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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation and a Speech?

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation and a Speech?

A presentation helps the audience visualize the things. It makes the topic clear thanks to the visual elements like images, graphs, tables, charts, and slides developed based on the previous research. Learn how to create PowerPoint online or remotely from our informative post! Running out of time? Let the professional academic writing service develop the best presentation and speech based on your unique requirements.

Table Of Contents

What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation (PPT) is a slide show developed with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint app or online tools like Google PowerPoint or close analogy called Prezi. The collection of slides offers information on a specific topic. This tool is effective for business meetings, conferences, training, and educational goals. To make it short, the basic rules of a successful PowerPoint presentation look this way:

  1. Less is more;
  2. Rethink imagery;
  3. Narrow down the text;
  4. Insert multimedia.

It looks simple. Writing information on the chalkboard is a tiresome activity. That is why many professors prefer creating PowerPoint or Google slides to read their lectures, and they prefer students to do the same when defending their assignments.
PowerPoint viewer trains audience’s visual memory. Baddeley & Hitch’s model of working memory is the basis for the successful presentation, and it is recommended to design the slides based on its principles.

working memory principle

Let’s make it clear.
The Central Exclusive. This part manages the work of 3 systems by allocating & processing information person hears, sees, and saves.

The Phonological Loop. This one refers to the auditory information - something that we hear.

The Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad. This system is about seeing the world around: shapes, colors, spaces, and movements of the subjects.

The Episodic Buffer. This one integrates the data across the sensory domains and deals with the long-term memory. PowerPoint presentation prevents the audience from being overloaded as it minimizes the amount of retrieved information thanks to visualization.

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation: Step-by-Step Guide

A presentation is made of the same elements as a regular academic essay outline. It should have an introduction, thesis, body, & conclusion. The point is, a writer should not underestimate the importance of a great hook at the beginning of the slides. A presentation has to persuade, explain, and motivate the audience to take part in the discussion.
The main part of any academic assignment is a thesis, and that is why we should focus on developing this part of a PowerPoint presentation.

How to Write a Thesis for PowerPoint Presentations?

The primary thing to develop is a powerful, catchy thesis. A writer may either use the same thesis statement as in the paper or come up with a new original thesis statement based on the presentation’s goals. It depends whether your goal is to prove something to the target audience, interest it, or impress. Different approaches are used in various situations. Study several tips that will not let you down:

  1. A thesis represents the visual stimulus - a writer has to pick several pictures relate to the topic to illustrate it. Before embedding the chosen pictures or other visual elements to your presentation, check whether you correspond to the rules of intellectual property and have a right to use them. Experts recommend creating own images. Use Excel or similar software to create graphs & tables from scratch.

  2. Come up with a sound, short thesis statement on the 2nd slide after the presentation’s title to make the audience want to keep on reading after seeing a powerful (hopefully) title. You can learn more about choosing cool titles here.

  3. Create a thesis outline to divide the entire text in the logical pieces - crowding the slides with a ton of words is not the best idea. Leave the details for the supporting speech. The title slide should be the first one. Experts recommend using 3-4 sentences per slide, making them short, and garnishing the slides with engaging visual elements.

  4. Funny music and sounds are not appropriate unless the presentation is not serious. For academic purposes, it is better to set classical music on the background.

Preparing Visual Elements

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates found online are old but not outdated. It means students can use them in their assignments on the modern issues. It is better to select a theme that a target audience have not seen thousands of times before, so search for the original ideas on the web. You can find many free PowerPoint templates online.
To stand out from the rest of your peers, try using innovative online software created to replace PPT - Prezi and similar apps. Canva is a great visual content design website. One more idea is to use a Venngage’s free presentation builder that offers professional templates, samples, icons, and quality stock images. The best thing is that these tools are free!

Charts, graphs, & tables

Add the statistics with the help of supporting visual elements such as charts, graphs, and tables to make the audience see the picture. It is easier to see the difference or progress on images. Check whether these elements fit in with the rest of the PPT visual theme not to distract the reader from the main point.

Color themes

It is not a secret that colors have a great impact on human emotions. It may define the way we perceive things. The recent research has shown that switching a color of a Call-to-Action (CTA) button in mailing campaigns increased conversions by 21%. Your presentation should convert as well. In academic presentations, they recommend choosing blue and green colors as they stand for the balance and harmony, trust and dependability. Choose PowerPoint backgrounds based on the psychology of colors.


Using tiny or unreadable fonts distracts the audience. They will try to decipher the words instead of focusing on the main topic of the presentation. Designers form the famous Visage know which fonts to choose. They advise to apply Sans Serif fonts that stand for legibility over fun because the text should be both big enough and in the appropriate color.
If you have any doubts regarding the overall layout & design, download free web PowerPoint themes or customize the existing design.

How to Write a Speech?

A PowerPoint presentation comes hand in hand with speech writing. The presentation itself should contain a minimum of text, and that is why a supporting speech is required: it is the way to make people understand your infographics, images, tables, graphs, & charts.

Include only facts & statistics on the slides. Provide a full interpretation of every visual element in your speech.
When it comes to mastering the art of developing an academic or business speech, the need to learn how to write a speech pops up. Be ready to present your thoughts orally. Knowing the timing and schedule is an integral part of powerful speeches & presentations.

tips on how to write a memorable speech

Different Types of Speeches

Speech structure and types of this task are the first things to consider. Do not focus on preparing a piece for reading - speeches are for hearing!
Having a hook sentence in the ordinary essay or research paper is not obligatory while you should do your best to attract the reader’s attention when it comes to speech writing. This type of work should have “flair.”
The basic types of speeches to keep in mind are:

  1. Informative
  2. Persuasive
  3. Entertaining
  4. Instructional
  5. Special occasion

For your studies, you will face informative & persuasive types more than the rest of them.

An informative speech can be based on any expository essay. The author should present the topic, inform the audience about the basics, and explain the way things happen and why. The examples could be:

  • Fashion Modeling for Modern Teenagers
  • Smoking is for Dummies
  • New Subway Stations in Town

Have you ever written argumentative or persuasive essays? All students write them. In a persuasive presentation & speech, the author should take a specific position on a specific topic and try to convince the target audience in their truth. If you want to persuade the audience, mind one of the following topics:

  • Reasons to Become a Volunteer
  • Working Abroad is Life-Enhancing
  • Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

It is evident that an entertainment speech should entertain the watchers. It should not have an informal tone. The possible ideas include:

  • Reasons to Call Watermelon a Berry
  • 3 Simple Ways to Predict the Future
  • Living in a World Controlled by Robots

Cooking, doing exercises, studying language, installing software… These activities require specific instructions to follow. That is what an instructional speech is about, and it could be:

  • How to Learn to Swim
  • Avoiding Mistakes in a College Essay
  • Cooking a Seafood Salad
  • Steps to a Perfect Evening Make-up

A special occasion is the shortest type of speech. It is essential to introduce the event briefly, motivating the audience to come. Those are graduation speeches, campaign promos, weddings, rock gigs, etc.

One thing that all types of speechwriting have in common is the need to catch an eye of the target audience and make them listen.
The next thing to do is to talk about the structure.

How to Start a Speech?

An opening paragraph of your speech is the primary part of the entire document, and that is why many students wonder how to start a speech in a compelling way. Your goal is to impress. “Dress to impress” meaning make your presentation’s title, cover, welcome message, and image impressive. Think about something to stand out from the presentations on the similar topic.
An attention-grabber is your key to success. Pick one of the recommended bangs to make your audience interested from the opening slide:

  1. Shocking fact
  2. Interesting statistics
  3. Joke/Anecdote
  4. Provoking or rhetorical question
  5. Literary quote
  6. Quotation of a famous person

After the hook, the central statement should follow. It is a thesis statement. End up with a transition into the body part.

It is critical to mind the amount of time allotted to speak - tutors specify the limitation is the task’s prompt. Based on the amount of time you are given, prepare a schedule and speak out every word of your speech to see if you fit in the limits.

Out of the entire introduction, pick an attention-grabber. Create the opening slide based on that (and adding an exciting image). Example of how to start a speech:

“Hey there, dear guests, did you know that almost 37% of the people living in the poorest districts of Los Angeles remain unemployed partially because the wealthy ones do not provide enough workplaces in the area? Besides, the amounts they pay are not enough to pay back all the debts. That is why today I would like to focus on this problem that prevents the entire country from being the most economically developed in the world.”

What to Include in the Body of Your Speech?

There are several ways to allocate the speech’s body. The recommended structure patterns are:

  1. Chronological - The one that describes the events in chronological order (one-by-one in the order of appearance)
  2. Spatial - The one that offers an overview of the design
  3. Topical - The one that introduces info one subject at once
  4. Causal - The one that explains the causes and corresponding effects.

Speeches tend to have 3 sections in the body.

Working on a Speech Conclusion?

Never underestimate the power of a good conclusion! A common mistake of many students is to relax after writing an introduction and three body paragraphs (sections) while a lot depends on the concluding part.
In our examples, the three main points covered in the body could be:

  • The impact of literacy rates on employment in specific Detroit’s districts
  • The correlation between cheap labor and unemployment
  • The reasons for the wealthy population to underpay the financial minorities

Summarize those points by restating them. End up on a dominant chord by involving an attention-grabber once again.

Whatever you do to create a neat speech, do not forget about the integral elements of this document:

  • Smart quotes
  • Strong transitions
  • Amusing stories with a goal
  • A positive ending

How to Create a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation?

Look at the step-by-step guide on how to create a PowerPoint presentation in your Microsoft office. It is obvious for most of the students, so we made it short:

  1. Launch the app by double-clicking on its icon and you will be directed to the PowerPoint templates page. Look at the available templates. The offered templates contain color schemes, fonts, and overall design - take our tips into account while choosing one.

  2. Pick a theme. After deciding on the template, choose a theme; some templates have various color schemes defined by colored boxes in the lower-right side of the screen. Click the boxes to make necessary changes.

  3. Select Create. It is easy to understand what you should do as the application developers provide detailed instructions on how to create different parts: from the title slide to the references slide. That is why we suggest that we move on.
    If you don’t know how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, try this:

  • Click Share below the video frame of the chosen YouTube video.
  • Pick Embed to get the right code.
  • Right-click the iFrame and choose Copy after that.
  • Click the slide to add a video, Insert tab, Video, and Online Video.
  • Paste the embed code in the From a Video Embed Code box and click the arrow: now you have a video that you can resize or edit the way you want.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint and Vice Versa? That is the common question of many students once they are done with the major part of the work. You should not do that manually - use free online converters. If the result is a bit messy, order editing from the professional custom writing service that specialize in academic assignments of any type and level.

PowerPoint Topics & Examples

The selection of a topic for the presentation looks similar to finding keywords for your Computer Science or IT website project. Once you master the art of titling PPT files (initial slides), you will learn the basics of social media marketing and search engine optimization.
These titles will make your audience intrigued!

  • A Little Mistake That Can Cost a …
  • How I Made Plenty of Money with a…
  • Are You Still Painful or Depressed?
  • There Are Only N Types of Activities Business People Ever Want to…
  • For People Who Want to… but Can’t Get Started
  • The Crimes People Commit Against…
  • How a Single Word Can Get You…
  • A Startling Fact about…
  • How to Write a…
  • The Secrets of Making…

Play with the numbers & facts in your presentation’s title. It will guarantee a quick response form the target audience! Observe the samples of PPT files and benefit form using them.

powerpoint presentation example

powerpoint presentation example

After reading this article, you should know how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or another type of presentation) to impress the audience and make it participate in the discussion. The end result is a high grade for your work. To achieve this goal without any obstacles, we recommend hiring an expert academic writer from our team!

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