! Instead of wrong, you might say instead that it is inaccurate, morally reprehensible, or untrue. See the difference?

  • Don’t/can’t/wouldn’t etc.

Contractions are unacceptable in formal essay writing style.

  • Anyway

This adverb has many different uses in English. For academic paper writing, it is sometimes mistakenly used in place of the more formal choices ‘regardless’, or ‘in any case’.

  • Anyway, the results of the research are indisputable.

  • Regardless, the results of the research are indisputable.

  • Stand up to/rise above/give up etc.

The phrasal verbs above are constructed with a verb and a preposition. English has many beautiful single word verbs. For example, why stand up to a bully, when you could oppose them instead. Sure, you might rise above the situation, but wouldn’t you prefer to transcend it?

  • Irregardless

You can’t use this because it is not a word. Try regardless or irrespective instead!

  • Really

This is another tricky adverb. Its definition is ‘in reality’, but it is often writers use it in place of adjectives.

  • The article was really long.
  • The article was exceptionally long.

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