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How to Write a Bullying Essay?

How to Write a Bullying Essay?

Why is a bullying essay so popular in the US schools? Numerous statistics and facts provide the answer to this question: The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 1/3 of the school students were bullied in 2007, and some of them on a daily basis. 56% of students witnessed this phenomenon. These dramatic statistics are alarming, and a bully essay is one of the effective ways to make people think about preventing the cruelty in educational institutions.
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What Is a Bullying Essay?

A bullying essay is the type of academic writing assignment that aims to explain the reasons and outcomes of teenage cruelty in the educational institutions. The paper explains why some students wish to miss school. You can choose one of the available essay types to express the feelings towards this problem:

  • Definition (define the phenomenon)
  • Descriptive (describe the issue with an example)
  • Narrative (come up with the related story you personally witnessed)
  • Cause & effect (the reasons and outcomes of abuse)
  • Compare & contrast (you may compare one phenomenon to a similar one)
  • Argumentative (take a certain position on the chosen topic)
  • Persuasive (prove why your position is the right one)
  • Research paper (conduct in-depth study to learn more about the problem)

It is up to the student to choose an idea unless a tutor assigns the topic. The main goal of a bully essay is to prove this issue matters. It is important to show the adverse consequences and motivate the target audience to start doing something instead of silently witnessing the juvenile crime against each other.

The type of bullying also matters. For example, there is a significant difference between cyber bullying and school bullying, and you should keep in mind the major differences while talking about one of them.

3 types of school bullying

Bullying Essay Topics

It is not that easy to select a specific topic. The teachers do not always assign one. Th basic rules for selecting the research question are:

  1. Brainstorming. Sit down with your peers or family members to discuss the recent trends related to the school crimes and prepare a list of possible ideas.

  2. Discussing. You should not ignore the help of your tutor - hurry up to consult them before it is too late (before the deadline passes). They can help you before or during the process, not after!

  3. Exploring. Learn as many details about the issue as possible to decide whether there is enough information available from the sources you can access for free.

  4. Excluding. Exclude the topics you do not like or have minimum information about from the list one-by-one, leaving the best idea on the go!

Here are some of the top anti bullying essay topics to consider:

  • Being mean to the surrounding people
  • Teasing and pleasing in the US high schools
  • The difference between teasing and bullying
  • An example of teasing you witnessed
  • Different types of bullying
  • Teenage bullying essay
  • The basic factors of cyber bullying
  • The role of the internet in high school bullying
  • The “best” age for school bullying
  • The reasons for bullies to behave the way they do
  • The consequences of high school bullying
  • The way bullying impacts academic performance of the victim
  • The mental issues of the school bullying victims
  • The most effective ways to fight school bullying
  • The useful prevention measures
  • The best punishment for the school bullying
  • Physical abuse in high school
  • Verbal attacks of the classmates
  • Psychological explanation of the concept
  • The role of parents in preventing school bullying
  • How to identify, prevent and respond to cyberbullying

Those are the top topics to consider. This information may be insufficient to succeed.

Bullying Essay Outline

Bullying essay outline will look the same way as a regular essay on any other topic. You can add more body paragraphs if necessary. The flow of thoughts should be logical - that is why it is critical to come up with an action plan called outline before writing the paper. The template you may use is:

  • Introduction: Define the research question, explain why it matters in modern society, and finish with an impressive thesis statement. You may involve a hook sentence like a shaking fact or statistics in the beginning to catch the reader’s eye. The goal is to make them read to the end and care about the issue.

  • Body: Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence (claim), followed by the evidence and examples collected from the primary sources and personal author’s experience.

  • Conclusion: Start with a paraphrased thesis. Try to provide a sense of why the discussed problem remains relevant or significant for the US society and how to fight it effectively.

  • Bibliography: Do not forget to recall the sources cited in the text to earn extra credits, avoid problems with plagiarism, acknowledge the distinguished authors, and offer your reader more information to observe.

Writing a bullying essay introduction is the most important section. We should discuss it next.

Bullying Essay Introduction

Writing a paper on bullying is an important step in the process of fighting and preventing a harsh high school issue. In college, the problem is less relevant, but college students often write about it in their research papers.

In the opening paragraph, a student must grab attention. The best method is to start with a dramatic statistics about the explored issue to make the reader understand how it matters in the modern society. It is not enough just today that it is bad and takes place.
Briefly summarize why some students get at others, providing a background (history) of the research question. You may add the basic types of bullying here. End up with a persuasive thesis statement made of 1-2 sentences. It must summarize the reasons to study the offered research question and offer a particular author’s position.

Once you are done, provide at least 3 arguments to support the thesis statement in the upcoming body paragraphs of the paper.

Bullying Essay Conclusion

Writing a conclusion is not the time to relax! It is about stressing the importance of an issue once again. In the ways to reduce bullying in schools essay, an author may summarize the basic methods of fighting the problem along with the possible implementation and predictions for the future. At the end of a cyber bullying essay, you may offer several solutions to get rid of the issue online along with the forecasts regarding internet crimes. Do not forget to include a restated thesis at the beginning! It is a good idea to finish with a hook to leave the impression on the reader, reminding how important it is to solve the problem.

Free Bullying Essay Examples

How about having a look at the short paper about bullying written by one of the academic writing experts? It will provide you with an overall idea of how to write an argumentative essay on bullying.

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Cyber Bullying Cause and Effect Essay

thought about cyber bullying

A Persuasive Essay on Bullying

“No matter what kind of bullying the students face, it is an extremely hazardous issue. Several reasons for this type of rule break exist. The main reasons include insecurities, mental issues, evil nature, family problems, and other things that make the bullies feel uncomfortable about themselves. They put others down to feel better. Bullying has both emotional and physical negative impacts on the victim. As a result, a student suffering from bullies may feel depressed, lonely, shy, weak, and start experiencing the symptoms of different mental diseases. In this essay, I will prove that governments, school boards, and parents have to invest more time, efforts, and money in improving the situation with bullying by preventing it or at least helping the victims.”

How to Prevent Bullying Essay

“The statistics are dismaying: the recent studies showed that 13% of kids in kindergarten and school become the victims of bad treatment from the side of their classmates. 11% of kids admit to being a bully. A lack of support leads to such type of self-protection. This essay proves that the best ways to reduce the problem or even solve it completely include analyzing the warning signs, keeping in touch with children, educating school children on the problems associated with self-protection, teaching a child empathy, reporting any acts of bullying, etc.”

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