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How to Write a Thesis Statement

February 14, 2018 Types of Academic Writing
How to Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a short statement, commonly one sentence, that defines the main idea or claim of an essay, research paper, etc. It must be supported and explained in the text with evidences and examples taken from your research. It guide the reader into understanding the main idea and showing what your writing will be about. It should inform your reader of what your paper is about, and help guide the flow of your essay and keep the argument focused

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How to Make a Powerful Thesis

  • Keep your statement to the point.
  • Never use phrases like “the argument of this essay is” or “the point of this paper is”. They do not belong in your essay.
  • A strong thesis requires proof. You can’t just state it like a fact. You should back it up with accurate supporting evidence that will engage your audience and motivate them to continue reading.
  • A successful thesis gives your paper guidance and defines how much you need to write. It works as an explanation of what are you going to write in your body paragraphs. That is why all paragraphs of your paper should support, explain or argue with your thesis.

How To Write

If you want your thesis to be classified as a thesis and not just a useless sentence, use a very precise tone and specific words. Use words and language which is firm and authoritative.


  • “The contrasting climates and settings in the two novels showcase how different Antoinette’s concept of home is from Jane’s, thus adding an even more parallel quality to the two novels.”
  • “Cricket in South Asia between 1880-2005 played a political role in not only easing tensions and restrictions of caste members, but allowing Pakistan and India to release some political tensions from a religious aspect.”

Writing a thesis statement

Is your statement too broad?

Shape your topic to the length of your paper. If you are writing a 5 paragraph essay, make your thesis very specific. If you are writing a dissertation or a novel, your thesis will obviously be way less specific.


  • A thesis that is too broad: Chick Flick films negatively impact relationships.
  • Here is a revised version: Several psychological studies state that frequent viewings of “Chick Flicks” negatively impact romantic relationships.

Is your statement too specific?

You need to make your argument as clear and specific as you can. As you write your paper, your thesis will become more and more refined. When you are done writing, you can go back and look over your results to ensure that your argument and your thesis coincide. Make sure there are no conjunctions such as “and, but, or” or words like “through, although, because, since”. These words imply that your thesis is too specific and you need to shorten it to a single idea.

Is your argument clear?

Your thesis statement, as stated prior, needs to be as clear as possible.

  • Avoid technical language or any words that your audience might be unfamiliar with.
  • Avoid vague and weak adjectives such as “exciting, interesting, difficult” etc.
  • Do not use adverbs in your thesis.
  • Do not use abstract concepts or undefined nouns such as “values, society, culture, people” etc.
  • Don’t make an assumption that the reader knows what you are talking about. Define all your terms or narrow them down to something more concrete to avoid misunderstandings.

Here is an example:

  • In the Victorian society women were supposed to be “Angel in the house”.
  • Here is a revised: The Victorian Society expected middle-class women to assume the position of the “Angel in the house” by being passive, powerless, pure, charming, and graceful.

Is your position obvious?

A thesis statement should do more than state your argument. It must also showcase your opinion on the subject matter and assert a position that you support. Do not simply state a general fact. A thesis changes and develops as you write your paper, so remember to go back and revise after you are finished writing.

  • Do not simply announce your topic or state a fact instead of a proper argument.
  • Avoid stating universal truths (for example: “we must save the whales!”)
  • Do not make harsh and opinionated statements with no factual support.

Small Piece Of Advice

You definitely want your thesis statement to be the best ever. To accomplish this challenge you write several versions of the thesis and look for the most suitable.

Do your best

There is no one single formula to thesis statements. You will not find a thesis statement generator online that can create an original argument that will not bore the reader. Keep revising your own idea until you get original and interesting claims that you are excited to write about.

Once you pick a topic, think about ways to answer a “so what?” question. Remember that this maker does not exist if you want a high-quality argument. Explain to your reader why does your particular topic actually matters. This will help you avoid statements that seem like they came from a template fill-in-the-blank.


A well-crafted thesis avoids generic words. Instead, they use concrete subjects, active verbs, and insightful observations. Grab the reader’s attention with your words! Be enthusiastic about what you write. This way, you will have a successful paper.

  • Unoriginal thesis: There are downsides and upsides to mastery learning
  • Revised, original thesis: Mastery learning allows students to learn to reach a standard rather than to pass and forget about the learned information.


Download PDF examples of essays with a thesis statement. The statements are underlined and highlighted.

Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team

Firstly, a good thesis statement can be made worse by locating it in the wrong place. When placing your argument, avoid putting it in the middle of the paragraph or later in the paper. Make sure it’s either in the very beginning or ideally in the very end of your introductory paragraph. The second way to ensure your thesis statement is good is to be as clear and precise as possible. Refine your thesis as you refine your argument. During the writing process, you might add or remove some points. Make sure to include or exclude them. If it is a general assertion, that is one indication that it is not focused enough. Another tip I have for you is to make your writing as clear as possible. Remove vague words and avoid abstract notions. Unless you’re writing a technical paper, avoid using really specialized vocabulary (and on the contrary avoid colloquialisms).

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