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Using An Essay Writing Service: Ethics vs Practicality

February 14, 2018 Student Life, Essay Writing Help
Using An Essay Writing Service: Ethics vs Practicality

Essay writing services have been existent within the educational globe for over a decade. Their overall purpose is to help high school and mainly college students with academic assignments. This is done by providing them with professional paper writers who are well versed in writing, editing and proofreading all types of essays. Of course, the quality of the work varies with each paper writing company.

A cheap writing service will provide mediocre and untrained writers that are usually freelancers looking to make some quick cash. More reliable sites spend a significant amount of time looking for educated content creators that have mastered the skill of college essay writing. Unfortunately, a large percentage of college students do not know about these services or choose not to use them. This may be due to unanswered ethical dilemmas. If we get down to the brass tax, then this service allows a student to exchange a certain amount of money for time and energy necessary to create a strong piece of writing. Of course, there are two sides to every coin and each one has its own validity. This article is aimed to explore the ethical usage of these services versus their practicality on a larger scale. So sit back and enjoy the debate!

##Ethical Argument #1: College helps students train self-discipline and responsibility.

Being a college student teaches many things about work ethic and self-discipline. Most students attend university for the main purpose of earning a degree in their particular field of choice. The indirect but arguably just as important skills are gained from several years of rigorous studying, researching and production of academic content.

On one hand, a student is receiving information and learning new skillsets that will help them especially within their spheres of interest as well as the outside world. On the other, they are subconsciously training themselves to be responsible, self driven and punctual. When using one of these services, a student is limiting the growth of skills that are necessary to develop in the working world.

Practical Argument #1: The college experience is not limited to only educational tasks.

As any college student knows, extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs and fraternities play a huge role in the development of an individual on the social level. Once one of these individuals finishes their college education, book smarts can only get them so far. Learning how to communicate with others and building contacts for future endeavors are priceless skills that can’t be developed in a history lecture.

Just like any other human being, a university student will face countless opportunity costs in which they must decide how to use their time. In one of these situations, it makes practical sense for a person to attend a networking event in which they may meet someone who can be potentially helpful in the growth of their career. The only cost they have to pay is a mere $40 for a paper in one of their Gen Ed classes. Most people would agree that opportunity cost is practical.

Ethical Argument #2: These “helpful services” produce an undesired impact

As most people know, there are two types of people in this world. There are the ones that chase their dreams and put in persistent effort and time into achieving what they want. Then there are those who come up with excuses for not succeeding in their endeavors and live a much more shelled life.

The good news is that this categorization is on a one-dimensional scale. A lot of lazy students do not know that these services exist, and if they did things would become problematic. The thing is that any student can change their mentality and become more ambitious in their education and other parts of life, but being introduced to essay writing services just puts another chain on the leg that is moving towards self-improvement.
Depending on the audience that is being presented with this service, some will see it as a method of freeing up busy work time while others will see it as another way to avoid effort. To sum up, these services that are meant to help students with academic tasks are subconsciously promoting laziness and quick fixes to irritating problems that a student must handle for themselves.

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Practical Argument #2: Essay Writing Services are the Natural Outcome of a Poorly Structured Academic System

The educational system is laid out in such a way that projects, homework, research papers, and presentations are shoved down the throat of every single college student.

If one was to ask a student about the last 2-3 weeks of a semester, they would probably mention things related to massive anxiety, lack of sleep, depression and a necessity for focused isolation. Now consider ESL (English second language) students that have to complete similar amounts of work on a language that they are still in the process of learning. It is pretty self-explanatory as to why these international students tend to rely heavily on good essay writing services.

In summation, the poor design of the educational system has led to the creation of these services as a perk that helps balance a hectic schedule.

Ethical versus Practical - Who Wins the Debate?

Who Wins the Debate?

Unfortunately, unlike most debates, there is really no clear winner here. The truth is that this type of situation is something that needs to be considered in moderation. Using a college paper writing service is an idea that should be used sparingly and only students who fit in certain criteria should consider outsourcing their work. If a student has decided to go ahead with the plan, they should be meticulous when it comes to choosing the best essay writing service. There are many cheap sites that provide the user with low-quality content or might be just scam services that take your money and run.

In order to avoid these traps, check out custom essay writing service reviews of each site before considering or just stick to the certified sites like EssayPro. To conclude, a professional essay writing service is a very good academic perk that students should use if their is a logical reasoning behind it and not something that should be used a substitute to promote their lazy habits.

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