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How To Write A Five-Minutes-To-Read Admission Essay

December 06, 2017 Essay writing tips, Admission essay
How To Write A Five-Minutes-To-Read Admission Essay

It’s finally time. After years of writing essay after essay, it is time to put all your energy into the one. The essay that will, to an extent, determine your future and the quality of your education.
The sad reality is that the essay you spend weeks sweating over will only take five minutes for an admission counselor to read. Counselors have seen it all when it comes to essays and here are the life-hacks to make each minute count.

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Tell me a great story

We read hundreds of admission essays and it is pivotal that you engage us from the start. If you hook us, we will keep reading. One of the best ways is to include a mini-story or anecdote as it will naturally grab our attention and draw us in. Show us your personality and character from the start and tell us how your past has shaped who you are today.

Be Genuine

We frequently see students who are trying too hard to impress us. Be creative and honest without underestimating the value of everyday subjects. Remember it’s less about the topic and more about how well you frame it.

Whether your topic discusses a crisis or an everyday subject we need to see a glimpse into how your mind works, your view of the world, and your perspective.

Put The Thesaurus Down

While your essay shouldn’t be a diary entry it also shouldn’t be a press release. Overuse of SAT type words in your personal statement might make it sound unnatural and may distance you from us. Especially if your English grades reflect C’s.

What Matters to You?

We are looking for authenticity and at the quality of your thinking. Anything can qualify as an ideal topic just as long as you can show us how well you reason, your impeccable logic, and your ability to hold our attention. Pick a subject that matters to you and write from the heart.

Follow the guidelines provided and take your time

While it seems common sense to follow the application instructions not all applicants do. Don’t ignore the instructions or test my patience with a ridiculously long essay. Be concise.

The best admission essays come from students who have dedicated a significant portion of their time to the process, preparation, and introspection. We can tell if you wrote the admission essay at the last minute.

Choose the prompt wisely

Choose the prompt that best relates to you as an individual and shows us who you are and why you are the type of student our school wants to attract.

If you choose to focus on something obscure be sure to give enough context so that your reader becomes familiar with the topic. Similarly, if you choose to write on something controversial you must make your stance an educated one so that you do not come off as offensive.
Keep in mind that your custom essay will be read by a very diverse group of people with a wide range of backgrounds so you want to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

Use your Essay to expand your application

Imagine that you are sitting next to me in the admissions office and answering the question, “What else do I need to know about you?” Your admission essay should reflect this answer. Use your essay to tell me something I couldn’t know from reading the other parts of your application.

Remember this is an essay not a resume

If we wanted a resume with an extensive list of your awards and qualifications we would have asked you for one. We ask you for an essay so that you have a chance to share with us your character, unique experiences, and interests. If all you do is expand your resume your essay will come out flat, lacking creativity.

If you do have something to brag about go ahead and include it but write it with humility, keeping in mind that there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Tell us why you want our school correctly

Each college has it’s own personality and character. When we ask you “why us?” we want to hear a genuine and thoughtful answer as to why you wish to attend this institution. Don’t paraphrase our website information. We want to see a personal connection between our school and you.

Proofread More Than Once

While I am sure that you’ve heard this multiple times it doesn’t hurt to say it again, you must proofread your work. It is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent grammar mistakes and typos. Spell check won’t catch everything and mistakes don’t leave a favorable impression the reader.

The Bottom Line

As admissions officers, we want to ensure that we accept someone who is going to go the distance, put in the work, graduate, and be successful in the world. We want our university to be associated with that success. We need to know that you are someone who can truly think critically, has a passion for learning, and a dream for the future. Make sure that your essay indicates that you are self-aware, hungry for knowledge, and ready to hit the ground running. Show this in your essay and you will be a student on our campus.

Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team

If you have a short period of time to write an admissions essay, then you know the stress of having to start one from scratch. The most important piece of advice that I could give you is to write about something you really care about. This will keep you from being cliche and sounding uninterested. However, some things should stay out of an admissions essay. Another tip that I have for you is to use many sensory details and put your reader into your shoes. This will help them empathize with you to a greater extent. I have read thousands of examples of admission essays and all the good ones have the sensory details and storytelling techniques mastered to perfection. The more you connect with the reader, the more inclined they will be to choose you and admit you to their program. Thus, don’t be afraid to describe things and take your time for the story to evolve. Best of luck writing your admissions essay!

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Don’t Forget the Long Game

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