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50 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

March 01, 2018 Essay writing tips
50 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Before jumping into a pool full of good essay topics for cause and effect paper, it’s necessary to understand what this writing style is all about. In essence, this is a type of writing where an author presents the reasons as to why different actions, events, decisions or other things occur, alongside their consequences. A cause and effect essay can be organized in two ways:

  • Chronological order: This formatting explains what actions, events, decisions, etc. lead to certain consequences.

  • Reverse chronological order. This style requires one to begin with the consequences and finish with the things (event(s), decision(s), action(s), etc.) that lead to these consequences.

When it comes to structuring the essay, cause and effect papers are typically written in a 5-paragraph structure. It requires the student to make a thorough evaluation of sources, and show their awareness of the subject, and use their critical thinking and analytical skills in writing.

Before you get into the writing process, it is crucially important to choose a great topic. Fortunately, variety is in abundance as there are a lot of easy cause and effect topics and vice versa. However, your goal is to find a golden center. More specifically, look for a topic that would be neither too broad nor too narrow.

Cause and effect

To save yourself from choosing an inappropriate topic and wasting time, EssayPro team have gathered the top cause and effect topics and divided them into thematic groups. Scroll down and pick the topic from our qualified essay writers that seems most engaging to you!

Cause And Effect Topics For College Students

  • Cause and effect of The Great Depression
  • Causes of mental illness?
  • Effects of the great awakening
  • Why are teens so obsessed with social media?
  • What causes anxiety?
  • What are causes of technological advancements in Japan?
  • How does a break up affect a child?
  • What causes divorces?
  • How does alcohol affect the body?
  • How globalization affects the economy?
  • World war 2: causes and effects
  • Why do so many Americans continue to choose junk food over healthy?
  • The effects of racial, religious or another type of discrimination
  • What case you to choose your college/major?
  • Causes of university dropouts and their effects

Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  • Causes and Effects of climate change
  • Causes and Effects of global warming
  • Causes and Effects of high blood pressure
  • Effects of smoking
  • What causes insomnia?
  • Internet influence on kids
  • Domestic violence
  • Music effects on human mood
  • Study abroad improves a student’s long-term employability prospects.
  • High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack
  • Causes of video game addiction
  • The effects of moving to a new town
  • What is the effect of long distance on relationships?
  • The effect of a teacher, friend, coach on your life
  • What is the effect of abortion on women's health?

Easy Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  • Effects of pollution
  • Effects of not eating meat
  • The causes and effects of an exam failure
  • Effects of school bullying
  • Why children lies?
  • How regular exercise improves the productivity of a person?
  • Why children run away from home?
  • Effects of nowadays technology on children
  • What are the causes of overpopulation in China?
  • The effects of not getting enough sleep
  • What is the impact of GMO products on health?
  • How does weather affect our mood?
  • The effects of increasing prices
  • The effects of working while going to college
  • What are the causes of HIV/AIDS?
  • Dating at young age
  • What causes the northern lights?
  • What causes the tectonic plate to move?
  • Cause to write a cause and effect essay?
  • The effects of changing school

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