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EssayBox Review

EssayBox Review
Price Average $22
24/7 Support +
Writers compl. rate avg. 48%
Security 56%
Discounts, coupons +
Plagiarism check +
Money back guarantee +
Av. Customers reviews rate 5.7
Services offer +
Score: 6.4/10
EssayBox Services
27 services from 27 is available
  • + Custom Essay
  • + Admission Essay
  • + Annotated Biography
  • + Review Article
  • + Book/Movie Review
  • + Business plan
  • + Case Study
  • + Coursework
  • + Creative Writing
  • + Critical Review
  • + Literature Review
  • + Multiple Choice Questionnaires
  • + Reflective writing
  • + Report
  • + Research Paper
  • + Term Paper
  • + Thesis/Dissertation
  • + Editing and Proofreading
EssayBox Writers
93 writers on site (43% is native). Customers satisfaction - 46%

EssayBox claims that their writers are all professionals with years of experience, however, the website fails to provide any proof to their claims . There is no way of ensuring that what the website claims, which is a big problem. In addition to being shady in that aspect, they also do not have any client reviews on their homepage, making it seem that they are trying to hide something.

EssayBox Prices
Minimal price starts at 22$, no discounts and money back

EssayBox prices are considerably more expensive than those you normally find on custom essay writing services, with the lowest price being $22 per page. However, the site does provide extensive discounts and the payment system is secure. Discount: 4% for 15 pages / 8% for 50 pages / 15% for 100 pages

EssayBox Customer Reviews
Minimal price starts at 22$, discounts and money back
The customer feedback provided below illustrate EssayBox’s pros and cons, covering all aspects of the site.
  • + Transparent pricing and discounts:

    Though the pricing on EssayBox is very high, their pricing is completely transparent with no hidden costs, which can be found on other sites. In addition, the site offers a number of discounts for users which encourages users to come back and use their services again.

  • + Customer service:

    There is a 24/7 customer service available for users, including an online chat box which is very helpful as if you have any questions they will be answered right away.

  • + Money back guarantee:

    EssayBox does provide a money back guarantee if the student is not completely satisfied with the work, which is particularly reassuring considering the questionable quality of the writers.

  • - Unrealistically high prices:

    Unfortunately, EssayBox’s prices are incredibly high for their services, possibly the highest on the web. This is unrealistic as most high school and even any student would not be able to afford a paper at that price, especially when there are other sites available that are much more affordable.

  • - Questionable quality of writers and essays:

    Though the site claims that all of the writers are high quality and professional, there is no way of being certain that that is the case. Unlike other sites where the writer profiles have ratings from past users and examples of writer’s work, EssayBox does not provide any concrete information on the writer’s abilities. This leaves the student having to gamble with whether or not what they pay for will be worth it, which is particularly troublesome considering their high prices.

  • - Untrustworthy site:

    Though the first impression of the site is positive, upon further exploration it becomes clear that they do not support some of the claims they make. For example, the site claims that you can read samples of their writers’ work from any topic, however, once you try and click on where they say that, it doesn’t allow you to see them. This lends to a feeling of insincerity and lack of trust, which is especially not good for the high prices listed.

Minimal price starts at 22$, discounts and money back

While EssayBox’s first impression is overall positive, in particular with their transparent pricing, money back guarantee and customer support, it soon becomes clear that this site is not nearly as good as other custom essay writing services. For the unreasonably high prices, the quality is unreliable and the site does not instil a feeling of trust, which is easy to find in other sites like my personal favourite EssayPro.

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