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How to Write a Good First Line of an Essay

September 26, 2017 Essay writing tips
How to Write a Good First Line of an Essay

Why The First Line Is So Important

Have you ever been in a situation when reading the first line of a book, an article, or an essay, you knew that you are about to witness something special? Scratch that, have you ever been in a situation where, how someone introduced themselves, has affected the entire flow of the meeting?

First lines, as a first impression, always served as a great tool for creating an atmosphere and setting up the pace for the reader. Not only it presented the mood that a story is going to follow, but also gave us an introduction to the content.

As we always recommend our readers, it is crucial, when it comes to academic essays or narratives, to start and finish strong. This is precisely the case. As a writer, you need to be able to create a powerful punch line that not only going to give an insight to your text but grab the reader’s attention. However, don’t feel frightened, with the following tips, it’s going to be much easier to accomplish than you think.

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How to Create a Good First Line

Your first line will determine if your audience will keep reading the work or not. This means that it requires a special attention and care. There are several unique methods of creating a good, unique to your work, introduction sentence.


Great quotes tend to have a powerful effect on people, influence their motivations. You can begin your work with citing a quote, however, not just any quote, but a quote that either relates directly to the topic of your paper or involves someone who has succeeded in the given field.

Usage of quotes will demonstrate your knowledge in the field beyond the basics. In addition, there are some things that you can’t simply say better than they were already sad. Choose your quote carefully, make sure it’s not too short and carries a meaning that will raise a question or support the argument you are giving.

If the quote works really well and represents your global argument, then you can come back to it later on as a way of supporting your statements. It’s very significant to cite the author of the quote, as well as, to mention his relation to the field you are discussing.

Factual Statement

People love facts. It’s our human entity, we enjoy facts because they are surprising, but true at the same time. For this reason, it is always a good idea to integrate factual information in your first line.

Similar to the quote, it is important to keep the facts direct or related to the field of study you are discussing. Something specific, that could potentially support the argument you are providing.

In this case, make sure that the information you provide will actually strike the reader, rather than bore them. One weakness of stating pure data, if you do not find anything interesting, you can lose the reader’s attention instead of gaining it.

Always make sure that after the fact, you provide a follow-up, a supportive statement or an argument that is going to tie the information and your topic together. A barely given data without a proper transition could potentially mislead the reader in another director or confuse them at all.

Ask Question

Asking a rhetorical question was always found an effective way of engaging your audience. The reason for that was that the readers actually started to actively think and try to answer the question. Your article should provide enough information so that by the end of the paper, the people will come to an answer.

Creating a question is not very hard:

  • Choose a global theme/topic
  • Write it out as a statement
  • Transform it into a question

The trick here is to connect this question to your conclusion paragraph. Your reader might already come to a conclusion and answer the question himself. However, it is your task as a responsible writer to summarize and give you answer to that question. Then it will create a logical chain of thought and will satisfy. Just make sure that the evidence you provide through your paper leads to the answer.

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