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How To Write A Conclusion

December 07, 2017 Essay writing tips
How To Write A Conclusion

A conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper in which you will need to link all your arguments among themselves. Then, it is important to bring the reader to a logical end of your work providing them with a sense of completeness. It is crucially important to have a strong concluding paragraph since this is your (the writer's) last chance to make an impression on your reader.

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Your conclusion should accomplish four major objectives:

  • Restatement of the thesis statement and the main idea of your essay. The best option is to paraphrase it in different words and present it in an “already-proven” manner.
  • Summarize the subpoints of your essay writing.
  • Show the significance of your essay. If you are writing a research paper, then it would be necessary to present the importance of your research to your particular field of study.
  • Leave the reader with a sense of completeness and present an overall concluding statement.


  • Don’t add any new information in the concluding paragraph; you had 3 body paragraphs to present all ideas you have.
  • Your conclusion must be opposite to the introduction. As usual, introduction starts general and ends by narrowing down. In conclusion, things are slightly different. Move from specific to general.

Strategies Used to Design the Conclusion

If you don’t know how to write a good conclusion, here are some strategies which you might find relevant to use when writing your conclusion.

  • Ask yourself the “So What?” question. Read your paper once again and then ask yourself “so what?”, usually, the answer will come to your mind itself so you may use it as your conclusion.

  • Show the importance. There is no need to repeat in the conclusion the same things that you wrote in the body and introduction. They have already read it. Instead, show your audience the overall importance of your paper and value of arguments that you have presented.

  • Ask your audience a question. Do it in the last sentence of the introduction after summing everything up. A question should be open-ended and leave your reader slightly shocked and let them come to the point by themselves.

  • Draw on your experience. Write about how things that were told in the story affected you and what have you learned from them. The great way to explain something is to explain it in your own example.

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Good Conclusion Examples

The best way one can understand how to write a good conclusion is to learn from examples. Below you can find an example of a conclusion. Try to identify which sentence(s) restate the thesis, which sentence summarize the sub-points that were in the body and which sentence leaves the audience with an entertaining final impression.

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