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How To Write a Thematic Essay

How To Write a Thematic Essay

Every piece of writing ever written has its agenda. Whether it is to teach a lesson, show the impact of a particular emotion, or portray the reaction to some action, a central theme can be developed.

The goal for us as readers is to uncover what the author was trying to say between the lines in their thematic essay. When we do finally discover it, we have accomplished the first step of thematic essay writing! Let's see in details how to write a thematic essay on our EssayPro writing guide.

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What Is a Thematic Essay?

When looking at the thematic essay definition, it is a piece of writing in which an author develops the central theme in some literature using literary devices like foreshadowing, imagery, personification, etc.

A pro essay writer will uncover the primary subject, elaborate the literary devices employed, and express the overall significance of the theme. The primary challenge comes from the fact that although there are various subjects, finding the most meaningful and impactful one can be challenging.

After all, each person has their varied interpretation, making it hard to agree on a central theme wholesomely. In short, a well written thematic essay comes from a healthy central idea that is conclusively proven via literary devices and logical arguments.

How to Pick a Thematic Topic?

Talking about how to write an excellent thematic essay, the crucial aspect is choosing a theme. Follow the listed hints to pick a thematic topic.

Recall what you were talking about in a class, with your mates or parents. Do some of these conversations recall you some book, novel, or another piece of literature?
Write down every idea that comes to your mind. Sometimes most absurd is a first sight is the best way to go.
List your favorite literature pieces. Which one is the most touching for you? What it's subject? Try to analyze its problematics and make some notes.
Dive into details of literature pieces: make sure you have something to work with. Find clues and examples, write down some key scenes and keywords what answer the essay prompt.

Still, have no idea what to write about? No worries, we have your back.

Thematic Essay Topics

Thematic Essay Example Topics

  • What is George Orwell trying to show after portraying a "Perfect Utopia" in his book 1984?
  • What main idea is George Orwell painting about Communism in the book Animal Farm?
  • What is Harper Lee saying about innocence in her novel To Kill A Mockingbird?
  • What is John Steinbeck speaking about loneliness and isolation in Of Mice and Men?
  • What is F. Scott Fitzgerald saying about the American Dream in The Great Gatsby?

Finding and Exploring the Central Theme

As stated before, uncovering the main subject and central theme, respectively is the first significant step in a thematic paper. However, with all the variety flowing around, it may be challenging to decide on the main subject confidently. To make sure you choose the central theme correctly, follow these steps:

  • Summarize the Literature: If you take the SparkNotes version of the book, what the main idea is the author trying to purvey? Usually, there will be many hints along the way, so choosing the right direction may not be so challenging.

  • Pick the Most Prevalent Subject: One thing to note is the significant difference between a subject and a theme. An issue is the general topic of conversation, whether it be love, bravery, deception, etc. An idea is a specific point an author is making about said subject. So, find the talking point that is most commonly being brought up. This will be the focal point of the essay.

  • Read Between The Lines: After finding the most suitable subject, decipher what main point the author is trying to make. This will become clearer as you get deeper into the literature since clues and examples will appear frequently. After fully deciphering the central theme, there is one more significant step.

  • Overall Significance: What is the overall significance that comes from the author's point? What can be taken from this and applied to our personal lives? In other words, what is the lesson from all of this? What have we learned?

Thematic Essay Outline

Thematic Essay Outline

The thematic essay has several key components. First of all, it should be five paragraphs or more, depending on the depth of the theme. Next, it must have a detailed thesis statement, which, in other words, is the thematic statement that comes from the main subject. The introduction presents the reader with the subject and the thesis statement. The body paragraphs each discuss one literary element or more to defend the validity of the thought, all the while providing many supporting details from the text itself. Lastly, the thematic essay conclusion summarises the main arguments presented and finishes off with a statement of overall significance.

Follow the link to learn more about
How To Create A Winning Outline


Thematic essay introduction presents the main subject of discussion in a captivating way. The first sentence of the intro should be a hook statement that makes some intriguing claim about the topic of debate. If done correctly, this will grab your reader's attention. Afterward, provide any necessary background information from the literature that will help the audience understand your claims later on. Lastly, put together a well thought out thesis statement that reflects the central theme of the novel.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs follow a strict thematic essay format. Since each body paragraph's purpose is to present a literary device as evidence, the topic sentence should introduce the claim and gateway into the evidence. Every topic sentence must have a literary device, the author's name, and the relationship to the application.

Afterward, to validate the claim, using examples from the book that strengthen the reasoning of your statement. These can be actions from the plot or quotations that are in parallel with the central theme. It is imperative to explain how the action/quote links back to the thesis statement, as it shows that you can support your logic.

Remember: each claim must use a literary device. It can not just be a random moment or inference. Thematic essays are all about proving thesis statements through the use of critical literary devices.


The thematic essay conclusion has three main objectives to complete before wrapping up the entire essay. It should NEVER present any new information or facts but merely go through the information already given. First of all, restate your thesis statement with the use of a transition such as "In conclusion," Then, summarise your three central claims and their influence on the thesis statement. To finish off the entire work, present an overall concluding statement with a global analysis of the subject. Leave your reader with a call to action, interesting them to dig deeper into the topic.

Wrap Things Up


Before submitting your thematic essay for a grade, make sure to check off a couple of things to clean up any possible errors.

  • Double-check and confirm that the central theme you have decided is the one that the author MOST LIKELY meant to focus on. Unless you can provide a secondary issue and present it vehemently enough as a primary, validate the primary subject.
  • Go through and proofread your entire essay. Nothing makes reading more irritating than grammatical mistakes, clean that stuff up as much as possible.
  • Get a second pair of eyes to read through your essay. It would be helpful to ask a classmate for help, as they most likely had a similar assignment. Another great way to polish things up is to ask one of our essay writers to give you some helpful advice.

Thematic Essay Example

The best way to familiarise yourself with this type of writing is to learn from an example. Click on the button to download the thematic essay example.

Having Trouble with your Thematic Essay?

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