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The NHS Essay: Become the Member of This Society!

The NHS Essay: Become the Member of This Society!

Are you one of the students who has discovered their passion for reading, writing, leadership, and the urge to overcome new challenges? Various organizations are ready to support your enthusiasm. To join them, ambitious students have to submit powerful application papers. The National Honor Society essay is a tool that allows becoming a member of one of the most prestigious organizations in the United States. This guide explains how to write the National Honor Society essays with a couple of examples.

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Table Of Contents

What is the National Honor Society Essay?

The primary thing to discuss is what makes the National Junior Honor Society (NHS) essay different from other types of academic papers. It has a lot in common with a scholarship & admission essays. The organization itself is a friendly student community that allows excelling in such fields as:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Social services
  3. Volunteering
  4. Internship

A student has to show their best side to be accepted to the organization. The NHS has its rules of formatting & structuring papers. To prove you are the right candidate to fit local requirements, you should stress the basic reasons why the NHS and the entire community will benefit from obtaining your services.

An applicant must illustrate personal leadership with some examples. Think about the achievements you wish to accomplish and explain why and how your skills may add up to the field of social services.

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What Are the National Junior Honor Society Essay Requirements?

The paper is sometimes called the National Junior Honor Society essay as even the youngest students can join. There are several conditions the applicant should meet:

  • Current candidate’s educational institution should have an NJHS chapter;

  • The candidate must study in grades 6-9;

  • Ninth-grade students should have passed a middle school

  • The applicant must possess an accumulated GPA go minimum 85 (it equals to 3.0 on a 4.0 standard GPA scale);

  • An applicant should be a good leader and show citizenship and commitment to the particular society;

  • A student should take part in various volunteer programs or internships;

  • Finally, the interested student should possess high morals and ethics.
    Those are the National Junior Honor Society essay requirements each applicant should correspond to.

How to Write the National Honor Society Essay?

It is time to have a look at how to write a national honor society essay. Use these basic writing tips:

  • Conduct in-depth research on a preferable topic even though it should describe the writer’s experience;

  • Begin to analyze the selected topic - the thematic should be unique and catchy;

  • Brainstorm on the relevant ideas;

  • Prepare an outline the way you wish to put down your thoughts;

  • Write the paper;

  • Proofread & edit the final draft. The NHS is strict with any sorts of mistakes. The smallest errors may result in disqualification!

Once you are ready to start writing, find out how to start the National Honor Society essay. We tried to collect the best tips for you.

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How to Start a National Honor Society Essay?

The introduction is the most important part of the National Honor Society scholarship essay as it must encourage the target audience, which predetermines applicant’s further fate, to read the paper. Come up with a relevant and attention-grabbing introduction. The approaches to doing it include:

  • Explaining the main reason to join the NHS

  • Specifying the things a student knows about the organization proving his or her pure interest

  • Highlighting the strengths of the applicant (unique skills, in-depth knowledge of specific topics, other achievements)

Start with one or few engaging hook sentences to make the admission officer want to read the paper

Writing the Body Paragraphs of the NHS Essay

There is nothing special to say about the body paragraphs of this paper. Every paragraph should comprise of the topic sentence and evidence. Unlike in college essays on specific topics, the student should start with the main reason to pick him/her and prove the claim with the evidence collected in different sources or examples from personal experience. Do not include more than 3 body paragraphs in your writing.

NHS Essay Conclusion

A conclusion must be powerful as an introduction. The goal is to help the admission board with making the final decision in favor of your candidacy. The conclusion should effectively meet the goal, which is to prove the specific applicant is eligible to join the NHS community. Sum up the reasons to choose you from the pool of other candidates by mentioning several factors.

  • Mention your grade point average
  • List personal qualities
  • Name professional skills
  • Identify the main purpose of your application paper
  • Conclude the leadership experience
  • Make a summary of these points

Add a hook or call-to-action (CTA) in the end. The CTA should finalize why the organization would benefit from choosing you.

What Happens Once I Am Accepted?

We would like to share more reasons to join the NHS. If the National Honor Society personal essay you submit succeeds, they will invite you to an induction ceremony with other accepted candidates of the local organization’s chapter. Those are public events, so get ready. The organization allows bringing whoever you want with you to support this event: from parents to close friends.
The HNS propose different ideas & sample programs to observe before the ceremony. The event includes several stages.

  1. A special entrance by inductees
  2. Warm welcome from the adviser, principal, or president
  3. National Anthem/Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Guest Speaker
  5. Review of entrance criteria
  6. Honor Society Pledge
  7. Final remarks
  8. Candle lighting/Symbolic presentation

The National Honor Society Essay Examples

To let you understand the way a successful paper should look, we have prepared a couple of the National Honor Society essay samples. These are the brilliant examples of extracts!

nhs essay sample part 1

nhs essay sample part 2

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