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GradeMiners Review

GradeMiners Review
At first glance GradeMiners seems like the usual essay writing service, providing a variety of academic essay writing services to satisfy a wider breadth of students. However, as soon as you begin to experience GradeMiners first hand you begin to realize that it is little more than a very questionable service, consistently pulling innocent students’ money in only to give them subpar essays. This review will highlight all of the different aspects of this website
Price Average $15
24/7 Support +
Writers compl. rate avg. 48%
Security 56%
Discounts, coupons +
Plagiarism check +
Money back guarantee +
Av. Customers reviews rate 5.7
Services offer +
Score: 6.4/10
GradeMiners Services
27 services from 27 is available
  • + Custom Essay
  • + Admission Essay
  • + Annotated Biography
  • + Review Article
  • + Book/Movie Review
  • + Business plan
  • + Case Study
  • + Coursework
  • + Creative Writing
  • + Critical Review
  • + Literature Review
  • + Multiple Choice Questionnaires
  • + Reflective writing
  • + Report
  • + Research Paper
  • + Term Paper
  • + Thesis/Dissertation
  • + Editing and Proofreading
GradeMiners Writers
100 writers on site (43% is native). Customers satisfaction - 46%

The first sign that GradeMiners may not be fully honest about their services, and the quality of their freelance writers in particular, is the fact that the information they share does not add up. On their homepage they claim their writers are native language Master’s and PHD holders, and on another page they say they’re experts. From my experience of the papers received, as well as other reviews, its immediately clear that neither of those are the case

GradeMiners Prices
Minimal price starts at 15$, no discounts and money back

Compared to other essay writing sites, GradeMiners seems pretty standard. Of course, the prices vary a lot according to what you are requesting and how much time you have to receive it. There are also some coupons, discounts and promo codes available to users. However, just like with the quality of their writers, it soon becomes clear that pricing can be very inconsistent and your orders sometimes seem more expensive than they should be. Discount: 15% off first order, Bonus system for regular users

GradeMiners Customer Reviews
Minimal price starts at 15$, discounts and money back
Based on my own experience using GradeMiners, as well as other student recommendations and site reviews, it is clear that there are a lot of cons to using this site. However, below you will find my own outline of pros and cons of the company.
  • + 24/7 Customer Support:

    Despite the fact that GradeMiners has a lot of cons, which I have also outlined, the website does have a very extensive customer support system in place. If you have a complaint you can use the customer service number or chat window to ask any questions online. All in all, a legit customer support system I and others feel safe using.

  • + There are a number of discounts for users available:

    Luckily for users, there are a number of discount codes available. If you are a first time user you can receive 15% off, and they also have a bonus system in place. It is important to keep in mind with these, though, that you have to create and sign in to an account to receive these. If you are a college student and worried about pricing, this is certainly a perk

  • + Free plagiarism report:

    A nice perk of using EssayLab is that they do offer a free plagiarism report to ensure that the custom paper you paid for is indeed custom. Though this does not always seem to be effective, the intention is there and it is good to feel as if they are taking your concerns seriously.

  • - The quality of the writing you receive is always questionable:

    The main con of GradeMiners is without a doubt the questionable quality of work you receive from them. My paper was riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes that was obviously not written by a native English speaker, let alone a Master’s or PHD student, like the website claims. My assignment was simple enough, but the paper was still poorly written. Even though GradeMiners claims to be 100% plagiarism free, there were certain sentences that were so obviously different, that I did not trust that the essay would pass a plagiarism test. From reading other student reviews, this seems like this is the case often, definitely leaving you with the feeling that paying for their services is not a safe bet that you are going to receive a paper worth the price.

  • - The revisions and money back guarantees are not reliable:

    This con is particularly frustrating for users who have a tight schedule to deliver on essays. Though the site guarantees two weeks of revisions for free, other users have reported struggling to get a hold of their writers and if they do, having to wait far too long for the revisions they need. Even then, reports claim that the revisions are not satisfactory. Combined with the low writing quality in the first place, having delayed and unreliable revisions is sure to leave the user feeling like they paid a lot of money for an essay they could have written better themselves.

  • - Inconsistent quality of written produced work:

    Finally, there is zero transparency on the site, which is very off-putting as a potential user. There is no way of reaching the writers or seeing samples of the work, though there is a money calculator it hardly works, and there is the distinctive feeling that after forming an account and registration, you are going to be pulled into buying something that won’t actually be delivered.

Minimal price starts at 15$, discounts and money back

While GradeMiners is not as bad as some complete scam sites around, I was definitely left feeling like it was falsely advertising their services. There was no way to control which writer you were going to get, so therefore no way of telling whether your writer has a record of delivering reliable work. Though the pricing is very standard, the number of reports of poor quality writing and unreliable communication definitely leaves me feeling like any student would be better off going to other sites for their essay writing.

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