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CustomEssayMeister Review

CustomEssayMeister Review
CustomEssayMeister claims to provide all of the same services as other far more reputable essay writing sites, yet manages to provide almost no support to their claims and regularly receives negative feedback on all aspects of their website, and the services it provides./div>
Price Average $18
24/7 Support +
Writers compl. rate avg. 48%
Security 56%
Discounts, coupons +
Plagiarism check +
Money back guarantee +
Av. Customers reviews rate 5.7
Services offer +
Score: 6.4/10
CustomEssayMeister Services
27 services from 27 is available
  • + Custom Essay
  • + Admission Essay
  • + Annotated Biography
  • + Review Article
  • + Book/Movie Review
  • + Business plan
  • + Case Study
  • + Coursework
  • + Creative Writing
  • + Critical Review
  • + Literature Review
  • + Multiple Choice Questionnaires
  • + Reflective writing
  • + Report
  • + Research Paper
  • + Term Paper
  • + Thesis/Dissertation
  • + Editing and Proofreading
CustomEssayMeister Writers
85 writers on site (43% is native). Customers satisfaction - 46%

Though CustomEssayMeister claims that all of their writers are university graduates and are professional writers, there is no proof to any of those claims in this case.

CustomEssayMeister Prices
Minimal price starts at 18$, no discounts and money back

The prices on Custom Essay Meister are unreasonably high for the low quality of work their so called “experienced” writers provide the clients, leaving the user's feeling like they are being scammed.

CustomEssayMeister Customer Reviews
Minimal price starts at 18$, discounts and money back
CustomEssayMeister’s pros and cons are based on my own and other user experiences, all outlined below to give a full overview of the custom essay writing services this website provides.
  • + 24/7 Customer Support:

    CustomEssayMeister’s only other pro is that it has secure online payment, accepting most major cards and PayPal.

  • - Pricing is too high for students:

    The first major con of CustomEssayMeister is certainly the fact that the prices are too high both for regular students who they are targeting and for the blatant low quality of their site. With prices that high on a site that is riddled with grammatical errors, it immediately puts the user on edge feeling like they are walking into a scam.

  • - Writer quality is lower than any other site:

    The writer quality has been proven to be unreliable and poor time and time again. Though they claim that their writers are professional writers and have university degrees, there is no way of being proven that that is the case. In fact, it can almost be proven that they are not, as on their hiring site it states that a current student or any working professional (no matter their degree level) can be hired on as a freelancer for CustomEssayMeister. The endless negative feedback of awfully written essays from CustomEssayMeister is just another indication that by paying for their services, you will most likely get a subpar paper.

  • - Site is difficult to navigate and untrustworthy looking:

    If their site design is anything to go by, this is most certainly not an essay writing site you should ever want to use. Their site has a number of spelling mistakes and is so unattractive and poorly designed that you immediately feel as if you are on a site that is going to scam you.

Minimal price starts at 18$, discounts and money back

All in all it is clear that CustomEssayMeister is one of the poorest quality essay writing sites available. Other than their immediately available customer support, there is very little positive to share about the experience of using their site. I would highly recommend avoiding using this site whenever possible, as you are most likely going to be charged a large amount of money for very poor quality work.

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