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6 Tips to Write Better Than You Normally Do

6 Tips to Write Better Than You Normally Do

Essay Writing For Top Marks

Writing an exceptional essay is possible if you follow some simple, effective strategies. You have already made the first step in seeking online essay writing help! Here are five ways to be a better essayist, and make your paper writing experience a pleasurable one.

Table Of Contents
  • Choose your Setting
  • Make a Plan
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Be Fussy About Words
  • Share Your Work

  • Choose Your Setting

    I like to write at a large table, with room for books, laptop, and pen and paper, but my approach doesn’t work for everyone. Pay attention to your most productive writing to date. Where were you when you wrote that A+ essay? Was it a quiet library, or a busy coffee shop? Does your paper writing experience improve when you work with a friend or are you more successful alone? Creating an atmosphere where you are comfortable and can work on your essay writing without too many distractions will improve your writing dramatically.

    Make A Plan

    Not even the best writers complete their work in one day. If a 2500 word essay must be completed in two weeks, some simple calculations will show that writing 200 words a day will get that essay finished on time! However, great essays are about more than just typing paragraphs into your laptop. Plan time for gathering and reviewing sources and materials, creating an outline, writing a draft, and making sure your final document is error free.

    Set Realistic Goals

    Making a plan involves deciding what you can accomplish each time you sit down to write. I recommend setting goals that are attainable, but that also prepare you for your next essay writing session. For example, a reasonable goal for a two-hour writing block might be to draft a paragraph, including correct citations, but also to write the transition sentence into the paragraph you will write during your next paper writing session. This will help you get started the next time you sit down to write.

    Be Fussy About Words

    Essay writing might sometimes seem overly formulaic, and this can be stifling to creative personalities. One way to inject interest into the process, as well as the final product, is to engage with vocabulary at a deeper level. English gives us a variety of options, particularly when it comes to descriptive words. Something as simple as a color, let’s use ‘red’ as an example, will give a particular flavor and feeling to your writing depending on the word you choose to express the idea of that color. A cherry red dress is a very different thing from a scarlet red dress. Take the time to use a thesaurus, and a good quality dictionary, and make sure that what you write is exactly what you mean.

    Share Your Work

    It is very difficult to spot flaws and areas for improvement in your essay writing. Ask a peer to read your work and give an honest opinion. Sometimes, a passage that seems clear to you will baffle someone else. Online essay writing services can guide you through the entire process of writing a paper. Also, many colleges and universities provide online essay writing help centers, where you may submit your work for suggestions or critique.

    Whether you are an experienced writer or not, essay writing demands discipline and focus, but that doesn’t mean that the paper writing experience needs to be boring. Find ways to work that make you feel comfortable and productive, and use the resources available to you, including buying a custom essay, to improve the appeal and effectiveness of your work.

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