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Top 100 Great Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Top 100 Great Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing a compare and contrast essay can be challenging for first-year college students. Writing a paper like this requires you to inspect two or more subjects for similarities or differences. Compare and contrast essays are not a basis for answering a specific question. Nor are they used for solidifying an opinionated argument. Your goal is to create analogies for the purpose of explanation or clarification. To write an essay in this format, you need to sharpen up your critical thinking skills.

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Finding The Right Sources

When writing an academic piece that aims to compare and contrast more elements together, it is important to do so in a manner that sparks interest and keeps the audience tuned in. Nonetheless, it is important to remain consistent since creative and objective pieces will tackle the issue in different ways. Similar to an argumentative essay the objective approach seeks to elaborate using accurate facts backed up by solid evidence.

Choosing a topic is a crucial stage. The best way to choose an appropriate topic is searching for credible references that come from primary or secondary sources respectively. These are usually accredited sources that date back to a minimum of five years, however, this may vary depending on the topic of discussion. Keep in mind that your reading list will form the backbone of the essay, thus to help give you a better idea of where to start looking here's a short list of options:

  • Textbooks
  • Books
  • Documentaries
  • Academic journals
  • Scientific magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Official reports

Tips On How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

Regardless the topic or style that students choose to use when tackling such an assignment, it is vital to adhere to the traditional structure of an academic paper.

compare and contras essay writing tips

It is best to grab the reader's attention right from the start by using an interesting source as the foundation of your argument. This will help outline what the topic is about and guide the discussion into the right direction through the thesis statement.

Developing your arguments
As previously mentioned thorough research will allow one to create a minimum of three claims. Each should have its own individual supporting argument as to highlight these points in their respective paragraph.

Refuting opponent's arguments
A solid viewpoint is capable of disproving the opponent’s arguments by using facts and logic. Thus, it is important to be aware of what the opposition might say while conducting research, so one is well prepared. Try to make note of at least two opposing views what could potentially come up as preparation.

Restate your thesis statement and stress why your side is right once again.

Finding Great Topics To Write About

Don’t limit yourself to topics that you already know inside-out. Compare and contrast essay writing can be exciting if you use it to discover something new. To find appropriate compare and essay topics to write about, you must engage in critical and analytical thought. You will need to find a topic that is not too broad or too narrow. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and effort.

One of the most time-effective methods when teachers do not provide you with a list of topics is to go through various types of reading material, such as:

  • Newspapers
    Using these types of sources as reading material is often highly recommended due to the fact that they tackle ongoing world events as well as the latest innovations in different spheres. Thus, one may choose to find an expert opinion or even bias information and use it to strengthen or prove a point.

  • News channels
    Quite often various news channels offer a summary of all the major events that took place that day. This segments usually takes about half an hour of your time but can be used as a primary source if referenced properly.

  • Magazines/Journals
    If economics, religions or politics are not exactly what you enjoy exploring as academic topics, then it is best to have a look at sports magazines, fashion journals, etc.

  • Internet
    As one of the most easily accessible sources, it also represents one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Keep in mind to double check the credibility of the sources before using them.
    Other means to stay in touch with global events is by attending various seminars, conferences or meetings and participate in the discussions carried out there.

Look for topics that are interesting and inspiring for you. As a comic book fan, I would love to read an essay about Superman versus his alter-ego Clark Kent. Superman is from a different planet. Unlike other superheroes, he doesn’t wear a mask because his true identity is Superman. He puts on a mask only when he becomes Clark Kent because that’s the only way he can blend in with our society. This is a great topic with many parallels in our modern world.

Here are 100 good compare and contrast essay topics for your mind to feast on:

  • Spotify vs Apple Music
  • Cats vs Dogs
  • Typhoon vs Hurricane
  • AT&T vs Verizon
  • Lion vs Tiger
  • Resume vs CV
  • Leasing vs Buying a car
  • Star Wars vs Star Trek
  • Coyote vs Wolf
  • Fascism vs Communism
  • iPhone SE vs iPhone 6
  • Coke vs Pepsi
  • Fiction vs Nonfiction
  • Plant Cell vs Animal Cell
  • Analogy vs Metaphor
  • Hobbes vs Locke
  • Tea vs Coffe
  • Expectations vs Reality
  • Apple vs Microsoft
  • Gandalf vs Dumbledore
  • Boys vs Girls
  • Stocks vs Bonds
  • High School vs College
  • South Korea vs North Korea
  • Stalin vs Hitler
  • Safari vs Chrome
  • Ants vs Termites
  • Kosher vs Halal
  • Hydrogen Bomb vs Nuclear Bomb
  • Facebook vs Twitter
  • Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science
  • Nike vs Under Armour
  • Shareholder vs Stakeholder
  • Head of state vs Head of government
  • Alligator vs Crocodile
  • Fruits vs Vegetables
  • Greek vs Roman Gods
  • Dusk vs Dawn
  • Game of Thrones book vs Show
  • Wage vs Salary
  • MMA vs Boxing
  • Soy Milk vs Milk
  • Mozart vs Beethoven
  • Pretty vs Beautiful
  • Football vs Soccer
  • Vampires vs Werewolves
  • Iron Man vs Hulk
  • Brain vs Heart
  • Toads vs Frogs
  • Closed vs Open headphones
  • Thunder vs Lightning
  • Monopoly vs Oligopoly
  • Summer vs Winter
  • Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley
  • Renting vs Owning
  • Newton vs Einstein
  • Cowboys vs Indians
  • Baroque vs Renaissance
  • Jefferson vs Adams
  • Childhood vs Adulthood
  • American Idol vs The Voice
  • Nuclear Power vs Solar Power
  • Poor people vs Rich people
  • Coffee vs Energy Drink
  • Family vs Friends
  • Soviet vs American system
  • Tom Sawyer vs Huckleberry Finn
  • Watercolor vs Oil
  • Red vs White
  • Offence vs Defense
  • Rap vs Pop
  • Cash vs Credit Cards
  • Motorcycle vs Bicycle
  • Racism vs Sexism
  • Chamberlain vs Churchill
  • Recycling vs Landfill
  • Roman Empire vs British Empire
  • Letters vs Emails
  • Drama vs Comedy
  • Jazz vs Classical Music
  • 1984 vs Fahrenheit 451
  • Living in City vs Country
  • Juice vs Water
  • Books vs E-Books
  • Diesel vs Petroleum
  • Public vs Private transportation
  • Living at home vs Living on campus
  • Truth vs Lie
  • Real World vs Virtual World
  • Greek Philosophy vs Roman Philosophy
  • North vs South before the War
  • Harry Potter: The book vs Movie
  • Antique vs New
  • Home Education vs Traditional Education
  • Thor vs Loki: friends of enemies (according to the movie)
  • KFC vs McDonald's
  • Online dating vs Real-life relations
  • Modern Dance vs Ballroom dancing
  • Being a freelancer vs Working in an office
  • City vs Country lifestyle

We hope that this article has given you an idea of how to choose a compare and contrast essay topic. Did you find our list useful? Have you decided to use one of our topics in your essay? Let us know in the comments section below!
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